Step into the future

It’s October 26, 2020. You’re out for a walk to get fresh air before your big interview, in which they’re super excited to hear about your new book/movie script/ retreat/live event/ conference / tour and you’re so psyched — it’s happened, you’re living what you dreamed about, and you’ve done it.

A deep peace fills your body as you realize that every choice you’ve made, every step of the way, has led you to this place, right here right now, where your dreams are now your¬†reality.

With fondness, you suddenly flash back to that day in 2017 — that Thursday in which you took action on a “wild hair” idea to reach out to someone new, to dare to say something you hadn’t dared before, to take one badass bold baby step.

Because now, in hindsight, you can connect the dots. The magic and miracles that unfolded because you took that one step…. simply astounding.

Take a moment, breathe deeply, connect… and then do that thing today that your future self will thank you for.