The past month has been a beautiful “out-breath” of creative output, momentum, travel, rich days, and profound learning and expansion for me… and since I got home this week it’s been time for a big “in-breath” — slowing down, integrating, replenishing, and recharging for the next “out-breath” — even a nap today.

 Everything flows so much better when I honor these natural rhythms. When the fire’s hot — ride that wave and go! (Hah — totally mixed metaphor, but you get the idea…) And when it’s time to listen and integrate, flow with that softness and tune in.

What’s fascinating is how many stories we take on, that prevent us from listening to or living by our own natural pace, rhythm, and cycles. Money, bank balances, people-pleasing, expectations, comparison to others, looking outside ourselves for answers, and so much more… when in fact the sweetest, simplest honesty is alive within us in every moment, just waiting for us to get present, tune in, and trust ourselves to know what we need and when we need it.

The stuff “out there” isn’t what creates your reality. Oh, it FEELS like it, and we acquire plenty of evidence that “proves” that the external circumstances do in fact define our lives, but all of it is the deeply-entrenched illusion, supported by social norms and cultural customs that have disconnected us from ourselves over recent generations.

Now, it’s time to come back home to our own natural rhythms. To tune in and honor what we already know, deep in our hearts, and take action that demonstrates that we do, in fact, trust our hearts to guide us.

When you’re really honest with yourself, what is the creative rhythm that most suits you?  

If you could look at your year, your month, your week, your day as a series of in-breaths and out-breaths instead of “to-do” lists, what would shift for you? 

 What would you create space for?

May your 2018 be blessed with a life-nourishing flow of in-breaths and out-breaths in your own perfect rhythm, pace, and expansion