Last week was intense, I’ve gotta say. I wasn’t sleeping well — which happens when I’m moving a lot of energy and experiencing a massive shift, I was fighting off a cough, and there was a big ol’ “energy zit” coming up to pop — my way of describing my experience when unconscious patterns arise for loving awareness, alchemy, and transcendence.

I got the message: STOP. So I took Thursday completely off, got an excruciating deep tissue massage — the kind you hate to love and love to hate — took an epic power nap, and woke up Friday in a place of deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep stillness and relaxation.

Ahhhhhhh. From that place of emptiness arose something fierce: a WARRIOR energy that roared “THE DIVINE FEMININE IS RISING” in a way I’ve never quite experienced before.

This FIERCE ROAR took over my being for a couple of days, and let me know without any doubt that SHE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY. I was guided to create a Divine Feminine Warrior activation live event “From Worrier to Warrior: Alchemize Self-Doubt and Embody Your Divine Feminine Power.”

SOMETHING BIG IS RUMBLING and working through me right now and it feels amazing beyond words. Epic. Ancient. Infinite. Deeply wise. And sooooooooooooooooooooo loving.

There’s a deep tenderness, softness, and stillness that’s fully alive — and yet from it comes this fierce badass warrior goddess energy that is strong enough to move mountains. The yin and the yang, the receptivity and the action.

This Warrior Goddess is ON FIRE about clearing self-doubt, releasing confusion and mental fog, resistance and procrastination, perfectionism, fear of failure, fear of visibility, fear of success, fear of all the things that hold you back.

We’re invoking an ancient power to support us all as we step fully into our purpose, our contribution, and the massive role that WE ARE HERE TO PLAY ON THE PLANET RIGHT NOW.

This is not trivial. Your work and your gifts are not insignificant. We are being called to create the new communities, conversations, social structures, and models for a NEW WAY OF BEING in the world.

It won’t be long before robots and artificial intelligence have replaced our jobs, and we humans have to learn HOW TO RELATE to each other in new and creative ways.

It won’t be long before our population reaches the point where our planet is nearly uninhabitable. We have got to learn HOW TO INNOVATE and COHABIT in new and sustainable ways.

We are all being CALLED into a new way of being, urgently, powerfully, RIGHT NOW. There is no “later.” There is no “tomorrow.” We have GOT TO SHOW UP and CLAIM OUR DESTINY today.

The world is calling us forward.

We’re in this together.

Let’s surrender to our higher calling and allow Life to move us, guide us, instruct us as we get out of our own way and BE the arms and legs of the cosmos in action.

It’s our time.

Here’s the recording of the Divine Feminine Warrior Activation.  Enjoy!