Last week during the monthly gathering of my mastermind clients , we pulled out one of my favorite Quantum Play techniques: “Spin the Commitment Wheel”.

Commitment is THE number one thing that must be in place if you are going to make the IMPOSSIBLE into the INEVITABLE – and yet the very word “commitment” stirs up so much for people.

How many times have you made a commitment to yourself that you didn’t keep? Feels crappy. So when someone asks “are you committed to this?” it activates a very squirmy discomfort, because most of us haven’t really identified WHAT specifically goes into an authentic, aligned, hell yeah, joyful commitment that NOURISHES YOUR SOUL and EXPANDS YOUR LIFE and feels amazing.

Instead, “commitment” quickly degenerates into an obligatory “should” that feels horrible, disconnected, and inauthentic. Yuck.

The way “Spin the Commitment Wheel” works is this:

Hold your arms out, palms together, as if your body is now a compass needle pointing directly in front of you. You hold your desired outcome in mind, putting your “project” or idea into the forefront of awareness, with the inquiry, “Am I really committed to this?”

When I start playing the music, you start slowly spinning your body in a circle, letting yourself move and groove to the rhythms of your soul. When I say “STOP” and cut the music, you notice whether your “needle” is pointing in the direction of a YES or a NO – based on the immediate knowing you have in your body, heart, gut, and whole-being intelligence.

There’s no right or wrong, here. There’s only self-awareness of that which is your truth.

You’re either COMMITTED – which is a whole-body, whole-being feeling of alignment and YES! Or you’re NOT committed, which is an opportunity to discover and discern what needs to shift to make it a YES – whether it’s an inner shift or reorganizing something about how you’re going about your project or idea.

The magic, here, is that once you discover your inner YES, allow your inner commitment to express itself, and then create the field of coherence and congruence around your desire and commitment, it always happens. This is the art of creating the “impossible” and daring to live your boldest most beautiful dreams.

When you get a “NO” on the Commitment Wheel, it’s usually not a follow-through problem or “lack of commitment” on your part – it’s an ALIGNMENT issue.

SOMETHING about your idea, project, or plan is not fully aligned with your values, your soul, your highest intelligence. It’s an opportunity to lean in, go deeper, discern the truth in your heart, and create space for your soul to guide you, gently and inevitably, to your “YES”.

Commitment is not “pushing through.” Commitment is not forcing yourself to follow through on an idea that wasn’t fully embodied in the first place.

Commitment is about identifying and allowing the whole-being inner ALIGNMENT of your heart, body, and mind so that all of you is on the same page for reasons that are meaningful to you and authentically aligned with your heart’s desires, and reminding yourself of why you committed in the first place, so you have the sufficient inner “spark” to do what needs to be done and BE who you need to be to create your desired outcomes.

It’s easy to identify what you’re really committed to right now. Just look at how you live your life today.

Do you have a “north star” that shapes your intention, purpose, and focus for the day?

Do you have a knowing in your heart, about what your life is about and how today fits into that broader tapestry?

It’s not necessarily about a “goal” – it’s more about purpose, intention, and alignment – bringing awareness of the posture you are bringing to your day, your life, and your soul.

Joseph Campbell said, “People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”

The question, “what am I really committed to?” is a powerplay that brings forth your own innermost being in a way that lets our physical life bring more experiences that resonate with our inner truth.

THIS is what we’re all after. Get curious about your commitments, and ask yourself, what do I really want to commit to?

Commit to your joy, your truth, your heart, your purpose. Commit to your destiny.

Commit to going ALL THE WAY in service to your genius.

Commit to that which lights you up. Your commitment to your bliss, your joy, your aliveness is what activates the powers of the Universe and magnetizes miracles in your life.


[ Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash ]