I decided to “get serious” about my business in late 2013, when I finally realized that selling $50 workshops and $100 coaching sessions was NOT going to get me where my heart was guiding me to go with my soul’s mission and purpose.   I needed to figure out HOW to make serious money – to fund my mission and purpose, and to build the infrastructure, team, and resources I’d need to make the contribution that I knew I was born to make.

So I hired my first coach to help me organize my business and start THINKING like a business owner instead of a hobbyist.

2014 and 2015 were major “growth and learning” years, in which I made $40,000 – $65,000/yr, while continuing to invest in coaching and training.  Then at the end of 2015 I tapped into a new depth of conviction within myself and created $109,000 in 10 months.   AND… running the numbers afterwards, I saw that I had invested $105,000 in coaching, training, and personal development programs to get there – some of which I’d manifested through miracles along the way and some of which was still sitting on my credit cards.  Yowza.

In 2017 I made the same amount of income as 2016, but instead of having so much go toward investing in coaching and training programs, I was able to start paying off big chunks of the debt – AND put time, money, and energy into taking more time off to play, travel, replenish, and recharge.

And now the divine downloads have been very clear for 2018 – it’s time for me to share, share, share what I’ve learned along the way, my stories, lessons, failures, and wisdom – for us ALL to uplevel into the joyful freedom our souls are guiding us toward – not only financial freedom, but spiritual freedom, liberation from our own conditioned habits, and freedom to LIVE in alignment with our heart’s desires and JOY.

I’ve now invested over $125,000 to create almost $300,000 AND learn what it REALLY takes to create a life of joyful freedom and contribution, in which I manifest what I need to do what I desire, I have total freedom over my life, my schedule, my priorities, and I get to spend as much time as I choose in the flow of creative contribution and creating new ways to share my genius, spread joy, and empower and inspire others to unleash your authentic awesomeness into the world.

Money isn’t my primary driver — I’m motivated by joy, contribution, and the intrinsic reward of helping others create lives that they love — so talking about numbers is definitely out of my comfort zone.  AND there’s no question that for ALL of us who want to be of service and make an impact, we’ve got to have real, honest conversations about moolah or there’s no business to talk about.

So I’m sharing all of this just to open up the conversation and get real about the numbers, because helping awakened soulpreneurs create massive impact and financial freedom in their zone of genius is where I’m being called to play in a bigger way this year, which means cutting through the crap about what’s true and what’s b.s. when it comes to growing your purpose-fueled business.


So… that said…  Here are eleven key takeaways I’ve learned from my $125,000 investment in myself:


  • If you’re creating a soul-inspired purposeful business, your unique PACE of “uncoiling old patterns” and developing your unique contribution and genius, is VERY MUCH YOUR OWN and not like anyone else’s. Just because someone else made X dollars in X time, has ZERO bearing on whether that is your path, your karma, your soul’s journey.  Your journey is about learning to end the habit of comparison and deeply honor the extent to which you are honoring your purpose and potential RIGHT NOW, period.


  • Joseph Campbell was spot on when he said “If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.” My variation on that is “if your path looks like someone else’s, IT’S NOT YOUR PATH”.  (See “comparison” in #1 above.)


  • Your HEART knows exactly what is needed, when, where, and why, for you to actualize your purpose and potential and make your greatest contribution in the world. Which means the #1 priority MUST be learning to LISTEN, TUNE IN, and TRUST your heart, and stop trying to “do it right” and follow someone else’s rules.


  • When you are ALL IN and COMMITTED to going all the way in service to your genius, you become magnetic, you manifest what you need, you find yourself on a magic carpet of synchronicity and opportunity. However, ALL IN is not just an attitude, it’s a “show up every day and get way out of your comfort zone” relationship with taking ACTION.   Eleanor Roosevelt nailed it when she said “Do one thing each day that scares you.”  Amen, sister.


  • “Fail faster” is probably the best advice I ever received on this journey. There is, of course, no such thing as “failure” but the scared part of ourselves REEEEEALLLY resists “doing it wrong,” or “looking foolish” or the myriad of other excuses we have for not just putting ourselves out there because it might not work.   The FASTER you put something out there, the sooner you get feedback – from life, from other people, from your inner guidance – which lets you adjust course.  And the more nimble you are in adjusting course, the more responsive you are to your inner guidance, which increases trust in yourself (see #3 above).


  • Becoming the artist of your life, in which you wake up and get to make today your MASTERPIECE of joyful freedom and creative contribution, requires very specific qualities:
    1. a soul-stirring mission and vision that compels you to get in the game every day;
    2. owning the value of who you are as a human BEING (beyond what you’ve achieved in your DOING);
    3. courage to do what you’ve never done before;
    4. capacity to spot opportunities (hellooooo, possibility mindset!) and jump on them even if they feel crazy;
    5. and a willingness to take it all the way, to be ALL IN to your purpose no matter what.


  • Assuming you have those qualities, there are very specific “how to” SKILLS you must learn if you are going to create financial freedom and the capacity to create money on demand. For me, those skills included:
    1. developing my public speaking skills so I could rock my talks and inspire people to action from the stage;
    2. how to convert “free talks” into paying clients;
    3. the art of enrolling clients from discovery sessions and free consultations;
    4. organizing, filling, and leading retreats;
    5. hosting effective teleseminars and setting up the back-end to enroll clients from online talks;
    6. effective story-telling to inspire and engage audiences;
    7. creating group programs, online funnels, and the infrastructure that supports a multi-six-figure business;
    8. hiring awesome and amazing support team;
    9. writing subject lines for emails that get opened… and more.


  • In addition to the “how to” skills, there are essential “inner game” skills that must be mastered:
    1. wealth consciousness and money mindset (!!! Can you say “the investment to work with me is $1,000” without choking? How about $5,000?  $25,000?); 
    2. owning your value so you can articulate what you offer effectively in a way that inspires people to want to work with you;
    3. shifting from “get” to “give” mindset in this generosity economy;
    4. falling in love with the story of YOU so that you are creating from wholeness, not trying to use your business to resolve unresolved childhood issues;
    5. daily alignment with your vision, commitment, and energy so you have the focus and momentum to get the real work done that needs to be done every day;
    6. how to “start before you’re ready” so you can be building the plane as you fly it instead of waiting for it to be perfect before you start, and so much more.


  • And of course the energetics and the principles of creation must be mastered – how to live in alignment with the laws of the Universe, to harness your superpowers to magnetize what you need and let the Universe work WITH you instead of trying to do it all yourself, Lone Ranger style.


  • Play, joy, and ease – these are not optional. My clients love discovering how massage, scuba diving, naps, and great sex are actually ESSENTIAL business-building activities – just as important as marketing, sales, and speaking from your heart on stage.  You simply cannot access the divine downloads that show you the next breadcrumb on the trail, if you are not taking time to relax your nervous system and LISTEN.   Downtime fuels the creative process as much as action – AND of course we need both… in alignment with your own unique pace of creation (see #1 above.)


  • You need much, much, much less than you think you do, to succeed. A sincere “I can help you with that!” and a willingness to put a price tag on it, has created tens of thousands of dollars for me, without a website, business card, or any fancy schmancy marketing fluff that shows off your polished, professional credentials and perfect tagline.


So here’s what’s been coming to life for me recently as I’ve been contemplating my $125,000 lessons:

YES, I’ve discovered profound value in investing huge dollar amounts into my own personal and business development.  My karmic relationship with money in this lifetime has been huge for me to reclaim my  creative power, heal unworthiness issues, and discover the profound abundance and resourcefulness within me that can create anything I choose, anytime.

AND… just because that’s been MY path, does not mean that everyone needs to invest $100,000+ into their development, in order to make your own creative contribution and become the artist of your life.

In fact, how many of us women are dealing with this profound issue – of learning how to become the financially free, abundant, empowered creators that we were born to be – as we participate in the collective social shift right now?   It is up to every one of us women who feel called to contribute to the awakening and empowerment of our species, to get our money shit handled so we can get on with the business of transforming lives and evolving our world.

I am not convinced that accumulating massive debt is required for growth.  For some of us, sure, that’s our soul work – to fully embody the lie of unworthiness and lack so that we can reclaim our power from it and use the contrast of “debt” energy to catalyze the creation of massive wealth (ahem, if you’re carrying a heap of debt, you’re up to BIG THINGS in this lifetime, sister!  Time to claim your destiny!).

But really, the question on my mind has been – SURELY there must be another way to learn and share the essential skills for creating massive world transformation, in a way that feels like a huge soul-expansive RELIEF when you hear the price.

And really – for those of us who are smart, quick learners, capable, bright leaders – there really is a lot you can figure out yourself if you’re driven, motivated, and applying yourself earnestly – especially if given a roadmap or template to start from.   It’s the BIG THINGS that you need coaching support with – mirroring back your strengths, your gifts, your OBVIOUS OPPORTUNITIES, and your unconscious habits that are your blind spots.

So what’s come together is really the program that I wished I’d had when I was in the first years of my business.   The 2018 Awesomeness Academy is now evolving into a playground for joyful geniuses – smart, purpose-driven women (and you awesome men who are in my world!) who are totally committed to rockin’ your purpose and DOING the work you’re born to do – AND you’re a self-starter fully capable of running with it when you are given the clear guidance on “how to” do something – AND you know you need a place to turn to for clearing your blocks and blind spots and getting back into alignment with your soul when you’re feeling “off.”

I’ve created guides, playbooks, and templates for so many of the skills I’ve learned along the way:  hosting, filling, and leading retreats;  enrolling clients from discovery sessions; owning your value and pricing your services; branding and positioning yourself in the marketplace;  owning your story so you can rock your talks on stage; creating work-life balance; daily alignment practices for momentum, focus, and productivity; money mindset and wealth consciousness; clarifying your message, and more.

And while there are oodles of coaching programs out there on every topic, if you take all of them, you’re investing tens of thousands of dollars.  Or perhaps you find yourself in a program that structures your weekly modules at a pace that does not match what is actually alive for your process in the moment.

I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome if I could just SHARE everything I’ve learned, with the really smart, competent, ambitious, creative women (and men)  in my tribe – in a way that lets you engage with the content at your own pace, in whatever order you’re being guided to explore it, FOLLOWING THE ENERGY and letting the breadcrumb trail of your own soul’s journey emerge as you use whatever resources you need in the moment?

And wouldn’t it be awesome if I could be holding space regularly and consistently to provide support and mirroring of the deep-dive inner work that’s needed – getting to work and play with so many more brilliant change-makers as you birth your creative vision and potential in the world —  watching you soar at full wingspan, and unlocking the treasures within your heart that let you create your most joyful life of freedom and contribution?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a space for us to really form a powerful community of joyful leaders – coming together for online joy jams and dance parties and creating soul sister connections with others who see you and celebrate your vision and growth?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if together we created millions of dollars of wealth between us, and used it to evolve our world, create the legacies in our hearts, and reclaim the power of money to create goodness in the world?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if together we took MORE TIME OFF to be with our families, create joyful adventures, and have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more fun… inspiring each other to stretch into new heights of joyful freedom?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we came together as a force of nature – a cadre of joyful leaders committed to evolving ourselves to evolve our world, raising the consciousness of JOY in our communities,  reconnecting with the spirit of play, creativity, joy, fun, and limitless possibilities – and radiated THIS into the world – through your work and mine, through your energy and mine, through your presence and mine – because we gathered in this way?

It’s time, my friends.

The Awesomeness Academy is the space where, over the next 12 months, I will be sharing EVERYTHING I have learned (and continuing to share new wisdom each week!)  — through monthly live online playshops, activations, and Q & A calls, plus my entire vault of business training resources, guides, playbooks, templates, as well as new ones every month.  (Tell me what you need and I’ll create it!)

It’s a space where your unique pace and flow is honored, you can participate at the pace that’s right for you, you can pop in anytime for personalized coaching during the Q & A calls, and you’ll be fueled by the weekly livestreams and inspiration I’ll share.

Whether you’re being called to SPEAK (yes, you!) or hold retreats or enroll more coaching clients or fill your workshops or get your money mindset HANDLED, the Awesomeness Academy has oodles of resources to help you get out of your own way, clarify your vision and possibilities, and get the support you need to stay focused, in the flow, and flush in the bank.

—> Click here if you’re ready to get serious about your business and make 2018 the year you get out of your own way, say YES to your calling and destiny, and discover what it takes to create the moolah you need to thrive in your zone of creative genius.

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Here’s to our collective upleveling, my friends.  I look forward to seeing you soar on full wingspan this year.