This would be funny if it weren’t so NOT funny.

As I’m working with clients around the world, all exploring variations on the theme of “How do I close the gap between where I am and what I know is possible for me?” there is ONE THING that every question has in common – and the answer is the secret that’s hidden in plain sight.

See if you can guess what it is.

Here are some of the more common questions and challenges that my clients bring – see which ones resonate with where you are:

  • How do I get clear on what my unique contribution is in the world?
  • How do I get clear on what I’m offering, at what price, and to whom, so I have a monetization strategy for my gifts?
  • How do I bring more JOY and spontaneity into my life and business so it’s less struggle and more flow?
  • How do I fill my workshops, classes, and retreats?
  • How do I get my first client?
  • How do I raise my prices so I can be creating more income and freedom for myself?
  • How do I dial in my message so that my ideal clients receive it, value it, and engage with my work?
  • How do I end the roller-coaster of money drama so I have steady, reliable income in my business?

What is the ONE THING that all of these questions have in common, the answer to which would bring powerful clarity and guidance?

The answer is right under your nose.

In fact, it will probably piss you off because it’s so simple.

And it’s the thing that you probably resist most.

The simple truth is this:

The answer to everything you seek, is inside you.

Which means, it’s up to YOU to SPEND TIME WITH YOU.

It’s up to you to SLOW DOWN, TUNE IN, ASK, and LISTEN.

It’s up to you to STOP distracting yourself with your gadgets and the endless flow of information pouring into your awareness and create FIERCE BOUNDARIES around creating WHITE SPACE IN YOUR LIFE so you can HEAR THE VOICE OF YOUR SOUL.

When we don’t do this, we sign up for trainings we don’t need, we look to the “experts” to help us solve every problem, and we jump at opportunities that aren’t actually in our best interest, because WE ARE DISCONNECTED FROM OUR TRUTH.


Remembering how it feels, to know what you KNOW, and to trust it.

Remembering how YOU feel, beneath all the layers of “shoulds” and expectations and obligations and fears and concerns and responsibilities.

Remembering what your inner wisdom sounds and feels like.

Relaxing into letting yourself simply be you – the real you, the authentic you, the you that feels free to be yourself, do what you do best, knowing that you’re enough and that life’s got your back.

Slow. Down.

STOP. Just BE. How much white space can you handle? Where do you hit your upper limit on how much emptiness you can allow in your day? 30 seconds? 3 minutes? Be honest.

There’s this societally conditioned ruleset that says “if things aren’t working in your life, DO MORE and that will fix it.”

I beg to differ.

The number one thing that’s allowed me to create, receive, and experience anything worthwhile in my life and business, is that I spend what would appear to be a RIDICULOUS amount of time in my own company – daydreaming, journaling, wandering, looking at clouds, weeping over the exquisite beauty and perfection of a slice of lemon, dancing with myself, singing, doodling, drawing, lying in bed savoring the juicy state between wake and sleep, staring into space and doing what would appear to be “nothing.”

AND from there, I receive the downloads, inspiration, and alignment that creates MASSIVE outpouring of action, too – when I’m on a roll, I create more in a day than some people create in weeks.

But the only reason I can “crush it” when I’m in a productive flow, is because I honor the “in breath” of creating space in my body-mind vessel to receive the replenishment, the guidance, and the alignment with the spark of life in my soul, that fuels it all.

Which is why I tell everyone, “slow down to go fast.”

And of course everyone resists, because the societal ruleset of “do more” is a deeply conditioned collective belief in the matrix of our reality.

Now, that said, there are tons of journaling prompts and questions that I use to invite clarity, and of course there are skillsets to learn when it comes to growing your business.

But unless those skills are learned on top of a foundation of ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR TRUTH, you will just be getting busier and busier, adding more overwhelm and mental chaos, and taking yourself further and further away from your joy, your flow, and the sweet “wind in your sails” slipstream of your authentic creative contribution.

That’s why I created the Awesomeness Academy in the way that I did. Twice a month, we have playshops that create sacred space for you to ALIGN with the truth your soul, the quiet whisper in your heart that is always there for you. During these playshops, we deepen your TRUST in yourself and your inner GPS, and invite in the natural common sense of your own beingness, so you know more fully what you can say “yes” to and where you can say a firm “no.”

Twice a month, we also have Q & A sessions for laser coaching so you can get personalized guidance on your specific questions.

And the whole thing is wrapped in a huge bundle of Love—my entire vault of “how to” business trainings on those nuts and bolts questions about getting clients, filling workshops, clarifying your message, raising your prices, ending your money roller coaster, and more — PLUS of my daily alignment practices, journaling prompts, Quantum Play exercises, time bending hacks, and focus practices that I’ve created as I’ve discovered how to prioritize my own alignment and “white space.”

The “how to” stuff is easy – anyone can learn how to “do” something if given instructions, templates, and practices. But your joyful success will never come from just the “how to” mechanics.

No, you are up to big things in this lifetime, as guided by your SOUL.

And your SOUL wants you to know this:

Your path will not look like anyone else’s.

You are being called to LIVE YOUR LIFE in a way that NOBODY – not anywhere, in all the world, in all of time – has EVER lived before.

You are being called to BLAZE NEW TRAILS in the consciousness of our world.

NOBODY can know what it will look like, but you.

NOBODY can know what form it will take, but you.

And it’s up to you to take all of the gazillion pieces of advice you receive, all of the trainings you’ve taken, and create space for the Alchemy Soup to simmer in your being, finding YOUR RESONANCE, so that your soul can express YOU. YOUR message. YOUR way.

So yes, learn the skills and the “how to’s.” Take the actions that let you experiment into your clarity.

But for God’s sake, honor the divinity of YOU by creating sacred white space in your day to ALIGN with you. Listen to your soul. ASK “what does my soul want me to know about this?” and then breathe slowly, deeply, long enough to hear the quiet whisper.

And give yourself the gift of learning the alignment practices that will help you to live each day from the truth of your being.

Prioritize your right brain “whole picture” processes as well as your left brain “figure it out”ive-ness.

Because without that, you’re just busy.

It’s up to you to bring the joy.

Which means, make YOU a priority.

Your “down time” and “white space” is equally important to your business plan, as your marketing and outreach strategies. It’s up to you, to value it enough to spend time being with the GOLDMINE that is you.

Want my help? Join me for the Awesomeness Academy – month by month alignment mastery to support you in reconnecting with YOUR TRUTH, YOUR PACE, YOUR GUIDANCE … your Awesomeness!

We officially start March 5 but those of you who join me by tomorrow as FOUNDING MEMBERS receive additional bonuses, massive discounts on upcoming retreats (I mean massive!), and my eternal love and gratitude as together we birth a new paradigm of being human – whole-being, whole-brained, heart-guided, joyfully authentic, generous, loving, and free.

We are an incredible community of change agents and leading edge creators. It’s my honor and delight to play with you and support you in unleashing your authentic Awesomeness in our world. I would love to have your energy, your wisdom, your message, and your gifts blessing our growing tribe, if it calls to you.

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Now… go take a dance break, twirl, sing, close your screen, go outside for 2 minutes, or simply breathe into the exquisite beauty of this moment. You’re surrounded by miracles – including the miracle of YOU. Take it in, my friend!