We’re diving into “busy” today…

“I barely even have time to pee,” my client Christine said when we first met. “Look—this is my schedule.” She showed me a jam-packed calendar overbooked with meetings and obligations and long days with almost no breaks.

When we met, she was running a full-time business while operating her second business on the side – getting her purpose work into the world in her “spare time” and hoping it would run itself while she sprinted through the motions, day after day, taking care of the countless responsibilities and commitments she had.

The truth was, it LOOKED like she was doing her purpose work, on the surface. It LOOKED like she was following her calling. It LOOKED like she knew what she was doing.
But while the external shell appeared to be that of a fully-functioning business, the deeper truth was that it was empty inside – not generating enough income for her to take a paycheck, all the money pouring back into the business, all the staff members looking out for themselves and doing their own thing while she picked up the slack – running herself ragged along the way. As for joy? Forget it.

The first thing we did was an Awesomeness Activation to bring the energetic frequency of her purpose to life in her body more actively – so she could FEEL the deeper truth of her purpose and mission and know what to calibrate her actions and choices with.

(Your purpose has a FEEL, you know? You KNOW when you’re in alignment because you can feel the aliveness, the flow, the ease, and it has a specific sensation in your body that you know as truth.)

From there the Awesomeness Alignment practice did its magic, and as she began taking actions in alignment with her deeper truth, mountains started moving … fast. New opportunities fell into her lap within days, the main problem staff member gave her 2 week notice, and another challenging team member found their own way to a new solution which freed up a significant chunk of cashflow for her — covering the cost of her monthly coaching investment with me.

Christine found herself spontaneously eating healthier and taking better care of herself, and feeling the joy and *spark*in her work again. And within a month she was enjoying a much-needed vacation, prioritizing herself and her wellbeing as the sacred vessel of creation that she is.

In a world in which we’re programmed to believe that “doing more” is the answer to what we think we need, it takes courage and determination to put yourself first.

It takes a bold soul, indeed, to invest more than seems do-able into yourself, to give yourself the support and the accountability you need to slow down and get really real about what your purpose is calling forth – and watch the creative ways that the Universe returns that investment to you in surprising and delightful ways.

It takes a deep trust in your inherent being-ness, to let yourself surrender into the flow of life and be held in the zero point of stillness, as the world whirls on around you, frenetic in its pace and grating in its cacophony.

And yet it is this radical surrender and trust that we are all being called to embody, day after day, time after time, as we learn to live from a different vibrational frequency – that of our unique and divine purpose, our Wholeness – rather than our illusory, overwhelmed, overbooked, frazzled separate self.

The compass is already within you and shows you exactly which way to go and when, but it requires consistent calibration and bold action to make choices in alignment with your deeper truth.

  • You’ve got to look at how you’re doing business – REALLY. Are you REALLY doing it the way you want to, in your heart of hearts? If you’re not waking up feeling like “I LOVE MY LIFE,” chance are, you’re not.
  • You’ve got to look at the ways in which you put other people first – their emotional needs, their demands, their preferences – before you are taking time to tune in to your own needs and desires.
  • You’ve got to stop trying to help everyone and get real about the way you can most powerfully serve – and in so doing, you help everyone because you’ve stopped trying to help.
  • You’ve got to let others take responsibility for their choices and commitments instead of picking up the slack and carrying the load for everyone.
  • You’ve got to pay yourself first, not last.
  • You’ve got to prioritize “time to pee” as a sacred act of honoring yourself and the divine vessel of creation that you are, instead of living in reactionary mode all the time, putting out fires at the expense of your own wellbeing.
  • You’ve got to invest time and energy into yourself – to demonstrate to yourself and the Universe that you are serious about honoring the creative vessel that you are, and allowing life to flow through you.
  • You’ve got to stop looking to “marketing” as the solution that you think will fix your business cashflow problems. *Maybe* marketing is the problem… but chances are, if you resonate with any of the above, marketing is the least of your worries right now. Seriously. Get your priorities and energy aligned with what you’re really doing with your life, activate your magnetism, and the marketing will take care of itself. You’ll know what to do and when, with that.

Your purpose can be the North Star that guides you, but you’ve got to slow down long enough to look at it.

Your purpose can be the magnet that attracts the people and resources you need for your life’s work, but you’ve got to prioritize the activation of it.

Your purpose is not designed to be another source of stress and frustration in your life.

Your purpose is your path to greater joy, prosperity, freedom, and impact.

If you’re not waking up feeling excited and enthused about your purpose work, it’s time for an Awesomeness Alignment.

Click here to book a complementary call with me and learn more about private coaching options, or click “reply” to request details about the upcoming Fierce Joy : Purpose and Prosperity Retreat happening November 6-10 in Sedona, Arizona, where we’ll dive into all of these things in more depth, embodiment, and joyful alignment.

With the energies in our world intensifying by the day, creating more and more opportunities for digital distraction, information overload, overwhelm, and being crazy busy, it’s more important than ever that purposepreneurs master the art of aligning with what’s really true and living from that place of timeless abundance and joy.

What are you doing today to align and calibrate your thoughts, words, and actions with the deepest truth of your purpose?

Go do more of what makes you awesome. You can trust yourself and your joy to guide you.