You know the saying, “thoughts become things” right?

Everything in our life is a reflection of the thoughts and beliefs we’re holding, either consciously or (mostly) unconsciously — which gives us tremendous power to create whatever we choose. Here’s the latest anecdote in my world:

Last fall my beloved Xterra (vehicle) began having issues with the transmission, which clued me in that I was about to uplevel my manifesting game in the arena of cars. I knew it was time to let go of this hardy vehicle that had served me so well, as I’d outgrown the energy it was created from, but I didn’t feel quite aligned with buying my dream car yet.

So I started doing my manifesting work — classic LOA (law of attraction) stuff, visioning and feeling myself driving my dream car, vision boards, doing belief clearing, working on my mindset and alignment with my new car.

And yet, it wasn’t shifting. One day I was talking with my dear friend Ina Lukas (who channels The Alchemists) and it turned into a “Soul Tea” episode on her Youtube Channel, called “The Spiritual Truth about Your Car’s Broken Transmission.”

We dived into the deeper healing work that needed to be done, and opened up new energy and possibilities around it. But still… it wasn’t quite time yet.

Until recently — I could feel it gaining momentum and intensity, as I grew increasingly impatient. And then, finally, it reach the “OKAY THAT’S IT!” line in the sand moment this weekend, in which I just DECIDED I was buying my new car THIS WEEK and turned over the “how” to the Universe.

I went shopping for cars on Sunday and came home completely uninspired — “meh” energy NEVER manifests ANYTHING — and wondering what it would take to bring in the “HELL YEAH” energy that manifests everything.

Thank goodness I had a call with my own coach, who could spot that I was running some belief about it being “hard”.

“Anne, what if it can be really, really easy to buy your dream car?”

Duh. Super easy for me to spot that for all of my clients, but this one was in my own blind spot.

Armed with the knowing that OF COURSE it is the easiest thing in the world to buy a car — I imagined myself finding it and buying it just as effortlessly as I go to the grocery store to buy fresh fruit — I looked online and discovered that the EXACT car I’d been dreaming up in my journaling for the last few months had just been listed yesterday, right here in my town, at exactly the price point and color and features that I wanted.


I knew immediately it was MY CAR.

So I drove over to the BMW dealer and said “I’m here to buy my car” as if it is the easiest thing in the world to buy one’s dream car.

And sure enough, it was the easiest thing in the world to buy my dream car. Easy as picking up apples and bananas from the grocery store. Go figure.

I had been making it into a BIG DEAL. And whatever we make into a BIG DEAL remains in the “BIG DEAL” energy, which makes it hard and complicated and ensures it doesn’t happen.

This morning I recalled the hilarious photo that Ina chose for her Soul Tea episode — it was so ludicrous that we both laughed until we cried — and felt inspired to shoot a matching photo, just to celebrate my triumph over my inner habits of limitation.

I got out a dress that I bought 2 years ago but never felt like I had a place to wear it (until a couple weeks ago when I was in the Bay Area and created an opportunity to go out in The Dress) — along with shoes I bought 3 years ago (same thing — where in the world would I ever wear THESE?) — and set up a photo shoot for myself, giggling every step of the way.

There was something TRIUMPHANT about it for me — sure, maybe it looks like I’m all “look at me and my awesome dream car” or something — but what I’m celebrating is not the acquisition of another desired object, but the mastery over my deeply entrenched conditioned beliefs about unworthiness, struggle, scarcity, limitation, rejection, and life being HARD.

The car is awesome, no question — I love the innovation, craftsmanship, excellence, elegance, and artistry of driving a BMW — but what feels amazing about it, is the life energy that created it, and the ever-expanding mastery of alignment with the principles of creation.

Trusting the timing can feel so hard sometimes, and yet, when you look through the lens of hindsight, you can see how all the dots connected SO PERFECTLY and SO SPECIFICALLY that OF COURSE things showed up when they did and how could it have been otherwise?

This car has been on my vision board for 5 years. The shoes — in my closet for 3 years. The dress — hanging there for 2 years. Today, just for fun, I put them together, just as a playful reminder that what you focus on really does expand, and what you let yourself receive, really does show up, and that helps me to trust that what I’m dreaming up today (which feels SO HUGE and definitely A BIG DEAL) is also inevitable, when I relax and trust the timing and just enjoy the hell out of my life. Here’s today’s pic with my new joy-mobile, a BMW X5:

And because it struck me as so ridiculously funny, I brought completion to the hilarious image that Ina and I laughed so hard about last winter, when I was wading through the layers of healing and beliefs I needed to clear to allow this to manifest. Check out this picture (I can’t even look at it without cracking up!):

the spiritual truth…
Yes, the spiritual truth, indeed. For me it was around worthiness, and feeling safe to own the desires in my heart, and to deeply believe that the Universe had my back and was conspiring on my behalf to let it be easy –to experience yet another knowing of myself as part of a larger Whole, a co-creative participant, a limitless being capable of creating any experience through focus, intention, and aligned action.

The point, as always:

It’s not about what you GET, it’s about who you BECOME along the way.

It’s not about what you manifest, it’s about what you LEARN about yourself and the laws of the Universe in the process.

You know what else is funny about all of this… Some part of me hesitated to even write this post, lest I be judged in the way I used to judge others who appeared to be “all about the material wealth and superficial stuff” instead of being all “spiritually superior” and focusing on “important” things like healing our planet or ending sex trafficking or eschewing consumerism and such.

But the deeper truth of it is that the healing and belief clearing required to manifest a dream car IS the same work that’s required to be a vessel for Love and a conscious participant in the shift in consciousness on the planet.

As we clean up our energy, we become more powerful manifestors in every way, which means we get to direct our focus to anything and everything that’s important to us — which includes extending our healing and transformation to our society, social structures, and species.

And for every single one of us, we are the most powerful as creators when we are living in alignment with our values, and making choices that consciously create the environments that nourish our souls.

So… whatever’s on your vision board, trust the timing. Stay the course. Keep cleaning up your mindset and clearing the energy. And let it all be easier.

What’s the thing you’re making into a “BIG DEAL” right now, that could end up being super easy with one simple mindset shift that allows it all to be easier?

It’s yours to create…. all in perfect timing.