I don’t know about you but years ago I’d get so frustrated by teachings like “the answers are within you” because GRRR… if I knew the answer I’d already be DOING IT, WOULDN’T I? And thus continued my endless search for answers outside of myself, sometimes at great financial expense. *sigh*

So when I had an epiphany about how to access the intelligence within me that really did already know how to create my desired outcomes, naturally I made it into a process – because that’s what I do – and have been sharing it with private clients for awhile, always with breakthrough results.

Today I’m feeling inspired to share it with you, too. After all, the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing that determines whether you create a desired outcome or not, is your belief:

Do you believe you can experience that or not?
Do you believe you can have it or not?
Do you believe you’re worthy of it or not?

So here’s a simple process to deepen your belief that you CAN create whatever you desire.

Introducing… The Ten-Step Manual.

1) Identify the desired outcome you want to create. What is the “wouldn’t it be awesome if…” experience you would like to manifest?

2) Look back at your life. There’s sometime, somewhere, when you created something similar already. It might be a completely different form, but you’ve been here before. Been there, done that, in SOME way. Get creative and be willing to look for evidence of your awesomeness.

3) When you look back at experiences you’ve created and manifested in the past, write out your ten-step manual for How I Created______________. Look beyond the actions of what you did, to how you felt, the assumptions you made, the beliefs you held, the people you connected with, who you asked for help, the resources you leveraged, and the wisdom you gained from creating that experience in the past.

4) What wisdom and intelligence can you bring forward from THAT experience, into this current desire? There’s plenty that you already know, that applies here.

Seriously, you already know what to do, or where to look for the answers and resources you need. It’s right under your nose.

What To Do If You Can’t Think of Anything Similar

If you’re really blocked and can’t think of anything that you’ve successfully created in the past, look at what you’ve created unconsciously – the crappy results that you would have preferred not to experience. Sure, it was an unconscious creation, but at some level your being, your soul, your higher intelligence created that experience anyway, for your own greatest growth.

Reclaiming your power to create calls for 100% responsibility for ALL your creations, including the “unpreferred” experiences. So the power here is writing that ten-step manual again : “The Ten Step Manual for How I Created __________________________.”

(Note that the key move here is not taking responsibility from the ego self which will then feel guilt and shame about having created undesired experiences, but rather owning the power of your soul or your higher intelligence that created experiences for your greatest growth, often through crisis and “unpreferred” manifestations.)

This requires radical self-honesty about your own behaviors, assumptions, and unconscious choices that may have contributed to the creation, with oodles of self-compassion, love, and forgiveness.

Whether you write your 10-step manual about “hell yeah!” creations or about “oh no!” creations, the power here is in discovering HOW YOU CREATE. Not how somebody else manifests, not what anybody else teaches ABOUT manifesting, but rather YOUR OWN PERSONAL AND DIRECT EXPERIENCE with creation itself.

Because you will find that creation, for you, has a FEEL to it. Lightness in the body creates lightness in the results. Heaviness in the body creates heaviness in the results. You’re always putting out energy into the Quantum Field, and the more you can discern what energy you’re creating from, the more you can reclaim your power to consciously create from the deepest truth within you.

  • There are ways in which you’ve been participating in relationship dynamics that ensure those relationships don’t change… and times that you’ve changed how you showed up, and seen your relationships change too.
  • There are ways in which you’ve been holding assumptions about your possibilities, that ensure new pathways don’t open up … and times that you’ve opened up new beliefs, that allowed new trajectories to unfold.
  • There are ways in which you’ve been feeling unworthy of creating your deepest heart’s desires, which have kept you from going for it…. And times that you’ve given yourself permission to GO FOR IT and then discovered the richness of life that existed beyond the walls of your comfort zone.

There are ways in which you are already an incredibly powerful manifestor, capable of creating any experience you desire – and perhaps you’re just forgetting to give yourself credit.

So write your 10-step manual and let yourself believe that you really can have it all.

What is the “all” you would like to create? Don’t get tripped up with “but I don’t know how…” Start writing your 10-step manual and let yourself remember that you already know how.

The “how” is not “out there” somewhere. Remember the powerful creator that you already are – nothing missing, nothing wrong – and go for it.

World’s your oyster, baby.