You and I both know that the “Information Age” has become the age of Infobesity, in which we are all staggering beneath the weight of All The Information Available and trying to keep up with it all.

Which means, for those of us thought leaders, coaches, presenters, workshop leaders, or messengers of any kind, if we want to have any impact whatsoever, we’ve got to bring a fresh approach to how we communicate the message.

Information? *yawn* Been there, done that.

(How much information do you take in, that you haven’t yet implemented? Coaching programs, trainings, books, advice… hmmm….?)

It’s not that information is inherently BAD, of course. It’s just that…. well, it’s not what you KNOW, it’s what you DO with what you know. And being inherently resistant to change, humans don’t actually DO much with most of what we know.

(Case in point: here is the shortest weight loss program ever written: Eat Less. Move More. See what I mean? We all KNOW this but do we DO it? Uhh…….)

As a messenger, you already KNOW that “speaking from the heart” is what moves people, and that information alone makes for a boring presentation in which people are looking at their phones — instead of sitting on the edge of their seats, riveted and transformed by your communication, and leaving with a clear resolve to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT with their life because they encountered you.

But what does that really entail, to “speak from the heart?” There are many facets, of course, but since I was just talking with a client about a workshop she’s facilitating tomorrow, I wanted to share the practice that I shared with her, about using the power of your heart to consciously create a field of intention before even walking in the door.

Why? Intention is an essential key to co-creating with Source, being a conscious participant in the flow of life itself, aligning the human vessel with the Creative Flow, vs. being the separate ego self trying to “get what you want” or “meet your goals.”

Whether you’re leading a workshop, giving a talk, meeting with a client, sending an email, having a difficult conversation with a family member, or simply setting your intention for the day, here’s one way to open up the magic, invite the infinite intelligence of the heart, and move through new experiences in a state of flow:

1) Ground your energy by imagining you’ve got roots growing into the center of the earth and you’re breathing from this depth, drawing energy from earth and all of life, with your root system connecting in with the root system of every person you’ll be interacting with, in a giant interconnected network.

2) Imagine that you are breathing life into a big energy bubble that represents the energetic container for your co-created experience, and feel yourself step into this beautiful bubble.

3) Bring your awareness to your heart space, let your heart soften and open, and feel the loving connection with all those you are going to interact with, blessing them with white light and appreciation.

4) Connect with your higher self, angels, guides, whatever it is for you, and state how you want to feel before, during, and after the event, and how you’d like the others to feel as well. Ask for support from your higher self and the higher selves of all that you’ll encounter, and smile as you feel the power of your co-creation starting to take shape.

5) Let go of attachment to what it looks like or how, specifically, it unfolds, knowing that you’ve set your field of intention, you’re coming from a place of deep love, compassion, and gratitude, and that the universe is lining up synchronicities far beyond what your mind can imagine.

6) Breathe life into the bubble and listen for messages, anything that your soul or your higher self wants you to know about this experience, anything to prepare, any way in which you can create even more safety, heart connection, or flow for yourself and others.

7) Give thanks for any messages you receive, and bless the bubble with light and gratitude!

8) Connect with this bubble again before you begin your talk and trust yourself to dance with whatever arises in the moment.

You get the idea. If you want to INSPIRE people to action, you’ve got to INSPIRE yourself.

And as you know, the word “inspire” comes from from the Latin inspirare ‘breathe or blow into’ — from in- ‘into’ + spirare ‘breathe’ — a word which originally implied a divine or supernatural sense of ‘imparting a truth or idea to someone.’

BREEEEEEAAAATHHHE. Breathe life into your being, your vessel, your message.

It’s not what you say, it’s where you come from.

Let people FEEL where you’re coming from and the words will take care of themselves.

This is the age of EMBODYING your message.

It’s no longer enough to add to the cluttered field of information overload, you’ve got to be a living, breathing vessel for Source energy to flow through you as you TRANSMIT the energy of the message you’re here to be, live, and share.

It’s about walking your talk and so much more.

These are some of the conversations we’ll be having — as well as embodiment games we’ll be playing — at the upcoming Fierce Joy : Purpose and Prosperity retreat in Sedona, November 6-10.

You’ve probably already taken enough courses and done enough trainings to know wayyyyy more than you ever need to KNOW about living your purpose, creating business success, getting your message out into the world, and doing the “stuff” you need to do to thrive as a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

It’s time to go beyond KNOWING and start LIVING what you know — guided by the intelligence within you that already KNOWS the path of greatest joy, impact, and prosperity — activating the latent potential inside you that cannot and will not ever be unleashed by LEARNING MORE INFORMATION.

You have GOT to bring yourself to life — and what better way to do so, than by playing in the frequencies of JOY!?!? 🙂

You want to create a successful purpose-driven business that lets you thrive…. Why? Because you want to feel alive, free, joyful, and fulfilled.

Which means… you’ve got to create it from the inside out — START by feeling alive, free, joyful and fulfilled, and the energy of your joy compass will guide you wherever God can most effectively use you, and create MORE experiences that let you feel alive, free, joyful, and fulfilled.

Which means… you’ve got to calibrate your body-mind vessel to feel and TRUST the unique and very specific feel of YOUR joy compass — because you’re conditioned to ignore it, suppress it, second-guess it, and put everyone and everything else before your own joy.

If you’re feeling called to step more boldly into leadership and communicate your soul’s purpose and mission in the world in a way that INSPIRES people to action, and that lets you know that people GET what you stand for and are moved enough to CHANGE because you showed up for your message… you’ve got to deepen your mastery of living from your heart — no matter how much work you’ve already done on yourself, no matter if you’re already super self-aware and evolved and so conscious that you don’t have that many other people who are capable of the depth of conversation that you prefer to have. 😉

If you feel drawn to join my tribe of revolutionary leaders (we go deep, fast, and get real about what’s really real… pronto!) — transforming our world by taking a fierce stand for your JOY, experiencing the power of Quantum Play, and letting your joy compass guide your life and business, the Fierce Joy : Purpose and Prosperity retreat this November is the playground and laboratory where we all get to embody more fully the highest possibilities and potential of what we are uniquely here to be and do on the planet.

It’s inside-out creation and transformation, at it’s most fun. (Angel Valley, the retreat center where the retreat is held, has been called a “spiritual Disneyland.” 😉

If it’s vibin’ with you, email me here and request details. The retreat is about half full and super duper earlybird registration ends July 31, so let me know if you’re feeling called and we’ll connect further.

May your day be blessed with a beautiful infusion of “Infobesity Weight Loss” as you embody the richness of the present moment, with joy, gratitude, wonder … and inspired breath. Ahhh……