Whoa, this is kind of weird.

This week I had a massively huge and exciting download, a vision of the next iteration of my business that lit me up beyond words as I felt the excitement and perfection and OF COURSE-ness of it — as well as a *gulp!* “OMG that feels so huge, how will I ever do THAT, it feels like the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest from here” pause of trepidation.

This morning it dawned on me that it was exactly 8 years ago this week that I received the very clear vision of seeing myself leading transformational travel, laughing and playing with people, leading joy retreats, and traveling the world, changing lives as a I followed my bliss.

So apparently, I receive crystal clear guidance and life changing visions every eight years on the 4th Wednesday of July? That just struck me as an odd coincidence… although it does make me intrigued and very curious to see what happens in July of 2026!

Anyway, when I first received the vision of myself doing joy retreats back in 2010, it lit me up and I immediately KNEW this was the “bliss” I’d been searching for. Joseph Campbell had written, “Follow your bliss and doors will open…” and I was obsessed with discovering just what the hell my BLISS was because nothing I could think of was even remotely in the ballpark of bliss, all my ideas were more pragmatic and “meh” on the Bliss Scale. (I couldn’t access the “bliss” frequency until I started laughing as a daily practice, btw… had to create the feeling from the inside out, and THEN I could be a vibrational match for the IDEA to drop into my awareness.)

When I received that first vision in 2010, it lit me up, not only because it would let me live in alignment with my deepest desires and values, but because it would let me be a very focused force of good in the world, being my own unique contribution to the shift in consciousness on the planet, changing lives as I had the most fun possible along the way.

Eight years ago, I was a stay at home mom, I had a master’s degree in History, I had a few years’ experience doing freelance website design and development, and I’d been in physical therapy school.

Organizing international joy retreats was about as likely a next step as opening up a lemonade stand on Mars.

Lao Tzu to the rescue: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I decided to test the hypothesis and see if an ancient Chinese philosopher’s wisdom applied in THIS case – to the modern awakened mom feeling called to live her purpose.

I made a list of what I would need to learn, to pull this off.

“Learn Marketing.” Uh….. kind of vague. Well, who do I know who knows anything about marketing? My best friend from high school does something with marketing in some company, I think… I haven’t talked to her in years, I’ll connect with her.

“Learn about organizing travel.” Who do I know that does THAT? Oh, yes, my sister in law’s sister has led some travel, I’ll reach out to her. And so on.

Seriously, that’s how this all started – making a list and then reaching out to the people I already knew, who were in the general vicinity of the skillsets I needed to learn, who could be brainstorming buddies and get me pointed in the right direction.

One step after another, the path has always, always, revealed itself beneath my feet – as it does for all of us.

And no matter what idea or project I’ve focused on, reaching out to people and asking for support has been critical, every step of the way – always opening up doors of new possibilities and creative thinking, which propel me forward.

The irony, of course, is that this has been one of my biggest areas of growth and NOT AT ALL IN MY COMFORT ZONE. For one thing, I lived most of my life inside a shell of ALONENESS, feeling existentially alone and unconsciously isolating myself from people, for a million reasons – so OF COURSE my path of destiny would guide me to heal and resolve this pattern and learn to initiate contact and trust humanity to be on my side. *sigh*

As a fiercely self-reliant introvert in the habit of doing everything myself because other people historically didn’t do things as well, or as fast, or as perfectly as I could (hey! I have high standards! ;), asking for (and receiving!) HELP has been another area of tremendous growth.

Maybe these will continue to be areas of growth for the rest of my life, I don’t know. Probably. But I can look back now and see how much I’ve improved – because I keep putting myself in positions where the only possible solution is to ask for support because it’s beyond what I know or have – and thus forcing myself to build the skill of asking, no matter how uncomfortable.

So it occurred to me that I now have this network of amazing people in my life – you, my beloved readers who continue to draw forth my stories and allow me to write and create flow states for myself for the pure joy of writing and delighting in sharing stories with you – and that probably you know people who know people who know people and that possibly this whole “asking” thing could get even more wind in its sails if I simply reach out and ask YOU for support!

Here’s the piece that I’m looking for support with:

This next vision will ultimately involve an amazing video crew, who films and edits and produces videos for this reality tv kind of model. It doesn’t need to be Hollywood quality superstar production – wait, okay, yes it does, hahaha. But what is MOST important to me is the consciousness and intention and joy and integrity we bring to the process of filming and creation.

  • I want to create with people who are highly self-aware, and share the vision of raising consciousness through our collaboration. High vibe leading edge creators who care about intention and joy and the energy we bring to our creations.
  • I want to create with people who are fun and joyful and also have impeccable attention to detail and high standards of excellence.
  • I want to create with people who are creative and deliver high quality productions with integrity.
  • I want to create with people who are working and playing in their zone of genius as they support me in living in mine.

If you know anyone who does video, anyone who comes to mind when you read the above – it doesn’t need to be a whole crew or team at this point, it can be an individual or two people who are doing cool things with video, with purpose and intentionality around their mission and purpose – would you drop me a note and pass along their info, or put us in touch?

It’s time to expand the wave of connections into the next level of impact.

I kind of feel like this next iteration is going to take another three, five, maybe 10 years to grow into the vision I received this week. But that’s how the creative process goes, so… start now, with the single step.

How about you? What’s the single step on your radar today? And who can you ask for support? Your turn. 🙂

Here’s to your bliss, and the baby steps that make it real.

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