If you’ve ever wondered, “If money is energy, how do I get it into my bank account?”, see how this lands for you:

I was just thinking about all of the women who’ve experienced financial breakthroughs while coaching with me, and feeling a sense of awe about the common thread that continues to emerge with greater and greater clarity, even though they have very different business models and backgrounds and services they offer. Here’s what I’ve been observing:

1) Christine, who was delivering hourly services for around $120/hour and totally maxed out with zero time for anything, making a healthy income but always running ragged with no time or energy to get ahead – now charging and receiving $2500 for packages that let her be more fully herself, deliver more value and have WAY more fun in a way that feels like “OMG I get paid for this?” and feel excited and enthused about her business again, as she now crafts her $10,000 packages that feel 100% aligned with her purpose, her authentic truth, and her soul.

2) Julie, who was already selling coaching packages for $2000 but lacking the joy in her business and not knowing how to connect with her ideal clients and just barely making enough every month to pay the bills – now passing $10,000 / month and feeling excited about what she’s offering again, with more ideas and inspiration and clarity of direction than ever before.

3) Laura, who was in a 9-to-5 job and wondering HOW in the world would she ever make money doing ONLY what she loved, without a steady paycheck from an employer – now filling spots for her retreat at $3,000 per person with ease and LOVING her work, doing it her way, at her own perfect pace, and calling in soulmate clients who she adores working with.

4) Patricia, who was running a successful private practice and had started her soul purpose business on the side, but in 4 years had yet to receive a paycheck from her new business and was at her wits end about how to get her message into the world in a way that inspired people to want to sign up – now realizing she had built a company that she could sell for $1 million if she so chose, and then realizing she didn’t WANT to sell it but the realization alone propelled her into a new vibrational frequency, from which the people and situations that no longer served her immediately fell away and handled themselves with very little effort on her part, and she magnetized new team members almost instantly, to grow her vision with support and ease.

And the list goes on.

But the point is …. WHAT happened in each of these cases, that made the difference?

Awesomeness Alignment, baby. 🙂

Massive self-love and healing around the deeper patterns of unworthiness and aloneness that were perpetuating unhelpful manifestations.

And fierce, FIERCE boundaries around doing ONLY what she loves – PERIOD; quitting trying to “help everyone” and instead focusing intensely on the zone of genius area of greatest impact and joy, and HONORING her soul’s desires by LISTENING to what her body and soul deeply wanted and needed and DOING THAT instead of putting herself last, after taking care of everyone else first.

The irony, of course, is that very one of them came to me seeking STRATEGY, believing that having the right marketing strategy would be the thing that they needed to get to the next level. (In some cases having spent a lot of money on marketing support, trainings, or coaches that didn’t seem to shift much, if anything.)

Which is natural, given that we’ve all been brought up to believe that it is what we DO that gets results, not how we BE.

But just because you call it ‘business’ doesn’t mean that it’s exempt from the principles of creation itself.

How you do one thing is how you do anything.

And so each of them had a period of feeling like “huh?” when I insisted upon “strategies” like lying down in the grass, taking a nap, meditating. sitting on the beach, going hiking with friends, or having a drink with me at a local hot spot where we could just hang out, get real, and unearth the goldmine in their soul.

“So, we’re going to get to the marketing next, right?” They’d ask, *clinging* to the storyline that GETTING YOUR MARKETING RIGHT is THE THING that matters most.

Well, maybe. But marketing can’t change a thing until you shift your vibrational frequency – around VALUING YOURSELF enough to put your joy first, GIVING YOURSELF THE GIFT of your own heart’s desires so you can RECEIVE the joy you desire to live, and GETTING OUT TO PLAY in ways that nourish your soul.

You ARE the source of all you desire.

But it’s not going to come because you run one more circuit on the hamster wheel of “doing it right according to the experts who say this is what you do to succeed.”

Maybe that stuff works for someone. I don’t know. All I know is that what works for me, and everyone who feels called to work and play with me, is that HONORING YOUR JOY is the foundational piece that shifts everything.

And THEN you can play with marketing strategies – NOT because you need them to create the income and spaciousness in your business you’re seeking – but because IT IS JUST SO FUN to share your message in the world and you forget it’s even called “marketing” because it just feels like JOY.

THAT’S the game, my friends.

And that’s what we’re doing at the Fierce Joy Purpose and Prosperity Retreat in Sedona, November 6-10 – ending the Undercharging Overwhelming Epidemic of Joyless Business and stepping into FIERCE JOY and the Badassery of Your Soul.

Seriously – who you are here to BE is the GOLD!

Step into the vortex where you can FINALLY SEE YOURSELF CLEARLY and cut through the mental shenanigans that are keeping you in ‘not enoughness’, and let’s get on with our soul purpose of changing the world by living in joy!

At the Fierce Joy Purpose and Prosperity Retreat…

  • We’re doing Inside Out Calendaring so you become the CEO of TIME (bye bye, “I don’t have time!” nonsense.)
  • We’re taking your own somatic awareness of your body’s intelligence to whole new levels with the Awesomeness Map and Crap map crystal clear compass points.
  • We’re clarifying YOUR unique Joyful Genius and Fierce Joy Badassery, and OWNING YOUR VALUE so you can cut through the struggle once and for all.
  • We’re deepening your mastery of resonant pricing and the energetics of creating and receiving MONEY, in alignment with your soul.
  • We’re doing embodiment of your message, in which your values and the spiritual transmission that YOU are here to be, are expressed in your very being, so it oozes out your pores and you quit wondering “what do I need to say, to inspire people to sign up?” and instead start showing up in a way that has people asking “How do I pay you???”
  • We’re flushing the epidemic of people-pleasing and in all ways being a doormat, and taking a fierce stand for YOUR joy – the guidance of your soul that’s leading you to the greatest impact, income , and joy that you’re here to claim.

And of course we’re doing Quantum Play, in the energy vortexes of the magical Angel Valley near Sedona, and recalibrating your nervous system to YOUR NEW NORMAL, supported deeply by the land, the organic vegetarian meals prepared with love, and the entire environment which is perfectly and exquisitely suited for this kind of alchemy.

The full schedule, as well as the information about the super duper earlybird registration that ends July 31, is up – just email me at (team AT annerosehart.com) and request details, and we’ll get it over to you asap.

In the meantime, go do more of what makes you awesome, what brings you joy, and what nourishes your soul.

When you know the art of creating from the inside out, that’s where the money is, too. 😉