Whaddya say we get naked?

Wait — before you dash off to grab your fig leaf — I’m talking about SOUL NUDITY here.

I mean baring your soul, getting real about what’s real about who you are and what you really desire, need, and are.

Vulnerability. Authenticity. Transparency. Courage. Honesty. Truth.

I was sitting here feeling the post-lunar-eclipse energy moving through my body, letting old patterns rise up to pass away, feeling it all fully on its way out, letting the tears flow as I released yet another pocket of dense energy from my system, letting the intelligence of my body guide me as I observe myself “eclipsing” old ways of being and making room for the new.

I was tuning into the energy of what’s happening in Sedona at the Fierce Joy Purpose & Prosperity Retreat this November, feeling the group gathered and doing the deep sacred work we’re doing together, and I felt the collective dismantling already underway.

The dismantling of all the ways in which we’ve been conditioned to squelch our feminine power, intuition, body wisdom, desire, and confidence, having learned that to succeed, we’ve got to fit into a box of following the rules, listening to “experts,” and getting it right.

We’ve been looking outside ourselves for answers, we’ve learned to mistrust ourselves, and our energy fields have been imprinted with the frequencies of abuse, shame, abandonment, isolation, sexual trauma, guilt, disempowerment, codependency, and other “frequency scrambling” codes that have made it hard to hear the voice of our own wisdom and inner compass.

I felt the liberation of souls already underway, accompanied by the cacophony of old paradigms crumbling as we dismantle the conditioned habits and let our wild souls come out to play.

I felt the great uncoiling of falsehood — of the ways we’ve embodied shame, voicelessness, powerlessness, and limitation, at the expense of our hearts and wellbeing.

And I felt the fierce roar of this tribe of women, gathered for the sacred act of reclaiming our power, rebuilding our lives AND our society AND our world from our TRUTH, doing it our way, aligned with the intuitive KNOWING in our souls of HOW IT NEEDS TO BE and TRUSTING OURSELVES to be the messengers and arms and legs of the cosmos that BUILD the new structures of the new world — starting within ourselves.

I felt the sacredness of the space, the incredible Angel Valley where the Fierce Joy retreat is being held, and the divine perfection of this location. The softness, the safety, the vibrational frequency that is very much like a womb, the environment that perfectly supports the rebirth of every one of us.

When I went there in April and May for the last 2 retreats I held there, the energy of the place insisted upon clearing my energy field, dismantling old layers, releasing patterns from my past, bringing up unresolved matters to be held in the light of Love and Truth and Beauty, held in the sacredness of the many energy vortexes on site – and I’ve felt different ever since.

Others who attended the retreats said, “I really feel like there’s a Before Sedona and After Sedona,” referring to the whole-being transformation and energy shifts that happened there. (Another replied, when I asked “what shifted for you during the retreat?” : “Uhhh… you mean besides EVERYTHING?” 😉

It really is a polarizing place. Either you’re ready for whole-being transformation and the dismantling of the patterns that have suppressed your soul’s fullest expression, or you’re still working through some stuff that makes you feel not resonant with this place. You just know.

Because once you cross the bridge and enter the valley, you enter another dimension, where the stuff that is ready to be released WILL be released and you will leave a lighter, freer, more liberated version of yourself.

But many people fear the dismantling. Because getting naked can be uncomfortable. Being seen can feel terrifying. Being held and adored exactly as you are, requires vulnerability, humility, and a willingness to let yourself come undone.

I have yet to facilitate a retreat in which we didn’t go through multiple boxes of tissues. Not everyone goes through the dripping snot, ugly tears, whole body sobs publicly — sometimes that happens privately in your own space — or not at all.

But dismantling requires a willingness to feel, to be seen, to let your soul be naked — and that is what the sacred safety of the Fierce Joy retreat offers, along with a reclamation of the pure, true joy in your heart — the compass that can and will guide you to everything your heart desires.

But you’ve got to be willing to get naked.

It’s not for everyone.

But those of us who are being called into leadership — to rise up, share our voices, and come together as co-creators of a new world, consciously crafted from Love, Compassion, Humility, Integrity, Generosity, and Joy — we are going to be tested, time and time again, as we move through our own shadows and support others in doing the same.

The cultural patterns of patriarchal dominance and feminine suppression are not going to just fall away easily.

Living and leading from the heart will continue to take tremendous courage.

Trusting ourselves in the face of adversity and uncertainty will always be our work.

And yet, we need not do it alone.

We need not feel that we are unique in our suffering.

We need not perpetuate lives of isolation and disconnection, trying to hammer out brilliance from the solitude of our laptop lifestyles while believing it’s up to us to get it right, do it all, figure it out… by ourselves.

We can’t become fully ourselves, by ourselves, as one of my mentors often says.

It is essential that we come together, laugh together, cry together, get real together, and dismantle the patterns that no longer serve us, as we unleash the joy of our liberated, naked souls.

I don’t yet know the faces and names of everyone in this next Fierce Joy retreat November 6-10, but there are four spots left, and today’s the last day for the super-duper-earlybird special, which lets you save hundreds of dollars AND receive all lodging and meals included AND take advantage of a four-month payment plan if that’s a better fit for you.

I’m attaching the details of the retreat here. (pdf download)

If you’re ready to get naked and embody your divine feminine wisdom and power in your leadership and in your life, just email me at (team AT annerosehart.com) to save your spot. I’ll send you the super duper early bird registration rate info as well as the payment plan, both of which end tonight at midnight Pacific Time.

Bring your own fig leaf. I’ll provide the tissues.

Oh — we’ll also laugh a lot. Sure, there’s tears that come up, and we feel whatever needs to be felt. But also we will laugh as only Women Liberated From The Past can laugh.

We will embody the joy that’s been there all along, buried or dimmed as it may have been.

We’ll spread our wings and bring our 2018 to a close with new depths of courage, clarity, direction, and knowingness.

And we’ll feel the power of the tribe — our tribe — knowing that whatever the illusion of isolation or aloneness may have been, we now stand together as the many voices of strength, grace, compassion, and love, co-creating our new world together.

It’s our time.

When you say YES to the desires in your soul, the Universe says a hearty YES to you.

Come unleash the power of your vision, and let yourself feel all of life supporting you.

Or … we can be having the same conversations next year at this time. 😉