Wing walking is just like anything else in life — when you condition your nervous system to know the “unfamiliar” as “familiar” and create memories in advance, it’s much easier to do it when the time comes.

Visualization and rehearsal is not just for Olympic athletes or wing-walkers, it’s key to manifesting and creating everything you desire to experience.

Going through the motions in your mind’s eye and in your body to “feel it as done” lets you condition your mind, body, and self-image to BE that which you desire, rather than getting stuck in the “but I don’t know how…” fears that come up when you’re wanting to experience something new.

Even if you don’t know the “how,” make up stories in your mind (or start journaling!) about how it MIGHT work if you DID know how, and start walking through the steps, creating possibilities instead of roadblocks in your awareness.

Whether you are wanting to walk on a wing of an airplane in flight, give a kickass speech, quit your job and start something new, host an event, have a difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding, learn a new instrument or language, visit a new country, start working out, or generate more income than you’ve ever created in the past, start practicing NOW.

If you DID know how to do it, what might you be practicing? How would you feel? What would you say? Where would you be focusing? Who would you be speaking to? What steps would you be taking? What would you need to learn or study now, so you could practice with greater mastery?

As the saying goes, the magic in life lies on the other side of your comfort zone. So the more you condition your nervous system into your “new normal,” the more the unfamiliar begins to feel a bit more “in your comfort zone” until it becomes the natural next step on your path.

Practice, practice, practice. You make choices based on your unconscious self-image of what you know is familiar and possible for you, so be practicing your new self-image and rewiring your nervous system, so you can say “yes” when new opportunities arise.

If you’ve been rehearsing the “new you,” you can dance with possibilities instead of limitations in the moment, no matter how windy it turns out to be — at Mason Wing Walking Academy.