“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust

Sometimes we just need to look at our lives from a new perspective. 🙂 For years I’ve enjoyed doing headstands for that very reason — it is (literally) a way of seeing the world through fresh eyes.

It’s so easy to get in a rut of making assumptions about “the way things are” or accepting some unconscious limitation that *feels* very real and true.

But as I am fond of saying, Nothing Is Ever What It Seems. (My clients who work with me over Zoom web video always see the picture on the wall of my office that appears to be upside down – an optical illusion that’s my reminder to QUESTION EVERYTHING and don’t assume anything.)

You don’t have to stand on your head (although I do highly recommend it 😉 to get a fresh perspective on any situation in your life, but certainly trying something new is a way of bringing new creativity and inspiration into the mix.

Flying upside down over the Olympic Peninsula of Washington with variable G-forces and the unique perspective of being out on the wing, provided a vantage point that blew my mind and nearly brought me to tears of joy with the overwhelming sensory overload of exquisite beauty and the thrill of soaring.

The “extreme flow” state not only created the biochemistry of bliss in my body, but because my mind had almost no frame of reference for comparison, it created an entirely fresh experience — totally present, alert, aware, free from narratives, just fully alive in the moment.

Obviously there are many ways of creating Zen moments and flow states for all of us, but the point is that we need to create these moments frequently and regularly.

If you live in the city, get out for a hike in the mountains. If you’re usually alone, spend time with new people. If you always drive home the same way, take a new route. Let yourself go wandering around a new neighborhood or new hiking trail this weekend.

Humans need some element of risk and novelty to create sustainable happiness. And risk need not be a high-adrenalin activity; it might be daring to love, daring to rest, daring to speak your truth, daring to make a change.

What would be the most fun way for you to take a fresh perspective today?

What would bring a bit o’ risk and novelty into your life right now?

What would you see, if you questioned everything and looked at your existence through fresh eyes?

Turn it all on its head and prepare to be refreshingly surprised by the astonishing miracle of life itself, right before your eyes.