When I first climbed out of the open cockpit and took the first step out onto the wing, there was a millisecond in which a fleeting thought flickered across my mind: “What the hell was I thinking? I might actually be crazy.”

The sheer force of the prop blast and the wind on my body created a micro-moment of uncertainty.

But creating an airtight success mindset means zero tolerance for those kind of thoughts. So I tightened up my focus on my foot placement and smiled, leaving the voice of self-doubt out there hangin’ in the wind, where it vanished without being fed by my attention.

That was the only moment in which I felt a flicker of fear or doubt. And brief as it was, it occurred to me that it’s just like anything else we decide to do in our lives.

Often, when you decide and commit to a new course of action, the universe brings you a “prop blast” — an experience that feels intense and stirs up your stuff: self-doubt, hesitation, fear, uncertainty…

Whatever your new endeavor, it’s always going to be windier than you think, out there on the first step. And you might feel a bit wobbly — questioning yourself, entertaining feelings of anxiety or doubt.

But that’s just the nature of the game of growth and expansion — being willing to put yourself out in the wind, time and time again, discovering the strength, courage, power you have to tighten up what you allow into your awareness, and take the next step anyway.

There’s a space, right after a negative thought shows up but before it activates your limbic system and the biochemical cascade of fear and stress, in which you have a choice.

You can choose to allow that thought to activate a state of contraction in your body and mind, or you can choose to close the door on that pathway, breathe, smile, and carry on with your new path.

It’s windy out there on the edge of your comfort zone. But whatever the “prop blast” is, you can handle it. Take the next step anyway.