If you want to uplevel your life, you’ve got to create a new standard for yourself. Chances are, you’ve gotten in a rut and things are *fine* but there’s a level of complacency there, that doesn’t feel fully vibrant and ALIVE.

To make a change in any area of your life, you’ve got to remember what joy FEELS like in a fresh, new way — and then calibrate the rest of your life to THAT.

For me, wing walking raised the bar on how awesome I was willing to let my life be. As soon as I gave myself permission to GO FOR IT and live my dream (before I even had any clue *how* I’d get on the wing of a biplane), I could feel the new “gold standard” as a reference point.

It allowed me to look at everything else in my life and business and ask, does *this* feel as life-enhancing and alive as wing walking? If not, what needs to shift to bring that level of vibrancy and life energy into THIS area of my life?

And in a very short time, every aspect of my life upleveled — I manifested new people and experiences and clients and opportunities that swiftly opened new doors and new realities.

It’s the same whether you’re wanting to uplevel your career, your love life, your finances, or your health. When you have an authentically aligned “gold standard” of how much JOY you’re willing to let yourself experience in one area of your life, then you can look at the daily choices you’re making and ask, “Does this move me closer to or further from living THAT reality?” “Does this feel as life-enhancing and alive as THAT? If not, what needs to shift?”

You’ll quickly see where you’re settling for less than you really desire, and if you get curious about why you’re really tolerating mediocrity and what would have to shift for you to allow more awesomeness, you’ll see new doors opening — sometimes immediately.

Examine your choices each day, and look at where you’re choosing from obligation or complacency out of habit, and dare to breathe more life energy into new possibilities.

Ask yourself what brings you joy, what brings you to life in refreshing new ways, and what it would take to let more of your life feel like THAT. Dare to raise the bar on how good you’re willing to feel every day.

The question is, how awesome are you willing to let your life be?

And where can you give yourself permission to GO FOR IT, to uplevel what’s possible for you?

How you do one thing, is how you do everything.

Get out and play with your life — go ALL IN on doing more of what makes you awesome. 

 — at Mason Wing Walking Academy.