When you’re going after something that really matters to you, you’re going to face adversity, no way around it. Fear, self-doubt, rejection, failure, pain, disappointment, heartbreak – these are inevitable companions on the path of a life well-lived.

As the saying goes, “dare something worthy.” What is it that you’re daring to do, that’s worth it all?

A worthy mission will call you forward, through the edges of your comfort zone, into becoming the courageous, self-assured version of you that stands tall and exudes confidence.

But it’s not without bumps and bruises along the way.

The day after my wing-walking adventure, I looked in the mirror and saw dark purple splotches all over my upper arms – where my arm had been pressing against the steel cables for support as I climbed all over the biplane in the wind – and huge bruises where the bolts and cables had been digging into my legs as they wrapped around the strut while I hung upside down.

Sure, they hurt. But it’s the kind of hurt that I didn’t mind because the grin on my face was bigger than the black and blue marks all over my limbs.

This is the value of physical challenges – when you go beyond your limits of what you thought possible, your body gets banged up, injured, stretched in new ways, and yes, it hurts.

But what happens when you take that capacity for “going beyond your limits” physically and bring it into the rest of your life?

Are you willing to risk the bruises of rejection or failure or being let down by others, on your path of GOING ALL THE WAY to see your dream through?

What are the ways in which your heart is afraid of getting bruised, that’s keeping you from going ALL IN on your purpose and potential?

Physical bruises heal. But your heart and your nervous system remember the ways in which you didn’t measure up, failed, or were judged, betrayed, or rejected in the past – and this becomes toxic in your very soul if you do not get back into the game to GO FOR IT again, giving yourself a fresh start.

Yep, you might get bruised. Yep, you might be disappointed. You might get heartbroken. You might even fail.

But what if the point is not the outcome, but rather who you become in the process?

What if the joy comes from discovering the untapped potential within yourself, that you never knew was there until you were tested?

You’ve triumphed over incredible adversity in the past. You’ve probably gone beyond your limits in your physical challenges. Now draw from that experience and bring that depth of character into your next endeavor – and make it a mission that’s worthy of whatever it takes.

Joy doesn’t come from having a life that’s free of pain.

Joy exists when you are aligned with something bigger that makes all the pain worth it.

What is that for you?