One of my favorite phrases is, “wouldn’t it be awesome if…” because it so perfectly sets up our wildest imaginations and lets us express what we really desire, in a curious, exploratory way (which of course is where we’re most receptive to the most fabulous ideas and inspiration.)

I’m sure at some point I must have been sitting in seat 17A on a commercial flight, looking out the window at the wing of the 747, musing “wouldn’t it be awesome to see the view from OUTSIDE the airplane, sitting on the wing?” And so… here it is: my version of sight-seeing from the air.

My point is, we train ourselves and each other to stifle our creative dreams and imagined possibilities, out of some collective habit of perpetuating our consensus reality based on “what’s real.”

But what IS real? Everything — EVERYTHING — that exists in our world started as an idea in someone’s mind first. It ALL comes from our imaginations, and then we bring those ideas into reality one step at a time… unless we don’t, in which case we keep living the consensus reality that SOMEONE ELSE dreamed up and we bought into.

ALL of us are wildly imaginative creators. Most people don’t self-identify that way, but underneath the self-image of “I’m not creative” or “that’s not possible” is a smoldering ember of creative FIRE, waiting for you to breathe life into it.

We all have the same potential to dream up ANYTHING we desire and then bring that dream into reality by aligning our thoughts, words, and choices with our vision. But it takes radical non-conformity, a willingness to be judged or misunderstood, and a fierce determination to follow your own heart, even if nobody else has a clue what drives you and especially if they don’t “get it.”

You’re either a consumer of ideas that other people have dreamed up, or you’re a creator of ideas that will influence others.

And your badass, wild, wacky, wonderful, wise self knows YOUR path of greatest joy, freedom, influence, and purpose.

Start wondering every day, “wouldn’t it be awesome if…” and then see what emerges in your awareness (and notice how quickly you shut down your own ideas, what voices come up that suppress your creativity, and what beliefs you really have about what’s possible or not!).

What’s your “wouldn’t it be awesome” for today? I’d love to hear… post in the comments.