I’m just back from leading the Story of You retreat in Jackson Hole the last few days, where another group of women stepped into their power with potency and joy in so many ways. (See hilarious photo at the end of this email!)

Yes, the focus of the retreat was on speaking, and yes, everyone developed their signature talk and learned how to harness the power of their own personal story to magnetize audiences, but the speaking was simply the medium for practicing living from and transmitting the power of the heart — the spark of aliveness that lives and breathes us all.

Tomorrow I’m hosting a live online training on Rockin’ Your First Retreat in 2019, and what’s striking me as I review the questions that have been coming in about hosting and filling retreats, is the thing that nobody, including me, can ever teach:

The importance of that SPARK. The DRIVE. The DESIRE. The PASSION. The COURAGE. The ALIVENESS.

Because while I can tell a million stories about my own experiences, successes, and failures in how to create a successful business or lead a profitable retreat or get people to come to your event etc., none of those “how to” pieces will EVER create the success that you or anyone is looking for.

(And yes, I will be talking about the pragmatic and logistical pieces of creating, filling, and leading retreats during tomorrow’s live training. I’ve had so many questions and I know there are many of you who WANT to be running retreats in your business and just need a lil’ boost to get started, and I’m happy to share as much as I can about all I’ve learned from leading over a dozen profitable retreats around the world (plus the priceless wisdom gleaned from the one that bombed. 😉 )

But that is my point.

It’s not about the retreats. It’s not about whether your retreat or your business is a “success” or a “failure” by whatever measuring stick you’re using.


Because let’s face it — a purpose-driven life will test you and some days even crush you.

You will face heartbreak and disappointment and rejection and hurt feelings and financial stress and dark nights of the soul as you gape into the vast chasm of uncertainty and grope around in the darkness finding your own way, blazing your own trail, following the invisible compass of your heart.

But somewhere deep inside you IS the smoldering ember of YOUR FLAME and the message in YOUR SOUL. The gift that YOU ARE to humanity.

The purpose that YOU get to BE in the world — to inspire and empower others to live THEIR best lives because YOU SHOWED UP FULLY FOR YOURS.

And when you are living and expressing THIS truth — YOUR deepest truth, your deepest desires, and TAKING A STAND for what is so deeply important to you — you are tapping into an endless wellspring of energy, vitality, and COURAGE that allows you to face your demons, say Eff You to the naysayers, and discover the aliveness in you that is SO MUCH BIGGER than any fear, doubt, or setback you will ever face.

And it’s THIS that you’re really wanting — the embodiment of THIS aliveness and strength and potency in your SOUL.

And when you DECIDE to live from this place — to GO ALL IN on your dreams and your purpose and your vision and your desires — the “how to” steps reveal themselves, one moment at a time, one person at a time, one synchronicity at a time.

But if you continually sign up for endless “how to” trainings to learn “how” to live your purpose, grow your business, get clients, fill your workshops, rock your talk as a speaker, etc. etc. etc. without ever just JUMPING IN and DOING the work you’re here to do, you will never experience the fulfillment and joy and aliveness that comes from just getting yourself so far out of your comfort zone that you can’t think straight, and discovering just what you are really made of.

The question is really, what is the thing that you are willing to GO ALL THE WAY for?

What are you willing to GIVE YOUR LIFE for — literally, to devote your days to living, expressing, sharing, and mastering?

What, really, is your life about?

I don’t know whether you’ll “rock your retreat” in 2019 or if you’ll go for it and have nobody sign up. I don’t know whether you’ll meet your income goals in 2019 or stay at the plateau you’ve been at for the last year or more. I don’t know whether you’ll get out on stage and speak your truth or if you’ll stay home behind your laptop.

But what I do know is that THE ONE THING that makes all the difference in living a life of joyful purpose is whether or not you are connecting every day with the SPARK inside you that makes it all worth it.

The wellspring of LIFE ITSELF will guide you through the valleys and power you up the mountains.

So it had better well be a daily practice to nurture this connection with LIFE ITSELF above all, because THIS is the fuel for everything.

And because being human requires daily hygiene practices to care for our physical body, our minds, and our energy field, I’m sharing with you a “daily hygiene” practice to keep your mindset cleaned up, focused, and attuned to what really matters. It’s simple and essential and gives you a daily focus to stay in your flow of aliveness.

—–> Click here to listen to the mindset daily hygiene practice. <—–

And then, if you’re curious, feeling drawn to, or certain that you want to bring retreats into your business as you live your purpose with greater freedom and joy, click here to register for tomorrow’s live training (free) to Rock Your First Retreat in 2019.

As promised, here are some of the “how to’s” I’ll be discussing:

  • How to choose a location, sight unseen, and how to handle deposits etc.
  • How to find the people willing to take a chunk of time off and pay you a lot of money to come to your retreat
  • How to calculate pricing so it’s attractive — AND profitable!
  • How to talk about your retreat so people are inspired to sign up — without feeling awkward about self promotion or “salesy”.
  • And more. (Yes, you’ll receive the recording when you register.)

I don’t have an agenda to make everyone excited about hosting retreats. I’m just hosting this because I know many of you want to get over the “hump” and get yourself in the game of leading retreats, and I’ve got a lot to say on the topic. 🙂

But I DO care deeply about you getting fired up about your purpose, your highest possibilities, and the meaning of your life. Because THAT’s what’s going to ensure that you rock your retreat off the charts, change lives so that people never forget how you impacted them, and that you wake up in the morning feeling the deep satisfaction that “OMG I LOVE MY LIFE”, “I GET PAID TO DO THIS!?!?!” and living from the ecstatic bliss that comes from simply being the fullest, most radiant and alive expression of YOU.

THAT’s what we’re up to here, my friends.

Now… as I promised at the beginning of this email, here are a couple of photos from the Story of You retreat in Jackson Hole this weekend. For those of you who’ve been to my retreats, you’ll recognize my favorite “FREAK OUT!” game, hahahahahaha 😉

And then… oh my. What to say about this one. Well, after our hilarious “Act As If” dinner party (which was, I must say, the funniest one yet) we stopped to take a final group photo before parting ways for the night. I, uh, didn’t pay attention to the background before we lined up for the photo. Which meant that we all nearly fell over laughing so hard when we saw….. THIS.

I think this look gives me significantly more authority, don’t you?

ha, ha ha. 😉

Alrighty then. See you tomorrow for the “Rock Your Retreat in 2019” training.

In the meantime, get out there and do more of what makes you awesome.