There’s this phenomenon that happens when you decide to live your purpose — to live and fully express your full potential in this lifetime, to actualize your gifts and your dreams, to make your greatest impact in the world by sharing your message and the art in your soul.

It’s called… THE GAP.

This perceived gap exists between your current reality and the potential that you SENSE inside you, the unrealized vision that hasn’t YET come to fruition, the impact or income you haven’t yet made, the clients you haven’t yet enrolled, the books you haven’t yet written, the events you haven’t yet produced… the list goes on.

The gap will be there forever and ever, no matter what you do or how you succeed or fail.

It’s the nature of evolution — and the blessing and the curse of being human, with the self-awareness to perceive “potential” and “visions” and “possibilities”.


Let me repeat this. Your success is not about whether or not you get “THERE”, wherever “there” is for you. Your success, and your joy, lie very specifically IN THE MOMENT in which you engage with THE GAP.

So…. let’s look at this:

What’s your “default setting” when it comes to relating to The Gap?

A) AGGHHHH!! You feel overwhelmed by how much more there is to do, how little progress you’ve actually made, and totally inadequate for the task, given where you are and what you know you’re capable of. You know you should be so much further along, and you can see clearly your own self-sabotaging behaviors and it drives you nuts because you just KEEP DOING it and WHY can’t you just get yourself organized to BE productive enough to figure this out and just DO it? You feel frustrated and tense when you look at your “to do” list because… well, there’s just so much to do, and you’re behind, and … argh. WHAT will it take to finally GET THERE? You resolve to do better, do more, and just get more organized, learn to delegate better, and do whatever it takes to get this right once and for all. Self-sabotage will be a thing of the past once you get this figured out, you believe.

B) UUUUGHHH. You see The Gap and, ohhhhhhh…. pbbbtttthhhhhttt. It’s so huge. Never mind. Wayyyyy too much work, wayyyy too hard, wayyy too much bother to make all the changes it would take to even come close to doing that, so… why bother? So, you figure, “I’ll just be content with what I have”. You bring your focus to gratitude and give thanks for what you’ve got, shrugging off “big dreams” as the territory for somebody else to traverse, thank you very much. You’re really, really good at justifying why things are good — no, great! — the way they are, and that change is actually not necessary or appealing. “Nah, I’m good with where I am … now don’t be rockin’ the boat and trying to get me to “think bigger,” that’s not where I am right now,” you say. Part spiritual bypassing, part ignoring the beckoning of your soul, your devotion to the present moment may be complacency in disguise.

C) OMMMMMM. You see The Gap, recognize it as an opportunity to explore multiple perspectives, and practice navigating BOTH the “here and now” AND future possibilities with gratitude and glee. You practice appreciation in the now AND recognize the power of your latent potential to guide you and pull you forward. You catch the compensatory patterns and thoughts of “not enoughness” and laugh as you swat ’em like mosquitos, recognizing them as habits of self-flagellation and suffering that have no bearing whatsoever in reality. You practice connecting with your future self and your destiny every day — because of the inherent wisdom it contains — and you do what you can today with what you’ve got, keenly aware that it’s NOWHERE NEAR what you are capable of or what you may do in the future, but resting in the knowing that it’s what you’ve got right now so it must, by definition, be enough. And at the end of the day, you review your experiences, look for the gifts, blessings, and growth, and go to sleep feeling grateful, content, fulfilled, and in awe of the miracle of life itself and your co-creative role as a participant in the evolution of humanity.

Whether your default setting is the self-flagellating high achiever pattern ( “Agh! I’m STILL coming up short! I must not be far enough along yet!” *whap whap whap* ) or the disempowered complacency pattern (“agh, never mind. I’m good.”) the point is that we all have conditioned habits that drive our behavior when it comes to The Gap.

And if you’re not catching your assumptions and habituated patterns, you’re going to be taking actions (or NOT taking actions) that perpetuate the same pattern, same worldview, and … dun dun dun …. same reality.

You can take a million coaching programs and business trainings on “how to” achieve any result, but if you’re not doing the deeper work to alchemize the underlying patterns, you might move things around on the surface of your life so things LOOK different, but nothing will have really changed.

You’ll still be chasing the “not enoughness” that you believe ACTION and RESULTS will fix. Or you’ll still be settling for less than you desire, ignoring the call to adventure from your soul, putting your foot on the brake of your own greatness.

Either way, you’re going to carry on down the path of self-imposed suffering.

And — there’s just no eloquent way to put this — that. just. sucks.

Which is why I’m extreeeeeeeeeemely passionate about supporting purpose-driven leaders to get “under the hood” of the body-mind vehicle that houses their soul, and apply a lil’ Laughter Lube here and some Compassion Cream there and put in new Self Love Sealants and close up the energy leaks that are coming from these habituated patterns of Untruth.
There really is a much, much, much more joyful, compassionate, easeful way of doing business and life — and it’s also where your magnetism, impact, and influence come from.

  • The clients and money you want? They’ll find you, when you slow down long enough to listen to your soul, see yourself clearly, and present yourself authentically without the frenetic energy of “trying so hard to do enough.”
  • The freedom lifestyle you seek? Already here. You’re just complicating the hell out of it with your own assumptions and choices.
  • The results you think will bring success? Well, you can chase that rabbit if you want, but inside-out creation is a lot more fulfilling — and faster too. Start from the knowing of your own success, your own genius, your own magnificence, and the perfection of it all, and you’ll manifest the external results that mirror it back to you. But only AFTER you’ve owned it first.

That’s how it works.

The most powerful skill you can learn is mastering how to close the gap — inside your own perceptions, emotions, attitudes, and assumptions — so you’re taking action from the overflow, not from the “chase” of trying to get “there.” (Where IS “there”, anyway… anybody seen it? Hello? All I can find is the present moment! Dammit! Ha, ha.)

If you’re reading this, you already get it. You do this work every day. You’ve probably done tons of work on yourself already. People have noooooooooooooo idea how much work you’ve done to get to *this* place where you’re stepping into your purpose and potential in a bigger way than ever before.

And yet….. those pesky patterns persist.

Still “not there yet.”

Still wishing for the clarity, the clients, the cashflow, the stuff outside yourself that will PROVE that you’ve gotten “there.”

Stop. Just stop.

There is no “out there” out there, in the words of theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler.

We ARE the creators. We are the cause of that which we seek to experience.

Put more energy and attention into what you’re being the cause of — through your assumptions, mindsets, attitudes, and habits — and you’ll start to see the outer world mirror it back to you over time.

This process of conscious creation is what we’re focusing on in the upcoming Fierce Joy Mastermind and St. Lucia Retreat, in which we apply the principles of creation to Joyful Business — that is, the fullest expression of you, living your purpose, having the most fun, creating the most impact, and generating abundant income as you do so.

Imagine immersing yourself in a sea of self-compassion, calmness, and FLOW for the next 6 months with me, deepening your mastery of these life skills that will serve you and your business for the rest of your life — learning how to create results from your essence, rather than just efforts.

Imagine waking up and feeling alive and excited instead of stressed out and perpetually “behind the curve” of your to-do list and purposeful mission.

Imagine feeling confident and competent about your mindset mastery, energy balance, and self-awareness that allows you to navigate the unknown with confidence, and traverse uncertainty with inner calm and clarity.

The inner game is absolutely critical for taking your purpose business to the next level of impact and income, whether you’re just barely starting out or you’ve been in business for years.

When you’ve got your inner game dialed in, the actual “steps” are easy. You KNOW what to do, you manifest the support and resources you need with ease, and the path really does unfold beneath your feet, without you struggling and striving to get it all figured out.

No, it’s not all “easy.” But there’s a flow that you can trust, when you know how to get into your flow — day after day, consistently.

If you’ want to take your business and leadership to the next level of impact, income, freedom, and joy by taking a fierce stand for your joy and creating your life from FLOW, not force, email (team AT and request the details about the Fierce Joy Mastermind and St. Lucia retreat.

Whether you’re wanting to lead retreats, get your next 10 clients, raise your prices, get your book written (or published!), start doing more speaking, or double your income, there are ways of BEING that allow you to do so in the flow of your intuitive wisdom, manifesting magnetism, and zone of genius — without contorting yourself into some box of “shoulds” and marketing madness that makes you resent and procrastinate your purpose work.

Living your purpose is supposed to be fun. If your results are “not enough,” stop the chase and let’s go within, and do the inner work that lets you create from enoughness and overflow, instead of spending the next year chasing the thing you think you need to get “there.”

And … just for fun, let’s dial in these new habits while exploring waterfalls and taking volcanic “mud baths” in sunny St. Lucia, while eating fresh mangoes and enjoying a sunset cruise, shall we? 😉

Email (team AT if you’re interested and we’ll set up a time to speak, to make sure it’s a mutually delightful fit.

In the meantime, enjoy these words from Rainer Maria Rilke, who captured the richness of self-actualization and conscious creation when he wrote:

“Take the destiny upon yourself, and bear it, its burden and its greatness, without ever asking what reward might come from outside. For the creator must be a world for himself and must find everything in himself and in Nature, to whom his whole life is devoted.”

― Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

You’ve got this. Now it’s time to actually enjoy the journey.

May your purpose guide you to ever expanding richness, wholeness, and joy.