Well, this was a surprise.

I just sat down and crunched some numbers out of curiosity. At my recent retreats it’s come up in conversation multiple times, the amount of time I put into my business and how my work week flows, so I sketched out a birds eye view of my schedule.

Even though I LIVE this every day, I rarely quantify it with metrics, so I was a bit shocked to see how the numbers played out.

I don’t do “40 hour work weeks” with 2 weeks vacation or whatever that mainstream standard is. I create my life from the inside out, which means flowing with where I feel called to put my attention and focus and doing more of that, while doing less of what is falling away, whatever that is.

So this year so far, I’ve led two retreats in Sedona, two in Jackson Hole, and have retreats coming up in Bimini (the Bahama, in October) and back to Sedona in November, to finish up the year. I’ve taken three fun trips to California, two to Boulder, a ski trip to Big Sky, a fun “staycation” in Jackson Hole, a long weekend at the Bluegrass Festival here at Grand Targhee, visited family in Minnesota, and took my son to NASA Space Camp, plus various hiking and ski days here and there — not to mention my epic birthday wing-walking adventure on the Olympic Peninsula. I play a lot — by choice and by design. 🙂

And because my perpetual focus is on creating the work that feels like play, even though I DO do a lot of what would be called “work”, there’s getting to be less and less of what feels like “work” and more and more of what just feels like play. (Example — retreats are total playtime for me, could do them all the time, they nourish and energize me and do not feel in any way like “work.” Sorting through administrative stuff in my database as I clarify what to delegate to my VA — that’s still “work” because I really should not be doing it at all — but I’m now highly motivated to get even better at delegating now that I’m seeing what an energy suck this is! Yowza.)

Anyway. I just attempted to quantify how I spend my time, and realized that on an average month, I work about 85 hours and devote 78 hours to self-care. I “work” about 3 weeks a month on average, so that’s about 28 hours a week of working and 26 hours a week of self care. In general, every hour I put into “work” is balanced by almost an hour of “me time.”

And it’s the “me time” that I devote to self care — and SOUL CARE — that allows me to have a six-figure (and growing) business in the first place. If I weren’t prioritizing the time I spend connecting with Source, my guides, my inner wisdom, none of ANY of this would even work and I’d be another stressed out, overwhelmed wannabe entrepreneur trying to “get clients”, believing I’m supposed to “do more,” and “figuring out” how to grow my business. *shudder*

My “me time” includes journaling, journaling, journaling… plus meditation, kundalini yoga, playing the piano, working out, going for walks, dancing, doing art and drawing, and meeting with my own coach and energy healer. This “me time” doesn’t include the time I spend socializing, talking with friends on the phone, playing with my son, shopping, getting a massage, having my hair colored (that’s a new thing this year!) or reading books — which would actually bring the number up significantly if I added that up too. The “me time” numbers also do not include my vacations, hiking days, or travel days — I just calculated the hours when I’m at home.

Part of the reason I sat down to crunch numbers on this yesterday, is that I’m very deliberately intending to bring MORE energy and focus to my writing and my workouts over the next year, and was curious to see where I’m being sloppy with how I use my time, where I have energy leaks, and where I can clean up my schedule a bit to keep the same ease and flow but amp up my effectiveness and impact even more.

It’s a power practice I do frequently — though I don’t usually quantify the hours like this — to bring intention to how I’m sculpting my life by shaping my days, weeks, and months.

I call it “Inside Out Calendaring” and it’s one of the 8 pillars of Joyful Business and Financial Fourplay that we’ll be covering in depth in the upcoming Fierce Joy Mastermind and St. Lucia retreat. It’s the art of deliberately, consciously, joyfully designing the life that feels like play — and then sculpting your mindset, beliefs, and energy to support and manifest that, instead of sending mixed signals to the universe by wishing one thing while living another.

Inside Out Calendaring is one of my favorite practices because it just puts you in the drivers’ seat of your life — no excuses, no “but I don’t have time” victim stories, no “yeah but…” Just conscious creation, gettin’ real about how you want your life to be, REALLY, and then making the inside out choices to align with that — energetically, mentally, emotionally, and then behaviorally.

There isn’t a mystery to how to create a life in which you get to play a lot — however, you DO have to be intentional about the beliefs you’re living from, and you have to prioritize your mindset and energy work above all else because THAT IS WHERE IT ALL COMES FROM.

For example, I decided at one point that “I have more than enough time and money for all that I need, choose, and desire” and practiced imprinting that belief into my being, and it just always works itself out now, no matter how much money I make or what I schedule — my life unfolds automatically according to this — just as it did when I was running the UNCONSCIOUS beliefs that “I don’t have enough time or money for all that I need, choose, and desire.”

We’re ALWAYS, always creating the life that we expect to experience.

Not sure what your unconscious beliefs and expectations are? Take a look at your life — it’ll show you. 🙂

I’m doing a Livestream event on my Facebook page this Wednesday, October 3, at 11:00 am MT to talk about Creating a Fierce Joy mindset and to answer your questions. Join me live on Wednesday — or click “reply” and email me your questions and I’ll answer them on the livestream then.

And if you feel called to create more of the work that feels like play in 2019, sculpting your beliefs, your business model, and your life to flow in alignment with YOUR version of play, click here for an overview of the Fierce Joy Mastermind and St. Lucia retreat, and book a call with me so we can start sculpting your most joy-filled, purposeful life now, bringing your life into alignment with your soul’s purpose and highest potential.

What would you like your life to look like in 2019?

Start shaping it NOW.

Clean up your beliefs, get intentional about how you want to craft your days and weeks, and… as I always say… go out and do more of what makes you awesome. 😉

Have fun with it!