It’s kind of funny, how universal our patterns are. After getting off a call with one of my clients who is running a multi-million-dollar business, I realized that I also have clients who are just breaking their first five-figure months, clients who are transitioning into new purpose-driven businesses, and clients who are just leading their first retreats and bringing in their first clients….

… And no matter what level of “success” they are experiencing, there are several universal challenges and skills that show up over and over, regardless of their experience, income, or line of work. So, I thought I’d share them here.

7 essential skills to uplevel, expand, and transform your life:

1) Having a deep and personal connection with a “BIG WHY” purpose that lights your fire. This can’t just be blah blah words on a mission statement; this has to be a mission that STIRS YOUR SOUL and makes it NOT OKAY to perpetuate the status quo. You’ve GOT to have this fire or you won’t do what it takes to overcome the adversity or inertia on a daily basis to actually BE THE CHANGE. And you’ve got to FEEL IT daily as a spark of life and drive inside you.

To build the BIG WHY skill: Play the “because why” game every day to develop the habit. When you look at your “to do” list, take one item and ask yourself why you’re doing it. Whatever your answer is, ask again, “because why?” and get curious about that. Continue asking “because why is that important?” until you get to the answer that creates an emotional connection. Repeat for all items on your “to do” list until you’re fired up about the non-negotiable tasks and have deleted or delegated everything else.

2) Knowing and choosing your zone of genius. You are going to be surrounded by endless opportunities and “shiny objects”, most of which will keep you playing the same game you’re already playing (i.e., NOT upleveling). If you don’t have clear criteria by which to choose your opportunities, you’ll end up very, very busy, but not actually making progress on the things that matter most. You’ve got to clarify what you’re best at and the unique way in which you can create the greatest impact in the world.

To build the GENIUS skill: Ask yourself, “if I were to be the best in the world at any one thing, what would I be the best at?” (No room for false humility here.) Get curious about this daily. Ask yourself, “if I were to do one thing every single day for the rest of my life, and NEVER feel like it was work because it would be so fulfilling and intrinsically rewarding, what would I be doing?” Whatever your answer, start doing more of that. Today.

3) Be the CEO of your TIME. There is no such thing as “not enough time.” All of us have 24 hours in a day, for however many days we’re blessed with being on earth. The game is to be very intentional about how you use the minutes and moments that you’ve been given. “Not enough time” comes when you are either A) in the habit of overgiving to the point of depletion (hello, let me just take care of everyone else instead of my own needs and projects), or B) have “control freak” tendencies that make it challenging to delegate, or C) have no clear purpose or awareness of your genius so you fritter away your days doing insignificant tasks and being distracted by everyone else’s agenda.

To build the Time CEO skill: Start prioritizing YOU – carve out time to journal and clarify your purpose, genius, and priorities for the day. Create the self care and soul care practices you need to replenish and tap into a deeper creative power within yourself. And get clear on what you would need to have in place to start trusting people to delegate to — what structures, communications, guidelines, best practices would you need to articulate? What caliber of person would you need to invite into your world, to help you with all that you need help with? What qualities would they have?

4) Be the CEO of Money: If you’re the executive in charge of money in your life, then take charge: how do you want money to come in, how do you want it to flow out, how do you want to circulate it, how do you want to experience it? You are the creator of all of your experiences based upon how clear you are about these questions. How do you want to create value in the world, specifically? Where, specifically, do you want to circulate the money you do have?

To build the Money CEO Skill: Start having weekly “staff meetings” with yourself to assess your operations: Where are you and where do you want to be, regarding revenue generation, expenditures, philanthropy, savings? What’s your long-range vision in each area, how did you grow into it last week, and how would you like to grow into it this week? Clarity and specificity are your friends, here. Your choices are what are creating your money experience — drill down to get clear about where you have inefficiencies in your operation, and get the support you need to clean those up. And don’t forget to celebrate and give thanks for the massive abundance you already enjoy — gratitude accelerates the creation process!

5) Create daily awesomeness habits: Paradoxically, the “quantum leaps” in upleveling happen because of the daily practices that support your wellbeing, your vision, and your creative expression consistently. Upleveling may appear to be the result of an accumulation of small steps that “add up” over time, but it’s more than just the “doing.” Daily awesomeness habits are what reprogram your own subconscious mind to embody what’s really important to you — and in so doing, you also send a consistent energetic frequency into the quantum field of universal intelligence. It’s this consistency that radiates a coherent and congruent signal into the universe, the world, your community, and your own mind-body vessel, that says “THIS is what I’m about, THIS is how I choose to express myself in the world, THIS is what’s important to me, THIS is how I care for myself, my soul, my wellbeing and our world.” And this is a powerful energy of manifestation.

To build the Daily Awesomeness Habits skill: Identify one desired outcome to start with as your focus goal. Then clarify — what skills, knowledge, relationships, and beliefs will you need, to create that desired outcome? From there, identify the one thing that’s the single-most important area of growth for you right now, related to this daily outcome. How can you make this such a no-brainer habit that you don’t even think about it anymore, you just DO the thing every day as part of who you are and how you do life? (Examples: what would it take to make your daily workout a no-brainer, or engaging in sales activities, or setting up systems to develop your team, or creating an airtight mindset, or nurturing your relationship every day?) Set up the support you need to do it every day — remembering the reasons why this matters — and learn to love the “D” word (discipline) as a sacred commitment to yourself and your soul’s full expression.

6) Emotional resilience. When you’re upleveling, lots of stuff is going to “go wrong.” Things don’t go as planned. Wildcard variables throw you off unexpectedly. Your “best laid plans…”, well, ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. But if you are in the habit of making things personal, as in “oh nooooo, it must be a sign, I’m not doing enough/ I’m doing it wrong / I should be further along / I am never going to get there / see, this is what ALWAYS happens, wahhhh!” then you are heaping an unnecessary pile of doo-doo on top of the complexities. Be buoyant enough to roll with whatever comes without making it personal or drawing erroneous conclusions about your richly textured experiences.

To build the Emotional Resilience skill: Relax into your growth mindset and evolutionary perspective, which says that “quantum leaps are usually preceded by chaos, catastrophe, and turbulence, so if everything is seeming to go to hell in a handbasket, it means I’m exactly on the right track!” Remember that every experience that creates a contraction in your being (tension, stress, judgment, resistance) can be a catalyst for expansion, should you choose to embody a growth mindset and get curious about how you’re being invited to grow as a result of this experience. Imagine your challenge as a springboard, in which the lowest lows can catapult you to new heights, if you can bless these valleys with appreciation for the growth, and give thanks for the ways in which you’re being challenged to grow stronger, more resourceful, and more creative.

7) See yourself clearly. Let’s face it — if you’re feeling called to uplevel, you aren’t going to get “there” until you have honestly assessed why you aren’t already “there.” There’s some habit or belief you have in place, that has made this new desired outcome beyond your reach — which means you’re going to have to change something… and it may be uncomfortable. Your self-image has created an identity around a limited way of being that, like it or not, you are holding dearly.

To build the See Yourself Clearly skill: Get a mentor or coach who can mirror back your blind spots and point out with refreshing honesty where you’re holding yourself back. Be willing to be very uncomfortable. Embrace vulnerability. But don’t try to reject or eject your ego — meet yourself with compassion for the ways in which your habits and beliefs have served you thus far… and then dare to do something you’ve never done before, even if this egoic part of you is freaking out and certain you’ll die in a most publicly humiliating way. And … see #5 above… develop a daily awesomeness habit of seeing yourself clearly through mindset journaling practices, meditation, and honest self-assessment.

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