I’ve just returned from leading a retreat in Bimini, where the wisdom of the ocean illuminated an important lesson: the danger of being smart and spiritual.

Imagine walking on the beach, your feet sinking into the soft white sand as the warm surf swirls around your ankles, leaving a white froth of bubbles in your footprints.

The curling edge of a wave glistens in the sunshine as it folds over upon itself with a crash, surging toward you once again.

A hermit crab scurries along next to you, as the tropical sun warms the back of your neck.

In that moment, you sense your inner knowing of your heart, whispering to you in the flavor that you know as your truth.

Bubbling up from the deepest place within you, it says…

You know that feeling, right?

That space in which you KNOW what you know, and you know what you can trust. You know what to do, and what needs to be released.

It may not be easy, it may require courage, but you KNOW what you know, and what’s right for you.

That feeling of knowingness, and the courage to live it, is required if you are going to live from your heart—to live in the flow of your greatest joy, contribution, and manifesting power.

But when you’re smart – really smart – what happens?

You’ve been conditioned to follow the rules set by others (which worked to make you valedictorian – how about all those straight “A”s, eh?) and to set your brilliant mind to work on figuring out a solution, as soon as a challenge presents itself.

  • You’ve learned that you get results when you jump into action and get things DONE.
  • You’ve learned that achieving results is more important than how you get there.
  • You’ve skipped over the deep, juicy creativity, on your way to getting it all done.

And that’s worked… for a lot of things.

But now… you’re being called to step into your purpose and power more fully than ever before – to bring forth a vision, purpose, and calling that promises to change the world.

And focusing on “getting results” isn’t working like it used to.

“Following the rules” of marketing and business isn’t bringing in the clients and cashflow like they say it’s supposed to.

And your purpose work, which is supposed to be the source of the greatest joy and fulfillment in your life, is now the source of your greatest stress and suffering.

AND… to top it off… you’re a straight “A” student of your spiritual teachings, too – which means you give thanks and ask for the lessons and look for the blessings in it all…. WHILE NOTHING ACTUALLY CHANGES.

WHAT IF… your “smart” mind is actually keeping you from relaxing into the deeper truth of your journey?

And WHAT IF… your gratitude practice and spiritual beliefs are keeping you circling around in the purgatory of complacency?

  • WHAT IF… the practices that you’ve learned along the way, on your way to getting HERE, are exactly the habits that are keeping you from accessing that depth of flow, ease, prosperity and joy that you know is possible?
  • WHAT IF … your job isn’t to “figure out how” to do anything – leaving the “how” up to the same Mystery that managed to create an entire solar system, within a galaxy, within a universe, that is somehow miraculously functioning just fine?
  • WHAT IF… your job isn’t simply to give thanks for What Is, but to take bold action steps into uncertainty and give thanks for the growth along the way?
  • WHAT IF… you’re thinking way, way, WAYYYYYYY too small about what’s really possible for you, because you’re so fixated on knowing “how” and limiting your possibilities to what you believe is possible, based on your very limited perspective?
  • WHAT IF… you’re so busy chasing solutions created by your mind, that you are missing out on those moments when the whisper of your heart is louder than the crashing surf and you suddenly KNOW the move to make?
  • WHAT IF… you’re relying so much on your “get ‘er done” smarts that you’re completely missing the miracles that become possible when you rest in the awareness of the present moment?
  • WHAT IF, oh brilliant and well-meaning one, the great cosmic joke is on you? 😉

The Universe is trying to work through you, and you, my incredibly intelligent friend, are the bottleneck.

You’re holding back from pursuing The Thing that will bring you the greatest joy and create the most powerful impact and contribution in the world.

And why?

Because you’re tangled up in the self-doubt, overthinking, overcomplicating, overstriving, overdoing habits that are making this all much, much harder than it needs to be.

You’re sitting on a goldmine – but due to your own patterns and habits, you’re only halfway in the game.

You’ve got one foot out the door, plotting your Plan B “in case it doesn’t work.”

You’re saying all the right things, and on the surface it looks like you’re super busy (BUSY! Everyone can see how BUSY you are! That’s worth a few manifesting points, right?), but… are you really ALL IN on the thing that’s most important?

That glass ceiling you’ve hit? It’s not going to be busted by doing enough, figuring out the right strategy, or filling 17 gratitude journals with your effusive thanks.

You’re being called to master a new depth of COHERENCE and CONGRUENCE:

  • knowing how to align your energy field, focus, and attention with the Quantum Field of Universal Intelligence, and then…
  • taking tiny steps toward THE ENORMOUS GARGANTUAN BOLD AUDACIOUS BADASS VISION that scares the bajeebers out of you as it simultaneously excites you because it is specifically so big and so badass that you’d have to become superhuman to pull it off.

Which, of course, is the point. 😉

And of course, there’s nothing like a week of splashing in the surf and strolling on the beach to reconnect you with the limitless divine creator that you ARE, and the soul purpose and vision that you’re here to express, embody, and enjoy.

That’s right – ENJOY. Because if you’re not enjoying your purpose work – ecstatically loving the sheer joy of waking up and just GETTING TO BE YOU because the Universe has got your back, you’re totally in the flow, and you just get to do THIS which feels like PLAY and you get PAID TO DO THIS?!?!? – then you’ve got some Coherence and Congruence work to do, to go beyond the thing you THINK is the solution (yes, really – it’s not what you think. Clean up your energy and mindset first and THEN we’ll talk solutions.).

The danger of being smart and spiritual, is the danger of having a partially activated operating system that ends up creating effort , not ease – force, not flow. If you’re going to uplevel your operating system, you’ve got to go ALL THE WAY – all the way to your highest possibilities, and to the truth in your heart.

Radical honesty and audacious action, my friends.

And a week on the beach helps, too.

If you’re ready to uplevel your mindset, your energy field, and your impact to do the “Impossible” and go ALL IN on your purpose, you’re invited to join me for my next Caribbean retreat : Joyful Genius… Unleashed! in St. Lucia, happening January 27-February 2.

Because to live in the flow, you’ve got to reset your nervous system to remember what FLOW feels like. And it’s much, much easier to do on the beach than while sitting in the living room at your laptop. Am I right? 😉

Click here for details, then email me at (team AT annerosehart.com) to set up a time to speak, so we can make sure this is the best fit for you and where you are in your business, purpose, and life right now.

Or – if you’ve got a big vision and are ready to unleash your full impact and joy (STOP CHASING THE MARKETING STRATEGY THAT YOU THINK IS THE MISSING PIECE! It really isn’t. Really.) by getting out of your own way, let’s talk. Between private coaching, group coaching, online programs, and upcoming retreats, there’s a custom solution that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for – and it’s going to feel way, WAY easier and much MUCH more fun than you’ve been making it.

Email me at (team AT annerosehart.com) and let me know how “smart and spiritual” is tripping you up, and we’ll set up a time to speak later this month.

I’m off to Sedona today to lead the Fierce Joy retreat in Angel Valley – another week blissfully off the grid! – bringing the joy to another group of highly educated, smart, spiritual, leading edge creators, revolutionary leaders, coaches and creatives as together we uplevel our collective contribution by playing with energy, playing with shadow, playing with purpose, and laughing our way into the Flow that flows us all.

Go forth and do more of what makes you awesome, my dear friends, and I’ll see you on the flip side of Fierce Joy Angel Valley!