I’ve begun a series of “Sweet Spot Sessions,” in which you’ll benefit from seeing me coach someone on some aspect of embodying their purpose, bringing their vision into fruition, or clearing mindset challenges and energy blocks.

In this week’s Sweet Spot Session, I’m coaching Nicole on creating her first retreat and workshop– watch as we go through the process of connecting with the essence of her vision, then bringing it into baby steps and “bite sized chunks” to start making it real NOW.

Want to be featured in a Sweet Spot Session? Apply here and let me know what’s tripping you up, as a smart, spiritual woman upleveling into greater impact, income, and joy — and what would be the “sweet spot” you’d love to get into.

Each month, I’ll select one person to receive a complimentary Sweet Spot Session, but they’re not for everyone. You’ve got to be an action-taker, ready to get out of your own way to do the “impossible”, and your application/request email has got to show me why you’re the perfect person for me to coach right now.

Where are you stuck? Let’s get you into the flow of your sweet spot. Dream big, my friends, and let me know what that looks like for you!