I heard a great definition of “miracle-mindedness” recently — “where that which saves time occurs.”

Indeed, one of the most insidious suffering-inducing beliefs is that “it will take so much time” (and effort) — a belief that thus creates an energy of struggle, which “proves” that things take so much time, instead of opening to “miracles” and letting it be easy and swift.

For example, one of my clients knew that “one day” she would sell her business, and “one day” she’d have the money to fund the next stage of building the infrastructure for her new business — the one guided by her heart and soul’s purpose.

She joined me for a retreat this year, and we did some deep energy work and activations, which opened up an entirely different dimension for her.

Within days, new synchronicities unfolded. Within weeks, a very-much-aligned buyer showed up, interested in buying her business.

And six months later, she’s now selling her business for over a million dollars this week — vastly more than she was thinking of offering it for prior our retreat.

That’s “miracle-mindedness.”

She had no idea — completely out of her awareness at the beginning of the year — that by the end of 2018 she’d be a millionaire.

But because she tapped into the deeper truth of her being, and discovered the pricelessly valuable gem that she already is, and made a fierce commitment to honoring herself and her life’s work, she embodied the frequency of wealth from within, and the universe flowed the people and conversations and synchronicities into her reality, to match her energy.

You might think, “well that’s great for HER, but I don’t have a business I could sell, so whoop-dee-doo. I got nothin.’ “

After my Jackson Hole retreat this spring, two participants got inspired to follow their bliss to create retreats — despite the fact that they’d never created a retreat before, didn’t have huge email lists, and weren’t sure how they’d fill it.

Both of them created and led powerful retreats, in just a few weeks from idea to reality, and blew open new doors of possibility by seeing how people’s lives powerfully changed and how much ridiculously awesome fun it was to lead retreats of their own.

At the beginning of the year, “retreat leader” was not on either of their radars, or if it was it was a “one day…” kind of idea. Now, they’re filled and fueled with high-vibe inspiration and joy about what next year holds for their business — “work” has now become “play.”

The list goes on. Every client who’s had a “miracle” this year, has quantum leaped into a more expansive, abundant, joyful reality — not because of “effort” but because of shifting who they were BEING and aligning with their deepest Truth and flow.

Same for me — at the beginning of the year I honestly had no clue that I’d be hangin’ out on the wing of a biplane in flight THIS YEAR … it felt like a distant “one day…” dream. But when I started applying the Flow Mastery principles to my own reality, it happened quickly — from “aha” insight to “DONE” in less than 4 months — and not at all by accident, chance, or coincidence.

This is the point. Everything starts from zero and comes into our reality, not as a random accident, but as part of our own creation — either conscious or unconscious.

We’re ALWAYS creating, 100% of the time.

We just don’t always consciously participate in the FLOW of our own creative process.

When we know how to create and interpret experiences through the lens of Flow, everything changes.

We tap into a “miracle-mindedness” that accelerates the manifestation of our hearts’ desires and path of greatest prosperity and purpose.

The key shift is to stop chasing results, or getting obsessed with “how do I achieve that goal” — it’s about putting that energy into “how do I live in the Flow of my most joyful and fulfilling life?”

Your goal isn’t “out there.” It’s where you’re coming from, that place within you that already IS the energy and joy of that experience.

The questions you ask are what determine the quality of the life you live.

Make Flow a priority and everything else takes care of itself. The Universe has been creating solar systems for eons — it knows how to handle your needs and desires, too.

If you’re ready to step into “miracle-mindedness” and bend time by embodying the energy of that which you seek, instead of chasing goals and results that elusively and forevermore lie “out there,” ask yourself, how does the Universe want to live through me right now? There’s a new energy of aliveness already available, if you’re willing to allow it.

Enjoy the moment, friends. It’s already teeming with the riches, love, and joy you are looking for.