One of the comments I hear frequently is “I wish I had your energy.” Others say “I wish I were naturally confident like you.”

ha, ha, ha.

As if Energy and Confidence are magical and random, and some people are blessed with more than others?


Um… no.

The reason I have sooooooooo much energy and feel confident about leaping into uncertainty over and over, is because of the intentional DAILY PRACTICES that I do to stay in the flow of energy and of creation itself. (For the record, it’s not “rah rah” pep talks, jumping up and down to get “motivated” or any other nauseating practices that people often associate with productivity. And I haven’t drunk coffee in years.)

I mean, really — if you KNEW you were expressing the same life force that’s got 14 BILLION years of a track record of creative success, wouldn’t you feel confident, too?

Imagine the Universe: “hmm, I’ve never created an atom before… oh shit, maybe I’m not qualified enough. I should get a certification in this first. ” “oooh, wouldn’t it be cool to create a planet? I had this idea and it had something blue and sparkly, maybe I’ll call it a waterfall… nahhh, let me bingewatch some Starflix for awhile, I’ll do it tomorrow.” “Uh oh. I’ve got the homo erectus dudes walking upright, but FIRE!?! WHY is FIRE not invented yet? AAAAGHHHH!!! I SHOULD BE FURTHER ALONG!”


No, the Universe, God, Creator, Spirit, whatever you want to call the Mystery that is Life Energy itself, doesn’t judge its own creation process or put a STOP on it out of inadequacy concerns.

The Universe has intelligence and it learns from experimenting, revising, and improving.

So do you.

Except you weave in fun textures like overwhelm, perfectionism, procrastination, self-doubt, feeling inadequate, fearing what people will think, fear of failing, terror of doing it wrong, and you sit on the sofa, paralyzed and inactive, suppressing your creative power because why?

Habit, that’s all.

And a lil’ evolutionary baggage that’s temporarily stored in your nervous system, waiting for you to do a bit o’ housecleaning.

There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with sitting on the sofa in paralysis either.

But there ARE clues that you’re missing, because you’re not clear on how to interpret your experience.

Imagine with me, again, the Universe: “ohhhhh boy, that was fun… I just created, what, a gazillion atoms! Now what the hell do I do with these? I wonder if I’m supposed to create a gas cloud next? Or do I go straight for planet? I’d rather have something more fun, like a nebula, but THAT won’t work, will it? I probably don’t have enough atoms to pull that off, and where in the world would I get the energy? Shit. This is overwhelming. Too many choices. How do I get it right?”

How do YOU think the Universe navigates infinite creative possibilities without needing two glasses of wine at the end of the day to de-stress?

How does the Universe make decisions that impact the entire cosmos, without feeling guilt or shame about its credit card balance?

How does the Universe create “something” out of “nothing”, time and time again, manifesting every time the resources required for creation?

And how do YOU create something out of nothing, without fear, self-doubt, or the other habits you have that stopped you?

How can you live in harmony with the Universe, and let the flow of life flow through you, day after day?

What if you knew HOW TO THINK about your experiences, in generative, empowering, energizing ways, that returned you to your flow and harmony, day in and day out?

What if you knew HOW TO MANAGE YOUR ENERGY so people said to you “dang, I wish I had half your energy” but you always felt like “but… it’s so easy, I’m not really efforting here, I wonder what they’re seeing?”

What if you knew WHAT TO FOCUS ON so you stopped doubting yourself and started just taking action from a place of deep self-trust?

What if you had creative thought experiments and simple alignment tools that ended your habit of feeling separate and disconnected from the Universe, and kept you living in the Flow of Life itself — flowing through you, for you, and as you?

What would be different in 2019 if you developed THESE skills instead of compensating for your habit of separation and struggle by “looking for the right strategy” or seeking validation through money or success (“when I have this amount $ then I’ll feel like I’m enough/can relax/everything will be different”)?

What if you never again worried about “but I don’t know HOW I’m going to do that…” and just lived in the flow of your creative expression with clarity and confidence?

Most of the challenges you experience, are simply because you’re asking the wrong questions.

Learn how to ask better questions ( that prioritize Flow) and everything takes care of itself. The Universe has been creating solar systems for eons — it knows how to handle your needs and desires, too.