Yesterday I enjoyed a sweet day of powder on the ski slopes here at Grand Targhee, where the sun sparkled on gently-falling snowflakes in the magical playground of the mountaintop.

My skis communicated two messages worth sharing, so here you go:


For me, the silky smooth sensation of floating through fresh powder is one of those exquisite experiences that instantly creates a feeling of oneness with all of life — fully present, awe-struck, deliciously embodying the joy of aliveness, filled with gratitude for this miraculous planet and the beauty of this playground earth we’ve been gifted with experiencing.

And it reminded me of the importance for ALL of us to create flow states as frequently as possible. Sure, fresh powder makes it easy to access that state of connection, aliveness, and appreciation, but we don’t need to be on a ski slope to do that.

(Although… here’s a photo if it helps. 😉

For example, breathe in right now and look around as if you’re seeing things for the first time. Imagine you’re living in a tribal village 200 years ago, and someone hands you an “iPhone” with this email and photos on it.


Wouldn’t you be blown away by the ease of instantaneous connection with someone in a far off land, sharing a PHOTO (what is a “photo?”, you’d ask) and reading words on a little screen that moves when you swipe it on your finger.

I mean, really — put yourself in that perspective. Isn’t this human gig mind-blowingly amazing? (Next we’ll bring that same awe to the emotional roller-coasters and stresses … that’s a topic for another day. 😉

You see what I mean. It’s a shift in perspective that invites new frames of insight and imagination and possibility.


A bit further down the ski slope, I was cruising along the groomed track heading back to the chairlift, when I remembered that my skis have an entirely different level of performance when I lean in.

When I shift my weight so that my shins are pressing on the front of my boots even more, it makes my skis engage with the snow differently, and I instantly and effortlessly pick up speed.

So, I did, and without exerting any additional effort, I watched myself sail past other skiers who were standing upright on the relatively flat cat track, marveling at how a simple shift in posture could create such effortless acceleration.

There, too, my skis held another bit of wisdom — a perfect metaphor for so much in life.

Standing in my “default” posture was fine, no complaints, no problems, just cruisin’ along, lah-de-dah.

But LEANING IN — shifting my weight forward to bring intentionality and curiosity to my posture and performance — was like putting up another sail on my sailboat. WHOOSH.

Where else do are you standing up in complacency, lah de dah?

And where else might you be missing an opportunity to lean in?

Often we believe that we have to make a big life change in order to access the next level of whatever we desire: take a big trip in order to experience the amazing connections and adventures that await ; or make a huge shift in your business model in order to unlock more cashflow or impact.

But sometimes, it’s just a matter of “leaning in” to what you already have in your world — what’s in front of you RIGHT NOW — and shifting your posture.

Everything you desire already exists and it’s probably right in front of your nose.

Let it be easier. Lean in, shift your posture, get curious, and see what new levels of performance are unleashed.

My favorite way of shifting posture, of course, is to bring the Eyes Of Awe to experiences — simply to practice seeing life experiences through new eyes.

If you haven’t yet done the 2018 Year in Review exercise, to look through the lens of Awe at what you’ve lived and who you’ve become this year, now’s the time! The days are getting shorter (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway!), the nights are cold, and the season is beckoning us to look inward and reflect on what’s really here.

Please enjoy the Eyes of Awe playbook — my gift to you — to bring fresh perspective on what your life is REALLY about, and unlock new levels of performance for the new year. It’s the “leaning in” on the skis of your life, that will allow more ease and flow — and my clients consistently say it’s one of the most powerful exercises they do all year.

Have fun with it!