Welcome to “As the Shitstorm Turns!”

In this week’s episode, we’re looking at four amazing women entrepreneurs in various stages of shitstormery (all real conversations I’ve had recently):

1) “I spoke my truth and the shit hit the fan and everything backfired and now the worst possible scenario is happening and oh shit oh shit oh shit I can’t even bear to think of how it’s going to go, what am I going to do?”

2) “I am not making the money I *should* be making and when he pointed that out I felt like “what am I supposed to DO?” and can’t find my way through the shame and the worry that I am doing something wrong and what if I really am doing it wrong?”

3) “I got scammed by a con artist and lost all this money and wtf am I doing, my business isn’t making money and now I just lost MORE money.”

4) “I need money like YESTERDAY and I haven’t been able to function since I broke up with my boyfriend, I can’t stop crying let alone feel inspired to put out any offers or do any income generation activities for my business.”

I always get excited when shitstorms show up, because it always means there’s a big breakthrough coming. 🙂
Because really… thank GOD the shit hit the fan and you got judged and you got scammed and you feel alone and this crap showed up in your life!


Because it’s all about reclaiming your power.

In fact, in each of the situations, it was a woman reclaiming her power from a male in an “authority” position — a scammer posing as a cop, a father showing up as judgmental, a former husband in an outrage, a boyfriend no longer around.

(Dudes, don’t get me wrong, this is not about male-bashing or perpetuating any “men are bad” narratives — just pointing out how the male figures are catalyzing profound growth and empowerment here, through… shall we say… “contrast.” It goes both ways, for sure — I just happened to be talking with women this week.)

Methinks this is not a coincidence, ladies. How many gazillion ways have we learned, through generations of social conditioning, suppression, and punishment, to give away our power unconsciously to authority figures, “experts,” partners, and others outside ourselves?

THANK GOD you got to see how you’ve been giving your power away to someone else, so when they behave in horrendously inappropriate ways you get triggered and see how you’ve hooked your emotions into someone else’s behaviors and WTF? They say X, you dance like a puppet. They say Y, you cry like a baby. “Helloooo, here, let me just hand you my power on a silver platter. Take it.”

THANK GOD you got to be judged by someone you used to think you had to PROVE something to, in order to feel worthy. THANK GOD you got to see the way that you have continually created the experience of letting this person be The Voice Of Shame in your consciousness, so that when they show up, you retract and shrink into your diminutive little girl state that needs to please him and be “good enough” for him and figure out what to DO in order to be worthy of acceptance, love, and approval. THANK GOD you got to have THAT come up so you could remember your truth and breathe life into your worthiness and freedom and competence that you already are.

THANK GOD you got scammed so you could see how you’ve been overly trusting of others and looking externally for answers instead of setting fierce boundaries and trusting yourself to do what needs to be done, with badass ferocity, clarity and direction. THANK GOD you “lost” the money to the scammer so you could see it as an unpredicted investment in YOURSELF because the energy shift this catalyzed will come back to you 100-fold over time!

THANK GOD you got to be with the tender, alone, vulnerable part of you that feels sad without your boyfriend, so that you could come back to the Love that you are and be the source of the love and adoration you seek, so you don’t have to be dependent on “other” for the Love that you already are. THANK GOD you got to see how giving your power away to your emotions pulled you out of your badassery and the freakin’ HUMONGOUS light that you are on the planet, so that you could reconnect with the Love that you are and breathe it in and decide that you want to share it anyway.

THANK GOD the shit hit the fan, everything’s falling apart, and nothing is going as it “should.”

Because the entire Universe is conspiring on your behalf, stripping away every illusion where you’ve fooled yourself into believing that your worthiness, your competence, your power, your prosperity, your abundance is dependent on ANYONE or ANYTHING outside of you.

Everything falls apart to shine the light of Truth onto Who You Really Are.

And you are competent, capable, brilliant, powerful, and strong.

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

You are living every experience that you set up for yourself, at a soul level, to remind you of the Light and Love and Abundance and Power that you already are.

You are being called to step in to your GREATNESS. Your DIVINITY. Your unfuckwithable Goddess Power. Your Creative BRILLIANCE.

And it comes with a cost.

The cost is your codependency, your disempowerment, your emotional cords that you’ve tied to others.

The cost is your smallness, your storyline that “you might be doing it wrong,” your belief that someone outside of you knows what you’re supposed to DO.

The cost is the squooshy shroud of boundarylessness that’s made you a doormat.

The cost is your addiction to perceiving yourself as not enough.

THIS is the cost of your awakening.

You are being asked to love the unlovable, trust the invisible within you, and breathe life into your being, regardless of the emotions you’re feeling.

Because even though it all feels real and it all seems like a shitshow, you’ve got a front row seat to the Greatest Show on Earth — that of your own creation — the illumination of All That You Are Not, so that you may stand tall, naked in your truth, fierce in your strength, devoted to your soul.

You get to be here, in this moment, breathing into the fullness of what is here now, allowing your consciousness to envelop every juicy morsel of your experience with awe, wonder, and awareness.

You get to be the container that’s big enough to hold it all.

You get to allow the boogey-men in your minds eye to collapse into the figments of imagination that they are — characters in the screenplay of your soul’s awakening.

And you get to come back home to you, Creator Extraordinaire.

That’s what the shitshow is all about.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it. 🙂

Nine years ago when I was in one of the darkest moments of my own shitshow, I heard/sensed A Voice saying “you get to live this now, because you’ll get to model this and share it with others, and it will be so worth it.” A gazillion shitshows later, having had tons of practice, it turns out that it’s true.

And the same is true for you. You wouldn’t be asked to live your shitshow if you weren’t here to model it for others, what it is to reconnect with your truth in the midst of chaos and upheaval, and find your way through, trusting your own heart to guide you in the moment.

We’re all here just bringing each other home.

If anything I’ve lived, helps someone else to restore trust in themselves in a moment when they needed it, then yes, it certainly has been and will continue to be worth it.