I’m tuning in to what’s alive in this community of powerful women — you, who is reading this — and just feeling so inspired and awe-struck by what we — together — are co-creating in the world.

Here we are in 2019, a year that’s certain to be fraught with more unrest, uncertainty, and undoing of old structures and systems that no longer serve us — and here you are, with your desire to bring more healing, more heart, more compassion, more mindfulness, more holistic approaches, more wellness, more conscious awareness to how we are living.

And it’s our time, sister. We are doing it. Right now. All of us, each in our own way.

Maybe we haven’t yet met in person, but you’re in my world for a reason — and I can feel your vision, your heart, your tremendous capacity for what you’re here to do and be in the world.

And I’m inspired.

I’m inspired by the many powerful women I was blessed to support in 2018 — women with big visions who made friends with their fear and took courageous action like:

  • daring to let go of the vision she’d been working on for years with full investment, to create space for the deeper vision that was emerging from her heart — and going ALL IN to create a new model of wellness center
  • daring to get in front of a crowd to overcome her fear of public speaking and share her message — and receive a standing ovation and heartfelt notes of gratitude
  • daring to reach out to the dream client she really wanted to work with, in the way she most wanted to work together — and creating her first $20,000 month
  • daring to value herself enough to stop overgiving and overextending herself — and to surround herself with a team who is helping her take her company to the next level of impact
  • daring to cut her hours way back in her day job, to make more space for her soul care and her growing soul-guided business — and discovering that mysteriously and seemingly magically her income actually went up instead of down
  • daring to let go of her old business completely — and sell it for almost triple what she’d originally considered selling it for
  • daring to speak her truth in more authentic ways in her relationship, ending years of discord in her marriage and opening to a spacious new way of loving and relating

And the list goes on.

The word “courage” comes from the Latin “cor”, meaning heart.

And when it comes to creating impact and living your calling, it takes so much more than the right strategy, the right marketing plan, the right words.

It requires you to listen to your heart. Trust your heart. Take action from your heart.

It’s more than a bumper sticker cliche: “Follow Your Heart.” When you’re a visionary, it can be hard as hell. Terrifying at times. Isolating. Exhausting and frustrating.

At some point we meet the inevitable despair: “Why do I do this to myself? Why couldn’t I just be content with a regular job? WHY do I feel compelled to create this big vision? Why can’t I just be happy with what I’ve got?”

And in those moments (and many others):

  • You don’t need a pep talk.
  • You don’t need a strategy.
  • You don’t need a productivity planner.
  • You don’t need to watch a webinar.
  • And you definitely don’t need a “thoughts become things!” reminder.

You are being called to deepen your trust in the invisible , almost imperceptible whisper of your heart.

And that’s where I come in.

Helping you to regain and deepen trust in your heart is my zone of genius.

Helping you to live from your heart — in the sweet spot of your magnetism and flow — is my specialty.

Nobody but you knows the depth of courage you’re being called to embody as you navigate the unique challenges of your vision and your life right now.

You need someone who can mirror back to you the deepest truth of your heart, and stand with you as you find your footing solidly in the groove of your own courage.

You need an ally who is fluent in the language of your heart, and can hear beneath your words, your fears, and your frustrations, to translate your own deeper wisdom into words and practices that bring you back to center — aligned, calm, and inspired.

I’ve got two spots open for private coaching clients who are ready to create more impact, more income, and more joyful freedom this year — but most importantly who are ready and willing to embody their courage.

If that’s you, email (team AT annerosehart.com) and let me know what’s happening in your world, and we’ll start a conversation.

May our world be blessed by the collective courage of us all.