One of the critical developmental markers in one’s evolution is the transcendence of the belief that “time” is something you have or you don’t have, and the evaporation of the belief that “I don’t have enough time.”

It’s worth looking at anywhere that you are suppressing your desires out of the habit of feeling like “I just don’t have enough time” — and therefore NOT taking action on the things that are most important to you.

Time is not outside of you. Your relationship with time is your creation.

And taking ownership of your life requires that you deepen your awareness of how you relate to time, so you come from a place of empowered creation, not socially-accepted stories of victimhood.

After all — we live in a world where EVERYONE plays the time card, it seems — which normalizes the limiting belief that it’s okay to say “I just don’t have time.”

Want to create a different relationship with time? This six-minute video is for you.

And if you know that this is the year in which you get your vision into the world — through flow, not force — and take ownership of how you use your time to create a powerful impact while expanding your inner sense of freedom and joy, I’ve got two spots open for private coaching with me.

Coaching is for you if you’re ready to write a new script for your life this year — to break through the unconscious perceptions and behaviors that have been limiting your impact (and income!) and embody a fresh way of being in the world that’s even more authentically you.

The paradox, of course, is that being more authentically you feels both like “coming home to yourself” AND oddly unfamiliar, because you’ve been living out unconscious habits of conditioned behavior for so long.

Perfectionism. Invisibility. “Doing enough.” “Getting it right.” “I just don’t have time.” These patterns have served you to a point, and now it’s time to go beyond what you’ve lived, to create something new.

If you’re ready to give yourself the gift of being deeply supported by someone who can hold your enormous vision with you, support you to embody your destiny in the way your soul is calling you forward, and support you in compassionately integrating and transcending the habits that are holding you back, post in the comments below and let me know what’s happening in your world, and we’ll start a conversation.

In the meantime, enjoy the spaciousness of this moment, in which you have more than enough time to create everything that’s important to you.