While doing some Quantum Play yesterday, I found myself doing a striking motion with my arm — as if planting a stake in the ground, claiming this “territory”, taking a stand, and roaring. In the moment, I couldn’t quite access the deeper knowing of what this meant, but when I woke up today I realized that it was a call to express what I really STAND FOR — and to put into words the worldviews that shape my perspective and how I work with people.

Almost a decade ago, after I began the practice of intentional laughter, I found myself receiving frequent dreams, visions, and images — showing me How The Universe Works, in crystal clear detail — in response to my intense desire to know “HOW DOES THE UNIVERSE WORK, ANYWAY?”

I was, after all, coming out of a period of intense despair and complete bewilderment about my life, feeling like I’d gotten an “F” in being human because I didn’t understand the rules of the game. (I always got straight “A’s” in school because there were clear expectations and rules, and I was really good at following the rules and doing what was expected, but once I left grad school… [insert flailing and floundering sound effects here].)

In other words, my life sucked and I wanted to understand why, so I could know WHAT to do differently and why.

What I mapped out back then was a roadmap, which has guided my experiments and experiences ever since. And while these perspectives are everpresent in my own awareness, I realized this morning that I’ve never really written them all out.

So, here is the working first draft of 15 principles that create the structure for The Game of Life, as I play it — as well as two audio recordings on the Game of Awareness (21:37) and Amplifying Your Impact by Going Quantum (9:02).


  • Everything is energy. Reality is malleable. And what we observe, impacts what we create more of. (I.e., what you focus on, expands.)
  • Our cosmos — and Consciousness itself — continues to evolve in the direction of greater complexity, collaboration, and coordination.
  • We are each vessels of consciousness, we are evolving, and therefore our own development is one of expanding our own subtle awareness and becoming more inclusive of the complexity of competing values, energies, and priorities held within ourselves, our communities, and our world.
  • Our own development requires us to master the skill of adopting multiple perspectives – to have empathy for others, to see both the challenge and the blessing in any situation, to access creative possibilities and resourcefulness in the face of any obstacle, to bring holistic and integral perspectives to the healing and wellbeing of ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and our world.
  • A powerful and effective method for expanding our ability to adopt multiple perspectives is to play, due to the way that play creates the biochemical conditions that accelerate the creation of new neural networks in our brain, socially creates an acceptable laboratory for experimentation, mentally expands our creativity exponentially, and emotionally creates a much-needed levity and lightness in our experience.
  • An important skill we must develop is that of accessing the zero point – directly experiencing ourselves as quantum beings, waves and particles organized in such a way that provides consciousness a vehicle or vessel for expression.
  • As we deepen our awareness of the subtle energies and the complexities that create our own human experience, we expand our capacity to be vessels for Consciousness – increasingly conscious of our power to create a world that reflects our deepest desires and truths in our hearts.
  • Expanding our capacity to be a vessel for Consciousness requires us to include all parts of ourselves, including those we’ve suppressed and rejected as unlovable – which requires a willingness to feel the full spectrum of emotions.
  • Our willingness to feel the full spectrum of emotions – from the darkest lows to the highest bliss – opens up the “pipeline” of our vessel so we can harness more life energy in service to creation.
  • The ways in which we prefer not to experience the full spectrum of emotions, or the whole texture of our humanness, are the choices that pinch off our flow of life force, limit our creativity, and diminish our experience of aliveness.
  • The separate self or “little I” ego is designed to avoid feeling the discordant emotions or unpleasantness of the human experience. The “Big I” or Consciousness itself includes every experience without preference. Our experience of freedom, joy, and aliveness depends on our ability to navigate between these perspectives freely.
  • Learning to play with the discordant emotions and energies from the perspective of the “Big I” builds the muscle of focus, awareness, and resilience — allowing more fluidity in one’s choice of perspective.
  • We’ve evolved in such a way that mainstream society no longer has a cosmology that unites us in our humanity. Religions have become the realm of cosmological narratives that make meaning of our human experience, and yet religion itself has become a divisive framework. Conventional society separates science from spirituality, separates “mind” from “body,” and separates “humans” from “earth”. This fragmentation and compartmentalization of our human experience, reinforced by most academic and religious structures, perpetuates the experience of disconnection and suffering – and creates the tension that catalyzes evolutionary expansion.
  • An evolutionary perspective provides a unifying framework and cosmology that places our real-world challenges within a broader perspective, which inherently provides greater resilience and creativity. Every challenge, catastrophe, crisis, and conflict is an opportunity calling for creativity and growth – the game is simply retraining ourselves to spot opportunities in limitations, creative possibilities in roadblocks, and thus rewire our nervous system to expand and create in the midst of tension, instead of contract and react.
  • Self-actualization calls for an integration of these fragmented and compartmentalized parts of ourselves, so that each of our unique creative geniuses (genii?) may be fully expressed. The desires in each of our hearts are the expression of evolution itself — life wanting to create more life, Consciousness wanting to experience more Consciousness — and by aligning with our hearts’ desires in thought, word, and action, we experience more joy and more flow while creating more impact — because we are the embodiment of evolving Consciousness, which provides ongoing feedback (alignment = feels expansive. misalignment = feels constricting.)

There are many more than 15, I’m realizing — we haven’t even gotten into Love (the big “L” kind) or linear time or the principles of creation or subtle energies in the body, as examples — but this is a start for now.

How about you? What are the working principles that guide your life? What do these spark for you? What would you love to dive into more deeply? And what additional topics and questions would you like me to address in upcoming articles, audios, and videos? Post in the in comments below; I’d love to hear.