What’s your deepest desire?

In recent weeks as I’ve shared that I was going to St. Lucia to lead a retreat, I’ve had multiple people remark, “ohhhhh, I want your job.”

*blink. blink.*

Where do I even start?

1) No, you don’t. If you really wanted a job in which you did exactly what you love, exactly what you’re best at, in gorgeous locations with incredibly inspiring people, you would be doing it. You would be waking up every morning with a hunger to CREATE THAT DESIRE IN YOUR HEART because it’s what you really, really, really, really want for your life. If you SAY you want it, and yet your actions continue to support the perpetuation of the status quo, then no, you don’t REALLY want it. You are disconnected from the desires in your heart and you value the familiar more than you value change. That gap between what you say and what you actually do? That’s yours to do something about. IF you really want it.

2) No, you don’t want my job. What you’re saying is that you want to feel free to do things that inspire YOU, that nurture YOU, that fulfill YOU. And your version of freedom, joy, and fulfillment is different from mine. (Wing walking, anyone? Just sayin’…). But freedom, joy, and fulfillment aren’t in St. Lucia, or on the wing of a biplane, or in anything that I seem to DO. Freedom, joy, and fulfillment are an inside job. And then the external manifestations of that, are a reflection of the work you’ve done on the inside — to love every nook and cranny of your own existence until you are truly and deeply free. Do you want THAT? Begin by adoring every emotion that arises, every way in which you feel stuck, everything that pisses you off, every iota of grief in your very cells, and embrace 1000% of your being in your own unconditional Love. Then let yourself do what arises from the spaciousness in your heart. And you’ll find that you’re doing your “job” — the one that looks pretty damn inspiring on the outside.

3) What is this “job” of which you speak? I’m not much of a “job” person. Last time I had a job was 2002, when I was the website designer and store manager for the U.S. Parachute Association. (Before that, I had a job as the editor of military regulations at a military base… haha! Another story for another time.) I’m fairly obsessed with creating the work that feels like play, living in my zone of genius, creating value in the world on my own terms. It’s available to all of us. Some of us choose this path; many don’t. Why? Only you know what’s true for you. The Anais Nin quote comes to mind: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Your relationship with risk is probably dictating your reality. Sure, change can feel terrifying. But there comes a point when what’s on the other side becomes a worthy mission. So you do what’s necessary to unleash the truth in your soul.

4) No, you don’t want my job. Unless being intensely curious about the relationship between your inner experience and the malleable nature of physical reality lights you up. Unless you are driven by wanting to see what’s possible for you in this lifetime, in this body, with the gifts and skills and talents you’ve been given. Unless you want to know first-hand how your very existence might alter the trajectory of other’s lives. Unless you want to surrender, over and over, to the highest potential that calls you forward each day. Unless you want to live the question, “what does it take to be a vessel for Life to flow through me even more today?” Unless you want to create a ripple effect by using your life, your voice, your energy, your presence, to impact the world in ways that create more truth, beauty, love, and goodness. That job is yours, anytime — driven by your own desires and the questions you’re choosing to live.

I don’t know what the desires are in your heart.

I don’t know what questions you’re living.

I don’t know what stops you, what challenges you’re facing, or what keeps you stuck.

But I do know that every day is a choice — an opportunity to choose which life you are living. Your life is your own creation, and you’re the artist, the canvas, the paintbrush, and the color.

What will you create with this glorious day you’ve been gifted?

24 hours of breathing, of experiencing, of moving, of observing… you are free to create anything you wish with the precious gift of your existence.

May it be the masterpiece that your soul is yearning to express.

And if you would like any support with saying YES to the deepest desires in your heart, moving through the “yeah buts” that hold you back, and creating the life, business, and existential masterpiece that brings you greatest freedom, fulfillment, and joy, email me at (team AT annerosehart.com) and we can talk about the coaching support that’s the best fit for you.

My “job” is supporting you to live your Truth. Sometimes reflecting back your genius in your blind spots, sometimes illuminating your excuses that make you squirm, sometimes laughing with you, sometimes crying with you, always holding you in the light of your highest potential — your destiny being billboard-obvious to me, no matter where you are in the moment.

My “job” is to support you in creating YOUR dream “job” — the one that expresses all the unspoken desires in your heart and lets you do the work that feels like play … to you.

There’s someone out there whose life will be forever changed for the better, because you showed up for your destiny today. Doing what it takes for them to be able to find you… might not be easy. But I guarantee, it will be worth it.

*tick tock* Clock’s ticking… Ready, breathe, smile, create!