If I had one wish, I think it would be this. [ videos below! ]

I wish that everyone had X-ray Vision to more readily see the blessings and gifts and catapults and catalysts in every “bad” thing that happened, every suffering, every heartbreak, every perceived loss or lack.

Because our nervous systems have evolved to associate emotional responses with nearly everything, we get triggered into judgment, making things “wrong”, feeling disempowered, stressed, or fearful, and resisting What Is.

But every challenge has the solution baked into it already.

Every obstacle contains the pathway within it.

It’s our perception that makes it all feel hard and wrong.

It’s all a big cosmic set up to support us in remembering the power we each have to CREATE the world we wish to live in, by harnessing the emotions of anger and frustration into constructive and aligned efforts that produce more of what we desire.

As an example…

I had a delightful conversation with my friend and colleague Bonnie Horsburgh this week, in which she shared her story about the adrenal burnout that shut her down, nearly ended her career, and perplexed every medical professional — until she discovered the power tool that changed everything : flipping her compassion around to direct at herself with laser focus, to bring about life-changing healing and catalyze a new career path for her!

You can watch our conversation here — and experience a simple practice she shares, one which seems ridiculously simple but is loaded with healing power and potency. (If you resonate with Bonnie, you’ll love what she’s bringing to Embody U this summer! Those who register for Embody U before February 28 will receive a private session with her ($495 value) which you can use anytime between now and August. It’s time to end the patterns of overgiving, eliminate compassion fatigue, and create the boundaries you need to thrive, not just survive!)

Two more resources on this topic:

Also over on Youtube, I filmed a video on the topic: “When you set an intention and the opposite happens” based on another conversation I had last week. If you’ve ever gotten clear about what you want, only to have the exact opposite thing show up instead, this is for you!

And finally, the “Ready for a New You: Release the Patterns that Hold You Back” summit begins tomorrow, February 17. This online event is loaded with practices and tools to support you in leveraging the crapola as a slingshot to create beautiful breakthroughs in your finances, your love life, your health, your lack of time for what’s important, your parenting challenges, you name it. This is a powerful series with many perspectives on how best to break through whatever your glass ceiling is — and it’s completely free. Register to receive my interview and all the others here.

Wouldn’t it be awesome, if next time you found yourself wallowing in resistance, judging something or someone (hellooooo politics), or feeling afraid of “what might happen” in the unknown future, that you suddenly caught yourself, recognized the pattern, and said “booooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrring! Please. That’s totally old school, Human 1.0 stuff. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. *yawn*”

And then instead, got intensely curious about what clarity is emerging from the crap — about what you want to create MORE of, what that might call for from you, and what resources you DO have available RIGHT NOW UNDER YOUR NOSE to do something about it?

Wouldn’t THAT be awesome!?!?

Humanity 2.0. We’re evolving… together. One crisis and catastrophe at a time. 🙂