I got fired up on Facebook yesterday and wrote the post below, to all ambitious, soul-inspired creatives who are creating businesses from their purpose. And then, after working with a client who’s birthing her message and dialing in her signature talk in my Story of You speaking coaching process, I got REALLY fired up about the importance of VOICING our intuitive power and heart wisdom and did a Livestream video here.



A message for my ambitious, powerful, creative friends creating soul-inspired businesses:

You’re not just creating a business. You’re fulfilling the destiny written into the blueprint of your soul.

Thinking about income generation from the perspective of “business” is like doing all your grocery shopping at a Gas-N-Go gas station instead of going to Whole Foods.

The actualization of your highest possibilities and soul-inspired vision requires you to integrate all fragmented parts of yourself, and therefore your “business strategy” has to honor and include this intangible, “impractical”, non-linear journey.

Thinking that you’ll just “do the stuff” and voila! Money and clients and booked speaking engagements and world-changing impact will happen? Um, no.

Maybe if you’re selling widgets. But you’re expressing the deepest truths in your heart, sharing your unique genius, and birthing the vision arising in your heart. That means you need to do “business” differently.

You can’t expect to play the rules of a game that is wayyyyyyy tooooo small for you, and create the results that you know are possible for you.

The artistry of your soul DEMANDS that you honor the deepest truth of who you are, in HOW you birth your vision.

Yes, the ‘HOW you get there’ matters just as much as the result.

Which means tuning into HOW you are approaching your business today, and asking — is this the artistry of my soul?

Is this me, making my day into a masterpiece?

Or am I trying to follow someone else’s “rules” for success?

Am I suppressing some part of me that’s actually really important to fully express who I am in the world?

What if your unique vision and destiny has already within it, the very specific and unique roadmap that is YOUR soul-artistry strategy? (hint: it isn’t going to look like anyone else’s.)

What if your desire to create freedom via your purposeful business is actually the perfect setup, to force you to stop looking outside yourself for “expert” advice and re-learn how to TRUST YOURSELF and the whispers of your soul, implicitly, consistently, unwaveringly?

What if you could know NOW, how much you’ll fall to your knees in gratitude, when you discover WHY your life path isn’t allowing you to experience the money flow, freedom, and impact you so want right now?

What if you could know NOW, the bigger picture of what’s at work in your current “gap” between where you are and where you want to be?

What if it’s all unfolding so perfectly that when you discover the deeper truth hidden in your current stress, you will unleash your inner Buddha and “tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”

What if you could allow it all to be sooooooooo much easier than you’re making it?

Ending your addiction to struggle and stepping into the flow of your most creative, fulfilling, financially abundant life, requires you to learn how to play the rules of the game you’re REALLY playing.

Step one is learning how to ask the right questions.

You’re invited to join me for a free online event, the first in a series, to “Stop asking “who will pay me for this?” and start Owning Your Vision, Value, and Voice.”

It’s the jedi move that will open up new portals of possibility for you, when you discover how to unlock the treasures hidden in your blindspots and work skillfully with the obstacles on your soul’s journey.

It’s vastly more effective and a whole lot more fun, too.

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The artistry of your soul is guiding you.

You can trust it.