Does your bold vision include impact through speaking?

When you let yourself dream, do you see yourself on stage, with a room full of people on the edge of their seats, hanging on your every word?

Do you sense that you have SO MUCH MORE to express as a speaker and messenger, but you don’t quite know how to get it out there?
*heh heh heh* { grin }

Happy, happy, happy dancing with you.


Because you are about to rock this planet with YOUR powerful story, your message, your wisdom, and the transformation that only YOU can deliver.

And in reclaiming your voice, you’re reclaiming your capacity to create the life of joyful freedom, abundance, impact that you’ve dreamed of in your moments of deepest connection with your vision.

Here’s how it all fits together:

Yesterday I was working with a client, doing my “speech weaving” process within my Story of You program. (This is my private coaching program designed to unleash your heart’s message for speakers ready to change the world by rockin’ the stage.)

It’s one of my favorite things to do. Why? Because it all just “clicks” together:

  • YOUR humongous heart and crazy awesome life experiences that have sculpted you into the messenger that you are…
  • your soul purpose and mission…
  • your unique stories and anecdotes that let you connect with the audience and create trust and lovability…
  • your brilliance and radiance and confidence and ferocity…
  • the way in which you’re being asked to challenge and inspire your audience into new behaviors…

You come in with the raw material of YOU and leave with an embodied message so filled with power and light that they can see you glowing from the space station. 🙂

In our work together yesterday, my client came in with the first draft of a good speech.

But “good” doesn’t cut it if you want to change the world.

You’ve got to be jaw-droppingly magnetic.
Tear-jerkingly raw.
Willing to stand in the nakedness of your soul, on a stage, in front of thousands of people you don’t know.
And that requires a commitment to extraordinary.
A willingness to be vulnerable.
A fierce courage to go ALL IN in service to your soul’s mission.

During my client’s session yesterday, we stripped away the Toastmasters tactics that (in my opinion) create a barrier between your heart and your audience. We peeled away the “I’m giving a performance” facade that is created by trying to do your talk “right.” And we just got real about the real message and truth that’s wanting to come through her and into the hearts of her audience.

We were fully clothed, but the message was that of full soul nudity.

THIS is what’s real, people.

That’s what the audience will hear when she gives her talk.

That’s what will make people gasp with the power of truth, weep with the piercing honesty of her message, and leave that room more enlivened, more committed to stepping up and living their best lives, and more aware of who they really are.

THAT is the power of rockin’ your talk.

It’s not about you, giving the perfect talk, perfectly scripted and rehearsed.

And while it IS about your stories and life experiences that have sculpted you into the vessel that you are, it is actually not about you at all.

It’s your time to be the vessel that carries a larger message into the world — your personal stories as vehicle for universal truths that unleash more truth, goodness, and beauty in our world.

One of my gifts is that I can see and sense your soul’s purpose, mission and message with billboard-obvious clarity, and help you craft the words, the energy, and the tapestry of stories that pierce the fog of your own perfectionism and the haze of mass consciousness mediocrity, so that you leave a wake of sparkly light and transformation in every room you speak to.

You bring the raw materials of your life experiences, your message, your vision, and your desires, and I help you sculpt it into a masterpiece that envelops and implodes the heart walls within your audience.

You’re not just “giving a speech.”
You are using your voice as a vehicle for the energetic transmission of your soul.

If rockin’ the stage with your message is a priority for you in 2019, I’m opening up dates for Story of You private coaching intensives during March, April, and May so we can deep-dive together, unleash your magic, weave your stories into gold, and get you out there in your full radiance changing lives with your heart, message, and voice.

That means, if you know that crafting your message and your talk and getting booked to speak is something you want to work on this spring, you have an opportunity to work privately with me, in a custom-created experience specific to you and your message. And we’ll work together to schedule your private sessions at a pace that’s just right for you.

If this is touching something resonant for you, email me at (team AT and let me know what is resonating and why, and we’ll start the conversation.

My client yesterday left with deeper clarity about how her stories fit together within her larger message. She had the words, the “mic-drop” ZING moments that will hit her audience square in the heart. She stepped into the VOICE OF TRUTH that will blow people’s hair back (not from rah-rah hype, but from heart transmission of her authentic power). And she closed the gap between “I want to be a powerful speaker” and “HERE I AM — A POWERFUL SPEAKER”, with confidence, magnetism, and…. well, I don’t know what else to call it but effing dazzling radiance.

I love love love loooooooooooove watching my clients come alive with The Glow.

Are you next?

I cannot wait to hear what’s brewing in your soul.

The symphony of humanity isn’t complete until your note is being played, boldly and unapologetically, in only the way that you can play it.

Let your voice be heard!