“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” ~ Yoda.
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My niece and nephew’s favorite video clip (which we have to watch many times, every time we get together) is the one that my brother filmed of me when we were skiing together at Big Sky a few years ago.

I came swooping down the slopes, geeking the camera, and as I skied past my brother (using him as a slalom pole), my ski clipped the front tip of his ski, creating just enough of a wobble in my momentum that I couldn’t recover.

The rest of the video is of my high-speed wipe-out, snow flying everywhere, and me lying in a heap further down the slope, laughing heartily at the great cosmic joke:

When you are TRYING to look good, you usually mess it up.

Ever happened to you?

It’s the same thing with all of life.

Yes, we are in “try” energy when we are learning new skills, and there’s a requisite struggle inherent in learning. But at some point, you have to let go of the “try” and just relax, enjoy yourself, and discover that you can, indeed, simply “DO.”

This applies to all aspects of creating a lucrative business from your soul purpose, too.

Yep, there are new skills to learn. Learn, apply yourself, try, fail, repeat, as you build confidence, skills, and experience. Can’t skip that stage.

But then… ahhhhhhh….. the letting go. Just do. Relax. Play with it all. Do what you do best, apply what you’re learning, and just have fun. Trust yourself.

This applies to everything from putting together your workshops, to giving your signature speech, to enrolling new clients, doubling your prices, crafting your new business model, doing your first webinar, leading your next retreat…. all of it.

“Trying” to get clients, “trying” to get your title right before you launch your webinar, “trying” to get people to take your work seriously, “trying” to grow your kickass team, “trying” to get your message out…. it’s a necessary stage in the creative process as you work through new skills (and clear the inner static of your own limiting beliefs)…

… AND it’s critical to STOP trying and, as Yoda says, just do. 🙂

Where are you in “try” mode and where are you being invited to simply LET GO this week?

Last weekend my Embody U team flew in for a “staff meeting” at Powder Mountain, where the upcoming Embody U event will be held this August (stay tuned for the latest with this, next week!).

We had a blast filming some Wisdom from the Chairlift videos, the first of which I titled “Stop Trying So Hard!”

Here’s your weekly video inspiration:

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