Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine, the cosmos, is calling us forward in a big, big way.

Create, it demands.

Trust the invisible, it asks.

Play the game that your soul came here to play! (Remember forget remember forget remember forget and then REMEMBER that it’s FUN to be here in human bodies having the human experience and experiencing the richness of this beautiful planet in all of its complexity!)

I woke up this morning with the cosmic nudge not just “nudging” me but REVERBERATING THROUGHOUT MY ENTIRE BODY, illuminating THE CHOICELESS CHOICE my purpose and mission is inviting me to make.

Always such Choiceless Choices are accompanied by an intensity of energy which, if experienced unconsciously, can feel like overwhelm, fear, chaos, anxiety, confusion, or frantic-ness.

But when observed with conscious awareness, the intense energy contains the sweet spot of the clear path forward… but it must be held in open awareness and inquiry for the “sweetness” of the sweet spot to reveal itself.

The sweet spot, in this case, lies in extending an invitation to you, dear reader, to join me in playing with these intense energies, participating in clarifying conversations, and playing the game of fully embodying your purpose and mission — in a virtual playground I’m calling “Play and Grow Rich… with Anne”.

Because the message this morning was crystal clear.


There’s this epidemic in which LACK of imagination is causing women to crush themselves into boxes that are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too small:

  • Working in jobs or roles that are too limited to hold the fullness of their potential, gifts, and talents.
  • Creating business models that imitate other people’s business success, thinking that this is where freedom comes from. *gong*
  • Offering services that are, quite frankly, booooooooooooooooring because they do not fully express the delight that you COULD be creating if you let yourself integrate ALL parts of you into the work that feels like PLAY.
  • Adding to the massive epidemic of WHITE NOISE AND STATIC on the internet by trying to do marketing “right” and diluting the ridiculously delicious uniqueness of your soul into some nauseatingly canned version of “perfectionism” that does nothing for anyone.
  • Hiding, hiding, hiding your weirdness, your RAW POWER, your extraordinarily enormous vision, your spiritual gifts because, you know, “they” might judge you, think you’re too much, or (gulp) not understand you.
  • Suppressing your wildness because… well, just because that’s how you be a responsible adult. Please. We don’t do crazy here.
  • Trying so damn hard to get things RIGHT so you can succeed, get the next client, get on the stages you know you’re here to speak on, get your message dialed in, get your website how you want it, get the perfect location for your event …. aaaaaaaghhhhh!
  • FIGURING OUT your purpose. As if it can be figured out like a trigonometry problem. (Let’s see… the cosine of passion, times the square root of all the certifications I have, divided by the wisdom I gained from reinventing myself… now multiply it all by pi, add the numerology of my birth name, and…. voila! Clarity! I know my purpose!) hahahahaha.

No. The actualization of your soul’s purpose and mission — and the liberated life of freedom you seek — does not come because you Do Enough, Get it Right, Figure it Out, Have a Strategy, or Find The Words.


Let it be fun.

Go for the things that light you up most.

Clear the blocks you have against allowing your life to be that good.

Tighten up your boundaries.

Delight in your creations.

Play your life as if it is a game — carefree, without attachment, and light.

B-b-b-b-b-but how? (Ego digs in heels, playing the “how” card.) Noooooooo!!! I can’t trust THAT!?!? That’s… that’s…. IRRESPONSIBLE!

Stop. Step out of the matrix of duty and obligation. An entirely new paradigm awaits.

But…. you can’t get there by perpetuating ordinary states of consciousness.

THIS is where I come in, and the *rumbling* reverberation I felt this morning.

Because PLAY lets you tap into your superpowers. PLAY lets you activate entirely new levels of imagination, from which innovative solutions and pathways emerge. PLAY lets you step out of problem-oriented consciousness into solution-oriented consciousness. PLAY lets you feel what it’s like to live in a new way — with fierce boundaries, clear direction, and all green lights — so you can embody it in the rest of your life.

Hence… the need for a playground. An evolutionary, inspirational, alignment playground.

What’s emerging is a virtual playground — starting March 25– filled with:

  • laughter meditations
  • Quantum Play exercises
  • embodiment practices
  • journaling prompts
  • visioning exercises
  • clarity sessions
  • energy healings and block-clearings
  • Q & A opportunities
  • consistent support for staying in a high-vibe state of creativity, playfulness, and joy.

(While also playing with shadow and honoring the depth of the doo-doo that demands awareness and healing along the way.)

In conventional terms, this is a “membership site” model, in which you’ll receive twice weekly inspiration, Quantum Play exercises, and laughter meditations which you can join live or catch the recordings at your own schedule. You can also send me your Qs or “deep doo doo” questions (anonymously if you prefer) and I’ll create Quantum Play exercises to help you glean the gold from the garbage and illuminate the inherent possibilities within the perceived limitations. (Sometimes we’ll do this LIVE and sometimes will be recorded, either way you’ll have the replays always.)

And as a member, you’ll receive discounts on upcoming programs, events, retreats, and coaching.

What you’ll receive is consistent weekly support to stay in the flow of creativity, get “unstuck”, clear energy blocks, uplevel your mindset, and tap into your own wisdom and intuition through imagination and play — so you stay in the flow, on purpose, aligned with your highest possibilities and joy.

You can join for just one month, or go month-to-month (and cancel anytime with 10 days notice) — or you can enroll for the next 5 months at a discounted rate when you pay in full.

AND… when you join you will have access to my full vault of trainings, programs, and resources on living your purpose, monetizing your message, leading retreats, getting booked to speak, enrolling clients, sales conversations, upleveling your wealth consciousness, raising your prices, and more (I add to this consistently) — all included with your membership.

It’s all about rewiring your nervous system for greater creativity and joy, transcending the “default settings” of limitation, overwhelm, perfectionism, and “who am I to think….” nonsense, and letting yourself PLAY the game of your life as if it’s fun! 😉

The investment to participate in the “Play and Grow Rich… with Anne” playground is $47 per month, and you can cancel at any time.

Or, enroll in all 5 months for $222.

AND… I don’t do “one-off” sessions with clients usually, but I’m opening up 10 spots for private sessions, for the first ten women who want deep-dive private support in clearing the “static” and heaviness and fog, having your purpose and genius mirrored back to you with crystal clarity, and igniting your spark so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Receive 5 months of the “Play and Grow Rich… with Anne” virtual playground AND receive a private coaching session (75 minutes) for $497.

Email me at (team AT if one of these spots is yours, or if you’d like to join the virtual playground, and we’ll send the enrollment link and information.

We start March 25.

This is about so much more than just play for the sake of play, or “getting rich” because, well duh. If you’re in my tribe you’re probably not primarily motivated by money — you want to actualize the full purpose and potential of your SOUL and you know that OF COURSE the side effect is also financial wealth.

This is about all of us, coming together to unleash our creative gifts and genius, in an orgasm of full self-expression and our hearts’ unique spiritual transmission, to unleash our own joy and abundance and change the world in the process.

And while our brilliant minds and “figure-it-out”ness have gotten us so far, our next level of impact and success will come when women master the art of managing their energy, embodying joy, and letting their wild hearts guide them through the unknown.

Email me at (team AT to save your spot (or send any questions you may have!) and I’ll see you in the playground.