The earth awakens.

On this, the first day of spring. Awakening your soul to new depths of your own power, compassion, and strength.

You are here with a mission, guided by your soul.

And today you have an opportunity to step in to embodying your mission, liberating your soul from the patterns of darkness that have suppressed your true power.

Today, you have the power of choice — to say YES to what enlivens your being, by saying NO to that which is too small for you.

The opportunities in your world right now — do they feel JOYgasmic?

If not, you’re being invited to let go of all the ways in which you’ve been settling for less, sacrificing your time and energy, living from obligation.

You’re being invited to say YES to a paradigm of creation that your mind can’t even fathom — a universe willing and ready to play with you in ever-increasing JOYgasmic delight in a responsive energetic matrix of creation.

You ARE the source of your own joyful freedom.

And you’ve got to choose it yourself, but you can’t do it alone.

  • If you are yearning to belong to a tribe of empowered women committed to actualizing their unique gifts and soul purpose …
  • If you’re feeling called to co-create and connect with emotionally-intelligent, ambitious, soul-driven women committed to embodying higher consciousness in leadership and empowering ourselves and the next generation to create a better world…
  • If your soul is calling for you to rest in the awareness of your deepest truth and allow yourself to be nurtured, witnessed, and held by the collective wise sisterhood of your highly self-aware, brilliant, revolutionary peers…

You’re invited, today, to join the tribe gathering this August at Powder Mountain, Utah, for a transformational event that will rock your world just by showing up.

It’s time to embody YOU at Embody U.

The event venue was designed using sacred geometry to map out the building locations, architecture, and luxury lodging (which, btw, is included in your registration).

The event schedule and structure is being designed by my soul, in co-creation with all of the souls who will meet there in person in August, as your higher self tells me what is being called forth specifically. (This is one of my signature benefits of all my events — participants say “this feels like it was created JUST FOR ME!” Because it was. I’m listening. 😉

(And unlike seminars that promise to “jam pack” the days with so much content that you feel like you received value, this JOYgasmically-designed event is crafted to UNpack the years of “jam-packing” you’ve done in your life… to support you in remembering what the REAL YOU actually feels like. Hint: it’s light. spacious. expansive. sensual. playful. fun. present, deeply honoring of your own unique pace and preferences.)

The invitation is open, today, to step into the transformation, starting NOW, in these crazy delicious ways:

1) Enroll TODAY and receive $500 off your registration plus a private coaching session with me ($695 value) when you pay in full. Or…

2) Enroll this week and you can choose either a 4-pay payment plan, or reserve your spot with a $500 deposit with the balance due July 1, 2019.

Either way, when you register this week as part of the pre-party countdown, you’ll be included in the next 5 months of my Play and Grow Rich Mojo Dojo ($497 value) — my online membership program with weekly laughter meditations, Quantum Play exercises, monthly trainings, and opportunities to receive laser-coaching and have your specific questions answered each week — as we create magical momentum for our time together at Powder Mountain.

What are you saying YES to on this, the spring equinox? It’s a new year, new you.

Make a commitment to yourself, your soul, and your most nourishing and fulfilling transformation by committing to join us this August.

Besides the obvious transformation of their LIFE, every participant at every retreat I’ve held, has left LOOKING different — so much more relaxed and authentically sourcing their actions from their truth. (And it’s not uncommon for people to report spontaneous weight loss… though that’s not the business I’m in specifically. Just sayin’… when you peel the layers off of who you THOUGHT you were supposed to be in order to get the Love/Success/Money/Clients/Freedom you wanted, and just start embodying the real YOU, your body transforms too.

Add a lil’ sunshine, some hiking trails, a bit of archery, some chakradance and kundalini yoga, drumming, Quantum Play, laughter, live music, crazy costumes, and a mountain-top spin on a mountain bike, and you’re starting to get a sense of what we’re up to at Embody U.

Email me at (team AT if you’re feeling called to join us at Embody U, type “YES” in the subject line if you’d like the registration link, or just let me know what it’s sparking for you and we’ll start the conversation.

Happy new year, my friends.

Much love and equinox blessings to you.