“I just got a pissy email from my boss. I am SO done working here.”

“We just discovered our son smoking pot again.”

“My new client just backed out and wants her money back.”

My clients show up with real world shit, “uh oh” moments, and, er, “less than preferred” situations unfolding in their lives.

My genuine response, after meeting them appropriately in the moment, is always some variation of “GREAT! OH, this is FANTASTIC! oooh, this will be such fun!”

Why? Because in the dark moments, I see opportunities. I see the patterns of what’s calling for healing by manifesting exactly what you “need” instead of what you want. I see creative ways for miracles and wildly new trajectories to open up.

And repatterning darkness into Light, fear into Love, and opening up creative possibilities from what appears to be rubble, is fun for me — and refreshing, relieving, and expansive for my clients, as it creates real changes and sometimes miracles in their lives.

It does require a willingness to be in the darkness, to feel the shittiest emotions and the heaviest pain, and to allow it all to be there. And sure, those moments and days feel painful.

But including EVERYTHING is the game. And it’s okay if the dark nights of the soul feel nothing like fun. They’re not supposed to. But if you can have even one teeny-tiny iota of your awareness connected to the broader picture, in which desirable “growth and evolution” is happening in this moment of “oh no this should not be happening“, then you’re building the muscle of connection — with your deepest wisdom, your higher self, and with Source.

Last week I participated in a transformational training which stirred up all sorts of stuff for me. The disorienting aftermath created space for intense pain to arise, bubbling up from the buried unconscious, and 90% of my being was croaking, “this … is… not… fun…

But, you know the saying, a bad day for the ego is a great day for the soul.

And there remained that voice of consciousness within me, dancing with glee, watching my own dismantling and discomfort, and jumping up and down with a grin, like a little elf, celebrating, “this. is. awesome!” while the rest of my body-mind vessel remained in full-on resistance to the moment and just wanted to pull the covers over my head, get a “re-do,” and make it all go away.

The point is, the capacity to hold multiple perspectives simultaneously, is a skill you can build, and is what allows “fun” to be present even if the moment appears to be the opposite.

Now, that said — there are many ways to define “fun” and yours may be quite different from mine. I shot a video on the difference between “joy” and “fun” and offered 3 approaches to define what’s “fun” for you — so you can be bringing MORE of what makes you awesome into your every day, on YOUR terms.

Here’s the video (14:18) — I’d love to hear what it sparks for you! Email me at (team AT annerosehart.com) and drop me a note, or post in the video comments what “fun” means for you.


In related news… speaking of deepening our capacity to hold multiple perspectives simultaneously, we’ll be building this skill during my upcoming 5-day online event (Free!) starting April 29, and I’d love to play with you!

You’ve likely seen various “5-day challenges” online on various subjects. This is my version. But instead of bringing in more energy of “challenge” — which activates an energy of “achieve more”, I’m hosting a 5-day Joygasm, to activate the energy of “allow more.” (Both energies are necessary, but we’ve got more than enough of the former in our collective conversations and default postures toward life. 😉

Here’s the link for more information and how to register for the free for the Play and Grow Rich 5-day Joygasm. 🙂

In the meantime, get curious about joy and fun in your life.

Everyone’s got an inner thermostat setting of how much joy they’re willing to allow in their life.

Chances are, yours is set much, much lower than it could be. 🙂

You don’t even know what you don’t know, until you discover what else exists — and this only comes when you immerse yourself in environments in which deep joy can infiltrate your cells and activate new possibilities within you. And that’s what I’m here to support you with.