Play and joy are qualities of the divine feminine which have been traditionally and thoroughly rejected as “irrelevant,” “luxurious” (to be considered AFTER the responsible WORK is done), and frivolous.

And yet…. the energy, creativity, and power that comes on board when we allow ourselves to inhabit a more playful essence — especially if unfamiliar or uncomfortable — IS the energy, creativity, and power that is needed for us to BE THE CHANGE we are being called to be in the world.

I’ve just wrapped up round one of the UNSTOPPABLE workshop tour with a powerhouse event at Soul of Yoga in Encinitas yesterday, where an incredible group of women gathered to learn how to source their power (AND RESULTS!) from joy, play, spaciousness, and alignment, rather than “push through,” “do enough,” and “be busy.”

We are facing an epidemic of stress, burnout, fatigue, overwhelm, exhaustion, confusion, lack of purpose, lack of clarity, self-doubt, fear, and anxiety.

The shit hits the fan every day in so many ways and we are being required to uplevel our resilience and tap into what have been considered superhuman capacities to create, innovate, and design the world we deeply yearn to live in.

Mindfulness is critical, yes.

But equanimity and peace are only part of the equation.

Just because we can be free from tension in the present moment, does not mean we are functioning at full capacity.

In order to truly be vessels for source energy, for the cosmos, for God to live through us , we must allow MORE energy to inhabit our nervous system — and NOT from willpower, ego, or cognition.

The way to liberate the latent potential that is stored IN OUR VERY CELLS is the secret that is hidden in plain sight:


And not just enjoy a lovely salad or a hug or a cute puppy or a sunset… yes, those are important and beautiful forms of enjoyment.

But learning how to fully embody JOY …

… to LIVE a previously unknown depth of ENJOYMENT OF YOUR VERY EXISTENCE…

…means learning how to activate the energy of joy in your body.

…means creating flow states throughout the day by designing your life around flow and learning the practices to create the conditions for flow in your psychology and physiology.

…means remembering what it feels like to simply BE light, playful , curious, laughing about how serious you started taking things, and liberating yourself from the weight of being a “change maker” who is “saving the world” with your business vision, mission, and purpose.

The irony is that world peace and transformation actually cannot and will not happen by applying the same tools to “figuring out solutions” and “DOING ENOUGH” to make change.

*** The NEXT LEVEL of impact — you scaling your business, growing your movement to where you’re REALLY being guided to go, embodying your full potential and purpose — REQUIRES a different quality of energy. ***

The great cosmic joke is that the less seriously we take ourselves, the more sincerely and powerfully we can engage with the very real challenges we are facing globally, in our communities, in our society, in our families.

The more serious we are, the more we put a glass ceiling on our own impact and potential.

Our biggest challenges will not evolve because we stressed ourselves out about how to fix them, wrung our hands about how shitty things are, or busted our asses to the point of adrenal fatigue to heroically save others.

Evolution accelerates with the lubricant of laughter, the generosity of joy, and the power of play– the new frontier of self-love — combined with the foundational qualities of radical acceptance, forgiveness, unconditional love, and compassion. We need all of those, yes….

AND we must not forget that if we do not remember how to play, lighten up, and delight in the miracle of our very existence — including our own shadows, fears, and grief — we have already gone extinct — by snuffing out flame of our own souls.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Feeling grateful for the opportunity to activate quantum powers through play with these powerhouse women at yesterday’s UNSTOPPABLE workshop in Encinitas.

We just scratched the surface of this powerful set of tools that is Quantum Play and the art of playing your life as a joyful game — to live your full potential as an agent of transformation in this era of accelerated polarization.

The next round of UNSTOPPABLE energy, Quantum Play practices for joyfully embodied leadership, and unleashing a new depth of power (personally and collectively) , is happening August 21-25 at Powder Mountain, Utah — an intentionally -designed venue for community building and transformational leadership events.

The link to the event details is here:

Earlybird registration ends June 30 — message me to receive $500 off for you and for a friend.

The world is calling us into a new way of being — in how we relate with each other, with our planet, and with ourselves. And it begins with a paradigm shift in how we relate to our own existence — from fear to love, stress to joy, heaviness to lightness, sluggishness to time-bending nimbleness.

These are skills you can master, not just random qualities that some people have and some don’t.

The question is … will you love yourself and our world enough, to remember how to play? <3