I’m writing from my summer road trip with my son, taking him to summer camp where he’ll be off on adventures of his own for the next month.

He doesn’t *really* know what the next month will look like — it’s a step into radical uncertainty for him — but he’s excited and stepping into it with eager anticipation, because it’s just gonna be good.

(Wisdom: decide in advance that the unknown is just gonna be good, and you’ll come out okay. 😉

It made me think about the creative process itself (because… helloooooo! what doesn’t!? It’s all I think about. hahaha) — that is, how do we create *something* out of *nothing* — whether it’s a business, a new client, a relationship, a health improvement, a new home, ANYTHING at all requires an understanding of the art of creation itself.

Often I see people getting frustrated because they want more clarity, or believe they should KNOW more precisely what the next thing should look like, when in fact it’s more useful to understand the stages in the creative process:

1) Knowing you *don’t* like something anymore, and it’s time for something new. Clarity = “I am clear on what I DO NOT WANT” which is the catalyst for inquiry … “hmm… I wonder what I DO want, and why?”

2) Knowing how you want to FEEL, even if you don’t know the specifics of what form it will take yet. Clarity = “I want to feel more fulfilled in my work.” or “I want to feel more adored in my relationship.” In this stage the key is to identify the values and feelings you want more of. These become your “North Star” to guide you.

3) Knowing more of your YES and NO’s within those values. Clarity = “I want to feel more fulfilled in my work, but I am not willing to sacrifice time with my family/self-care to get it.” or “I want to feel more adored in my relationship, but I am not willing to be a doormat to get my partner’s attention anymore.” Boundaries begin to sculpt your creation.

4) Knowing what lights you up. Clarity comes from spark ignition, in this stage. When have you felt most alive in your life? What was present, then? When have you felt most helpless? What was absent, then? A deeper knowing of the qualities and values that make you most come alive, helps you to refine your knowing of what you want.

5) Giving yourself permission to desire what you desire, and go ALL IN on creating what you really want. Often the lack of clarity comes from a subconscious block that says “It’s not safe for me to REALLY have everything I want,” or “if I REALLY had what I truly desire, I’d be judged.” and all the variations on those limiting beliefs. Clarity demands that you do the inner work on what is keeping you from being clear! There’s always a hidden payoff, if you’re not letting yourself be clear on what you desire — the “fog” is keeping you safe, in some illusory and unhelpful way.

When it comes to upleveling your business, generating more income, and creating more joygasmic freedom in your life and work, these are critical stages to explore and examine — in addition to looking at how you create value, what IS the value you provide, and more — all topics for another day.

And if you’d like my support with creating clarity around your path of most elegant flow, freedom, and abundance, click “reply” and let’s start a conversation.

In the meantime, my son is ten and going to camp, and will be living the creative process one day at a time, stepping into a completely new environment and getting clear on what he wants and who he is, by having more new experiences and adventures.

Ultimately — that’s the point. Take more action into new territory, and you’ll figure out more clarity fast, because you’re fully IN the game. 🙂

What’s the radical uncertainty you’re stepping into next, that will allow you to explore the stages of creating clarity?

Have fun with it!