A funny not-so-funny story for you.

When I first started my business, I got trained as a Laughter Yoga teacher and learned that there was a possibility of going into corporate workplaces where you could make a lot of money by doing workshops, presentations, and trainings. This was new to me, but someone mentioned the dollar amount “$900” as an appropriate price for offering a laughter yoga workshop, and it stuck in my head.

Fast forward a few months and my opportunity showed up. I met a man who owned a small business, and he was interested in having me come in to present to his employees.

Here was my chance! I practiced and practiced what I would say, how I would pitch my services, and how in the world I would come across as confident and competent when asking for $900.

The moment arrived, and he asked me what it would cost to have me come in.

My mind flashed the number: $900.

My voice croaked, as I heard these horrifying words come out of my mouth: “Ninety dollars.”



I felt dumbfounded, embarrassed, and ashamed. NINETY? Are you KIDDING me?

He, of course, happily accepted the deal. After I hung up the phone, I sat there stewing in my own bewilderment and shame. What had just happened? Why had my words not matched my intention? Who had taken over my voice in that moment?

In that moment, I resolved to get to the heart of WHAT IT TAKES to be congruent with being the person that confidently says “$900” or ANY amount and gets it.

In the years that followed, I raised my prices from $90 to $150 to $300 to $1500 to $5000 to $8500 to $12,000 to $25,000, while mapping out WHAT, specifically, is required to BE the confident, competent leader that inspires others to action, commands high-end prices, and creates massive value by living in your zone of genius and doing the work that most feels like play.

My own clients are now selling packages from $3500 to $20,000 and receiving signed contracts for $5,000 to $25,000 and beyond — while having more fun than ever doing exactly what they love, with people they enjoy working with.

These “quantum leaps” in income (and thus freedom) do not happen by accident or magic.

And it is not a “get rich quick” process — like some manifesting programs or business trainings promise but then leave you hanging because they don’t address the somatic, energetic, and behavioral components of ALIGNMENT which is the whole foundation upon which success is created.

There is a very specific art and science to it, and it requires much more than just strategy and new skills.

You must fully EMBODY the value you desire to create and receive.

And that requires doing the inner work to clear shame and trauma from the physical and emotional body, rewiring the nervous system to allow greater flow and personal power, and taking aligned action day after day, to BE the person you aspire to be — even if (and especially if) you do not feel ready.

You can package your services differently, yes. You can create more buzz on social media, of course. You can do all the stuff and be plenty busy working the strategy to grow your business. But until you have 100% aligned with your upleveled reality FROM THE INSIDE OUT you will not create or receive the income, freedom, or impact you are wanting to create.

I’ve pulled together everything I’ve lived and learned over the last decade into a potent and powerful transformational experience which I’m now offering to 20 women who are ready to create consistent $10k-20k months living fully in their zone of genius and greatest joy, feeling fulfilled and 100% soul-aligned, waking up excited about their life and business, having fun doing what they love, and feeling confident in commanding high-end prices and GETTING them.

Is this you?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked with business coaches who taught me “how-to” do new skills but didn’t address mindset and alignment.

I’ve had mindset coaches who were masterful at mindset but didn’t address the embodiment piece, which is critical for clearing trauma, shame, and stored emotions.

I’ve listened to law of attraction teachings that imply that energy is enough and action is not important.

All of these are true AND incomplete.

And because I’m me, and I’m obsessed with understanding the full comprehensive roadmap of what it is to be a fully-actualized joyfully thriving human, I’ve spent the last decade sketching out the holistic, somatically-inspired, strategic blueprint for WHAT IT TAKES to embody your genius and command the prices it takes to truly thrive, doing life and business your way.

(One of the elements, by the way, is being part of a tribe of like-minded peers who “get” you and SEE you in your genius. An embodied sense of belonging can accelerate your transformation, cutting years off your journey instead of forging on alone, “lone-ranger” style, trying to do it all yourself.)

If you’d like to be part of my tribe of 20 women with a shared goal of generating $20k months in your zone of genius THIS YEAR, email me at (team AT annerosehart.com) to request details.

This is not for everyone. But it IS for you if:

  • You are willing to take action NOW to transform your life — which may mean getting very uncomfortable. 🙂
  • You have a track record of high performance and success in other areas of your life (perhaps corporate success, athletic endeavors, educational achievements, or creating a successful business in another field)
  • You value somatic awareness and movement and want to bring more embodied wisdom and ease into your life and business
  • You would like to learn embodiment practices and strategies that you can share with your own clients or audiences, to accelerate their transformation as well
  • You know that your business is destined to generate multi-six figures (or more) in revenue but you’re not sure HOW to get there
  • You have a business (or a side hustle) that creates amazing results for people, but there’s something that’s keeping you from really creating the impact, fulfillment, or steady income you desire — and you’re not sure what that is
  • You want to be living and sharing from your zone of genius and highest potential, not just running a business to make money
  • You’re willing to invest in yourself and your mission and activate the power of synchronicity and miracles by doing so

Email me at (team AT annerosehart.com) to request details and we’ll start the conversation.

By the way … that first $90 workshop? The CEO wrote me a check for $100, and then a few months later hired me to work with some of his team members individually, and later hired me for a $1500 coaching package back when I was working at that rate. Between referrals and ongoing work he probably generated over $6k for me in those first years. Meanwhile, I invested the $100 into receiving coaching and training on how to raise my effing rates!

Bottom line: Start where you are. Invest in your growth. Get support. And keep going.

If you know zone of genius $20k months are in your future, get the roadmap now.

What might be possible if you gave yourself permission to drop the struggle, end the indecision, and receive the support you need to command high prices and fully embody your soul’s purpose with grace and joy?

My clients include valedictorians, Ironman triathletes, ultra-runners, long-distance cyclists, PhDs, senior VPs in corporate, physical therapists, insurance-agent-reiki-masters, behavioral psychologists, published authors, cardiologists, kayakers, boat captains, holistic business owners, and more. We are a badass bunch of healers, transformational agents of change, and high performers creating success in a revolutionary new way by embodying joy, owning their value, and letting it all be way more fun.

Are you ready to join the tribe?