You can’t make a living doing THAT!”

My heart broke when I heard the woman telling me about her struggles with her teenage son whose only interests are things that, well, “everybody knows you can’t make a living doing THAT!”

This is the bubonic plague of the modern age — the death wish for our species: the collective conditioned belief that there are certain ways to “make a living” that are societally approved, and if you do not fit into one of these boxes, sorry, there’s no room for you here.


“No, no, you can’t be you and follow your heart or heaven forbid, your INTERESTS! You’ll never get anywhere! Be a good boy/girl and do something RESPONSIBLE that you can MAKE A LIVING AT.”

*crush* *pulverize*

And so we are collectively programming our children to die before they ever really start living — to ignore their inner compass, to diminish the innate gifts and talents that they MIGHT develop if encouraged to nurture them — to accept soul-squelching misalignment as NORMAL and APPROPRIATE adult behavior.

It is no wonder that we are obese, depressed, and struggling as a society.

“You have no value, just as you are.”

“You’ve got to be RESPONSIBLE.”

These are the messages that are given when we encourage kids to pursue things that will “make a living.”

Our own lack of creativity, resourcefulness, and imagination is the prison that we are passing on to our children, ensuring that they, too, end up in conformist boxes that slowly suffocate their life energy and create more consumerist addictions to devices, social media, numbing behaviors, and emotional discord.

Is THIS what we really want to pass along to the next generation?

Is THIS really the world we want to create?

Over my dead body.

We live in a time in which ANYTHING is possible, more than ever before. Technology allows us to create infinite connections and resources to gather the information and relationships we need to create ANYTHING our hearts desire.

A quick browse through Youtube channels reveals the INFINITE ways that people are generating abundant income, “making a living” doing what they love, whether it’s creating new recipes for kids’ slime, training people how to care properly for pet snakes, empowering others to create healthy sex lives, channeling other-dimensional energies, or traveling the world playing the violin on top of mountains and in randomly beautiful places.

And that’s just Youtube. There are infinite other creative examples of how to craft a life that expresses the artistry of your soul.


The words “you can’t make a living doing THAT” are poison.

And if you’re holding back on your OWN passion and calling, out of fear that “but… who will buy what I have to offer? Will anybody really pay me for this?” — this is an indicator that you are not fully connected with your unique note in the symphony of life, and the unique medicine that you are here to bring, and the unique value that you bring as a result of your life experiences, curiosities, tragedies, and triumphs.

Who you are, and the life you’ve lived — HAS VALUE.

If you can’t see your own value, then no, you will definitely NOT make a living by being you and doing what you love.

But as you OWN YOUR VALUE and REALLY, I mean REALLY GET the unique and divine purpose of YOUR EXQUISITE LIFE… you begin to access new worldviews, new possibilities, new resources to support you in MONETIZING your life, and ultimately yes, “making a living” doing what comes most naturally and effortlessly to you.

Yep, there are skills you must learn — to think about how to package, price, and sell the things you’re most lit up by, to find the junction between “what I love” and “what others will whip out their Visa card and pay for NOW”.

And along the way, you’ll have to do a lot of unlearning and rewiring of beliefs and habits in your nervous system — the garbage about “who do I think I am” unworthiness and not enoughness and all the rest.

And if you don’t REALLY want to go all the way to discovering and embodying the essence of who you are and how you can create the most value in the world by BEING YOU, then…. nope. You won’t do it. You’ll stop, make excuses, chicken out, get distracted, and slip back into ConformityLand.

But if you really, REALLY want to break free from the matrix — the prison of unimaginative, limited options on how you live your life and generate income — and you’re willing to do the work (worth it!) to create joygasmic freedom for yourself AND MODEL TO THE NEXT GENERATION what joyful adulthood can look like — then you’ve got to get to the point where the risk of failure and the risk of judgment are smaller than the cost of STAYING IN THE BOX THAT IS SLOWLY SUFFOCATING YOUR LIFE ENERGY.

Most people won’t get to that point. Fear wins.

But you… you KNOW inside that something more is possible for you. You’re ready to go beyond the confines of conventional success and craft a creative, fulfilling life of joygasmic freedom and contribution.

And it’s time. More than ever before, the suffering in our world DEMANDS that we end our complacency, develop the inner strength and clarity that combats distraction and device addiction, and become more powerfully aligned with our unique purpose and path of greatest contribution.

You’re in luck.

The UNSTOPPABLE event next month will light your fire, get you aligned with YOUR path of unstoppable confidence, purpose, and joy, and provide the roadmap you need to effectively OWN YOUR VALUE so you access “hell yeah!” JOY and clarity about how you move forward with your life and career.

We are activating mind-blowing creativity to access higher levels of consciousness — to access your soul-level guidance about WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU and what your next steps are, to craft your creative life of ecstatic freedom.

We’re working through the roadmap of the 7 pillars you need to embody your value, uplevel your income and impact, and allow unstoppable energy to fuel your actions (hint…. it may involve having oodles of fun, laughing so hard you cry, and activating a deeper sense of joy than you’ve felt in a really, really long time).

Our world is demanding that we learn how to access whole-brain, whole-body intelligence to meet the intensifying challenges of our times.

UNSTOPPABLE is the training ground where you’ll gain the skills you need — the “outfitter station” where you’ll be set up for success on your journey — to step into the next level of your calling, your mission, and your purpose.

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The most important thing we can do for the next generation, is MODEL what creative, fulfilling adulthood looks like.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the phrase “make a living” were replaced by “allowing joy?” Instead of asking “how can I make a living by doing that” we can ask “how can I allow more joy by giving myself permission to go ALL IN on doing that!!?”

Let yourself go ALL IN on the thing you really, REALLY want to do. And if you aren’t clear on what that is, come to Unstoppable where I’ll show you how to clear the blocks and beliefs that are keeping you from clarity around your purpose and greatest joy.

It’s our time, friends.

We either uplevel together, or go extinct by killing ourselves from stress-related diseases caused by misalignment.

Are you creating more joy?

Or slowly suffocating within the prison walls of unimaginative thinking?

You choose.