What does “going with the flow” mean for you?

You’ll often hear me talking about “FLOW” and flow-based business. This is because so many of my clients, my tribe, and, well, our society, have gotten habituated to a stressful, busy, rigidly-scheduled way of living from endless “to-do” lists, that trusting intuition and “white space on the calendar” have gotten lost.

But “FLOW” cannot be prioritized over structure. It’s simply a skill that must be built, if you’re coming out of over-structured existence, and an inability to relax without feeling guilty, lazy, or anxious.

Once you have cleared the subconscious programming that is driving the endless “busy” behavior (which is a compensatory behavior to avoid being judged as lazy, to avoid feeling guilty, or to alleviate your anxiety by remaining constantly busy), then what remains is not just “going with the flow.”

Flow then reveals itself to be a state of alignment that includes both receptivity AND directive action, intuition AND intellect, stillness AND focused action.

Creating flow states in your body, mind, and life IS the state of ALIVENESS that we all deeply yearn for.

But it’s definitely NOT “going with the flow” in the way that you sometimes hear the phrase used.

Here are 5 myths and truths about flow:

Myth #1: Flow is about doing what feels easy and light in the moment.

True AND False. Flow means being so aligned with your BIG WHY that you do what is necessary, even if it sucks and is hard, in a way that lets you be totally present, focused, and engaged … so it FEELS easy and light.

Myth #2: “Going with the flow” is better than following rules.

False. Flow and Structure are polarities — two sides of the same coin. If you prioritize one at the expense of the other, the shadow side will bite you in the butt eventually. The distinction comes from creating “rules” that are guiding principles or intentions to support your focus, not just blindly following a “rule” that may or may not be aligned with the bigger picture and BIG WHY.

Myth #3: Flow is about doing what “feels right”.

Yes and No. The difference is your North Star. Are you orienting to your long-range vision, purpose, and mission to guide your choices? If so then doing what “feels right” will align with something bigger, and land in a different place in your body’s wisdom, than doing what just “feels right” in the short-term, instant-gratification moment informed by emotions.

Myth #4: Flow states happen when you are out running, in nature, or dancing, for example — not at work.

True and False. If you’re not experiencing flow states at work, it’s because you haven’t created the conditions for flow: a healthy challenge that stretches you, a level of risk that scares you enough that you have to focus intensely, and a complex enough project that requires you to uplevel your skills and mastery in new ways — beyond what you’ve done before.

Myth #5: Living in flow means you’ll never get anything done, really.

False. Part of the process of creating a flow-based life and business, is the joy of examining what systems and structures must be in place to support the next level of creativity, spontaneity, and receptivity you need to thrive, and then building the scaffolding of logistics, relationships, and habits, that make “results” a byproduct of the automated systems you’ve created. (Examples: daily workouts are a habit that automates the process of “vibrant health” which makes the rest of your existence flow more easily; support staff and teams are structures that let more results happen without your direct involvement; etc.)

Flow and structure create a polarity, and when we have a subconscious block or energetic charge around one side or the other — either excessive flow and ease, or excessive action and control — we create suffering for ourselves and diminish the life energy available for CREATING the outcomes we desire to create.

Therefore, part of the game of creating a life and business that just WORKS is collapsing the polarities, which then allows more freedom and spaciousness to choose whatever is called for.

Quantum Play is a set of skills and tools to support you in identifying and integrating the polarities, so you are more fluid and free to be authentically you without stress, guilt, and anxiety.

You’re invited to join me next Thursday, July 25, for a live online event in which we’ll apply Quantum Play to OWNING YOUR VALUE, so you can repattern the blocks that are keeping you in “hustle”, stress, and anxiety out of a belief that that is what’s required to make more money.


Um… no. The Quantum Leap breakthrough you seek, around making more money, having more free time, feeling more fulfilled, creating more impact — is inviting, no,requiring you to look within — to examine where you have unresolved issues and energies around the Flow-Structure polarity and beyond, so you can clear your blocks and create the healthy neuroenergetic structures that let you simply get on with the joy of creating your most amazing and prosperous life.

Click here to register free for next week’s live training and energy activation, and let’s get you flowing in the flow of your most creative, joygasmic life — integrated and whole.

Can’t wait to see what Quantum Leaping looks like for you.