Wow. Busted. I caught myself today, enmeshed in the pattern that’s super easy for me to support others with, but sometimes sneaks up in my own blindspot — “trying” too hard to write the thing I wanted to write, *thinking* too much about the message I wanted to share, caught up in the mental activity that creates a smokescreen of “busy” — which is the sure way to keep the creative inspiration and guidance out.

I’m really good at creating white space in my day, for creative expression, visioning, and quiet time — essential for all of us ambitious, creative women to stay connected with deeper wisdom and the flow of energy and creativity that will guide us all if we’ll just let it.

But while my “white space” today didn’t appear to be physically busy, it was definitely mentally busy. Processing, thinking, even a dose of ruminating on the pattern I’m currently working on transforming.

What got me out of the tailspin? Check this out:

Was that made for me, or what!?!? Playing the piano is one of my many happy happy places . And to have one painted with such a clear invitation? HELLOOOO, godwink!

And — just so we’re clear — when I say “happy place” I mean a situation that puts me into a flow state — an altered state of consciousness where life just flows, I’m deeply present, I lose my sense of “self” and the illusion of “time”, and creativity happens spontaneously.

So I played for a good hour as people passed by on the sidewalk, some stopping to listen, others applauding from across the street, a few others pausing to express their appreciation.

Creative expression. Artistry. Movement, Music.

These are some of the expressions of joy that we all have access to, we all enjoy in our own ways… and that are actually REQUIRED for us to unlock the full potential of our being and show up fully for our destiny.

It’s so easy — especially when you are in the first years of your new business — to forget to stop and play. To push creativity or movement or self-care to the back burner.

But it’s more than just “self-care”.

The white space, creative expression, and play opens a doorway to our hearts and our souls, which then lets us hear the wisdom and intelligence of our deepest truth over the white noise of modern existence.

(That’s the poetic way of describing what happens. We could geek out on the physiology and neuroscience of what happens when we “open a doorway to our heart” through play and creativity — but I’ll save that conversation for another day.)

The tragedy is that many of the most powerful, capable, awakened, intelligent women I know — who have SO MUCH to offer as we bring healing and sanity to our troubled world — are (just like I did today) cutting themselves off from their greatness:

  • Hiding behind a smokescreen of “I’m so busy.”
  • Unable to tolerate white space on the calendar.
  • Subconsciously avoiding themselves and hiding from their purpose and greatest fulfullment, by never letting in the delicious nectar of their authentic presence.

This is especially prevalent for women who have already built a business from the conventional “achievement culture” work ethic: “If it is to be, it’s up to me!”

But… as the saying goes…. what got you here, won’t get you there.

There’s a shift that has to happen when you’re upleveling to your next level of impact and purpose:

  • You’ve got to allow more white space — to listen, to allow, to receive the intelligence of the wisdom that’s wanting to be born through you.

  • You’ve got to let your nervous system remember what it feels like to be deeply relaxed, rejuvenated, and replenished.

  • You’ve got to reconnect with the part of yourself that just loves to play, for the sake of playing.

And if you’ve unconsciously designed your entire identity and self-worth around “I’m worthy because of all that I DO” … well, this will bite you in the butt.

Some of my clients find me AFTER they’ve been hospitalized and laid out for weeks with adrenal fatigue and burnout.

Others are on the path to getting there, if they don’t adopt a new way of being.

There’s a key stage in which you must OWN THE VALUE OF WHO YOU ARE … as a BEING, not a DOER.

This has specific practices and mindsets — which I’ll be sharing in the “OWN YOUR VALUE” live online event happening this Thursday, July 25.

(And no, this doesn’t mean you’ll stop DOING, by any means! You just get to repattern the driver for the action, shifting the source of the motivation from struggle into flow.)

Click here to register free for Thursday’s live online event (and yes, you’ll receive access to the recording… I know how you are “too busy” and have no whitespace on your calendar that day. 😉

The world needs you to show up for yourself and your next level of success right now.

Play is not a luxury, it’s a requirement.

There’s something wanting to be born through you. Will you get out of the way?