Does dancing have anything to do with income generation?

Here’s how it works for me. (No, I don’t have a side hustle as a pole dancer. ROFL!) But first, a story:

I got married for the first time when I was 21…. and walked out of my own wedding reception because people were… DANCING. {gasp! the horror!} No, really — they were doing the chicken dance, and Repressed Control Freak me just could not handle something so… so… JUVENILE!… AT MY WEDDING.

So I left.

I remember talking with my dad out on the lawn of the reception venue, having a fit while he calmly listened to my outrage and helped me recover enough to eventually return to the party. (Thanks, Dad!)

So, to say that I DID NOT DANCE back then would be an understatement. Other than the mandatory square dancing class we had to take in high school (WHAT was that about?), I avoided moving my body to music at all costs.

Body? Sensual pleasure? The joy of movement? HUH? Could not even fathom.

Fast forward nearly two decades, when Repressed Control Freak me imploded, when my intuition guided me to 1) start laughing and playing with people (I was mortified, when I started… there’s that JUVENILE BEHAVIOR again! Child’s play? WHAT?) and 2) embark on a path of living my purpose with fierce determination to discover just WHAT I was capable of if I went ALL IN on my best life.

Laughing and playing with people, as well as all of the catharsis that accompanied it (the higher the peaks, the lower the valleys… must open the vessel in both directions… tears are mandatory if you want the joy!) — had the side effect of activating my capacity to FEEL.

To feel myself, to feel emotions, to feel my joy compass, to feel energy, to feel an innate sense of what’s resonant… I went from an INTJ on the Myers Briggs (THINKING!) to an INFP (FEELING!) in a relatively short time. (Yes, still very much an introvert though, thank you very much).

About 7 years ago I went to a friend’s wedding, and discovered, much to my surprise, that I actually LOVED dancing. I loved how it felt to move my body freely, to jive with the music, to feel the energy flowing, to enter a flow state.

And for the last few years I’ve had a regular dance practice — often late-night naked dancing in my living room with the music turned up LOUD — as part of my creative process… that is, the act of consciously creating my life.

Last night, I went to a club where a hot DJ was playing, with the intention of just getting into a flow state and doing my creative dance. My first thought when I arrived was “uh oh… I didn’t get the memo.” Perhaps this event was only for 19-year-olds in very short mini-skirts. I don’t usually feel “old” but I definitely felt out of place, suddenly keenly aware of my upcoming FORTY-SEVENTH birthday (weird).

Nevertheless, one of my mottos is of course “Dance like nobody’s watching” so I got in my groove, following the energy of the music, playing in the energy of my own toric field, wildly moving my body in every direction as I created one thing after another — activating energies inside myself and in my energy field as the bass rumbled the floor.

After awhile my reverie was interrupted by two millennials in mini-skirts.

“We are coming over to dance with you!” The one declared, giggling. “We just LOVE you! You are KILLIN’ IT!”

I studied her face to see if she was mocking me. Was she serious? What was the giggling about? I decided to take her at face value and grinned. We danced together for a minute and then I got back in my zone, on a roll in my creative process.

Awhile later, more interruptions:

  • A millennial with a man-bun, coming over with a grin to give me a high-five.
  • Another mini-skirt cutie-pie with a beer in her hand, screaming excitedly, “YOU ARE KILLIN’ IT!”
  • A cowboy wearing an enormous cowboy hat, sidling up and attempting to imitate my maneuvers.
  • And more.

WHAT was going on?

My default setting of perception for most of my life has been that if I am receiving attention, it’s usually a bad thing. I’m in trouble for something, or people are making fun of me. So for as long as I can remember in my childhood, I became an expert at becoming totally invisible.

Which has made for an awesome ride { * dripping sarcasm* } as my purpose has guided me to create an online presence and rock stages as a public speaker and in all ways become very much visible.

I noticed the familiar lens of perception starting to get paranoid.

Had I inadvertently split my pants, or something? Should I be embarrassed?

Was I on Candid Camera?

Attention = Anxiety, in the classic habituated pattern.

This time, however, I observed the anxiety start to flicker into existence and caught it. Nope, no more. I’m going to just enjoy the moment, in which I’m dancing, and if other people are having a response of any kind, it’s really none of my business. I’m dancing for ME, nobody else.

I went on to energetically create the entire next iteration of my business, my next chapter of my life, and even my birthday present in my dances — on an intense journey of creation which nobody would ever know, but for the energy that was apparently palpable to some.

WHY do I do this?

It’s how I create everything. And every time I really get in the zone with my Dance of Creation, I make a shit ton of money shortly thereafter. (You would THINK I would do it every day, then, right? But I forget. Or maybe it just comes up when it’s the right point in the creative process.)


I’m super excited to share The Dance of Creation with you at the upcoming UNSTOPPABLE event (it really can only be shared in person… it’s a transmission of energy) — we’re having an epic dance party on the final night to dance your new reality into existence!

And… beyond Powder Mountain … for some of you, the next step is joining my upcoming Quarter Million Club — for women ready to create your next $250k in your business by doing your business YOUR WAY and creating JOYGASMIC success — including dance parties (YES we’ll get together live in person!), more play, and letting it all be way, way, WAYYYYY more fun.

I know. The old me was mortified at the absurdity of child’s play and “juvenile” behavior. That’s what the old patriarchal paradigm does, is kills our innate joy, makes us judge our own superpowers as juvenile, and slowly kills us of stress-related disease. And here I am, doing everything that used to mortify me and inviting you to do the same. 🙂

But I digress.

There’s an art and a science to the Dance of Creation, and it involves the neuroenergetic circuitry of your nervous system, mindset, intention, and inquiry, and a few simple (but super smart and effective) strategies to implement.

This is what I’ll be sharing with you both at Unstoppable AND in the upcoming Quarter Million Club — a mastermind group for powerful women ready to quantum leap to the next level using joygasmic and unconventional methods. 🙂

If that sounds like how you’d like to create your next $250k in your business, click “reply” and we’ll start a conversation.

This is not for everyone.

You’ve got to have an existing business, and have worked with paying clients.

You’ve got to know you’re capable of running a multi-six-figure business and DOING THE WORK to set up the structures you need to support that kind of revenue.

And you’ve got to be willing to invest in yourself and your vision at a level that will powerfully move the needle for you, not trying to get the skimpiest training so you can just DIY on the cheap.

But if you’re sick and tired of doing the same old stuff and getting the same old results, it may be time to try a new way of creating your desired outcomes.

Remember, “hard times call for furious dancing.”

It may just be time to start dancing for a living.

Click “reply” if you’d like to join me, and let me know what resonates with you.

Pump up the jam. 😉