I’m on my way to Powder Mountain for UNSTOPPABLE — the ultimate transformational party I’m hosting this week. 🙂

The celebration is ON… so much this event represents! It has been an epic journey. I just had a major cathartic release (read: big tears, fetal position) — which is normal the day before a big upleveling experience…. must release energy through tears, to make room for what’s wanting to come in and come through!

Now that THAT energy is moved, my heart is feeling so happy and eager to share what’s coming through.

It’s just TIME to get our heads screwed on straight, and our bodies cleared of trauma and suffering and limiting beliefs, to embody the new paradigm and GET ON THE JOY TRAIN!

Seriously. We are crushing ourselves with stress, we sabotage our careers and our relationships and our health and our beautiful bodies because of our inability to *feel feelings* and experience 50% of the human condition (the shadow) intelligently.

And we are facing increasingly monumental challenges on earth (helloooo! another tree frog species just went extinct in the rainforest right now. Someone else just died because of lack of clean water. And someone sinister is plotting genocide, in a far off land. And let’s not even get started on politics and healthcare and the rest.) — all of which feel increasingly HOPELESSLY HUGE and catalyze either DESPAIR or NUMBING OUT or DISTRACTION (oh fuckit let’s just watch Netflix).

When in fact, the secret to creating an exquisite life of purpose, meaning, and joy is RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES.

It comes down to:

* experiencing ourselves directly as part of a larger whole (not just intellectually *knowing* we are all One, and interconnected, but FEELING it as truth in our everyday reality) and

TAKING ACTION ON BEHALF OF THE LARGER ORGANISM (read: humanity, or the planet, or the cosmos if you prefer) instead of just focusing on ONLY our own human and egoic needs. (AA-OO-GAH! Martrydom alert! this requires us to embody our OWN divinity as a glorious and infinitely lovable expression of the whole! Lest you lose your self in service and generosity at the expense of your soul, your health, and your adrenals. Ahem. You know who you are.)

But HOW? How can we do this, when the illusion of separation is lodged in the unconscious emotional pain in our bodies that we are unwilling to feel? We are funding mega-pharma-growth because of our unwillingness to address unresolved emotions.

And HOW can we align with purposeful action, when the mere THOUGHT of stepping into our greatness elicits terror and fear from our egoic personality which shudders at the thought of leaving our comfort zone?

HOW can we inspire ourselves and each other to do the deeper work required to embody higher consciousness, when it appears to be so unpleasant and fraught with discomfort?

Hmm… pondering…

My mom used to sprinkle sugar on my grapefruit when I was a kid. And put cheese on the broccoli.

Get my drift?

*dun dun dun*

heh heh heh…. my secret plot is revealed. To envelop the darkest shadows in light… to engulf fear and shame and to eat shadow for breakfast…. WE MUST LEARN TO EMBODY GREATER JOY.

Without the resilience and power unleashed through play, we are pretty much screwed.

Alright, excuse the hyperbole, but REALLY.

We have GOT to tap into deeper reserves of energy, power, and courage to do the work that is needed in the world right now.

We MUST unleash more optimism, resilience, and productivity, to become effective in the battle against entropy, conflict, chaos, distraction, and suffering.

And whatever your skills, talents, and passions… YOU HAVE MAD SKILLS AND WISDOM THAT IS NEEDED RIGHT NOW, to bring more order, love, compassion, creativity, mindfulness, sustainability, and peace to our crazy world.

So. I’m inviting you to join my Badass Brigade — Warriors of Love who are committed to bringing forth our gifts and missions and messages to contribute to the conscious evolution of our world, each in our own way.

And SPECIFICALLY — I’m excited to share with you the TOOLS you need (for yourself, and to share with others) — to replenish yourself through joy.

To uplevel your thinking and reality through play.

To embody your highest possibilities… by having more fun.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it,” said Einstein.

And we’re there. EVOLVE OR DIE.

Our world is screaming for a lighter way of being – lighter in our own hearts, minds, and bodies, so we can tread more lightly with each other and on our beautiful planet.

Let me give you the principles, practices, and tools to bring more JOY, lightness, play, and UNSTOPPABLE ENERGY to your mission — and to use with your own clients, audiences, and teams.

While I’m at UNSTOPPABLE at Powder Mountain this week, I’m offering a RIDICULOUSLY CRAZY bonus for those of you who come on board as BADASS BRIGADE Quantum Play Facilitators by Friday (even if you don’t plan to facilitate groups or clients anytime soon… come check it out!).

There are two options — one includes a live, in-person training and the other is the online/digital-version only — so you can choose the Joy Train that fits you best.

Click here for all the details…. (THE FULL CURRICULUM! Must see… just sayin’… ) and as always, just click reply if you’ve got any questions.

Those of you who come on board by Friday will also receive VIDEO from this week’s UNSTOPPABLE event… assuming all goes well with that production, of course…. so you can join the party vicariously , after the fact.

I cannot WAIT to support you in birthing your creative vision and the next level of your own badassery… by bringing in Quantum Play and the power tools I’m sharing with you.

Together, we are unleashing human potential through joy. And we all win. (Tree frogs are cheering! Woot!)

Can’t wait to play with you… soon!