*rumble rumble* … can you hear it?

the stirring in your soul … is the rumbling of your untamed wildness rising.

for how many lifetimes have you suppressed your intuitive, creative, wildness — in order to escape punishment, avoid judgment, or “fit in”?

for how many years in this life, has your soul been squelched, suppressed, made to be quiet, be good, follow the rules?

in how many moments have you cried the tears of repressed desire, sucking it up again and again, pushing through , caring for everyone else first, while your life energy slowly smolders… quietly… waiting… waiting… for the moment that never comes, when YOU will be cared for, revered, cherished, honored, and respected for all that you are and all that you’ve done?

how many times must you carry the load, shoulder the burden, before your spine snaps in two and you buckle beneath the weight of the responsibilities you carry?

when, oh when, sacred and beloved you, will it be your turn to fully express YOU, your WILDNESS, your CRAZINESS, your uninhibited DESIRE, your UNTAMED SOUL — and to be revered, respected, and adored for being you?

when will you say… enough. no more. i choose differently.

when will you RISE UP. take a stand. draw the line in the sand. and honor yourself so vehemently, so congruently, so powerfully that all of life bows before your very command and asks to serve you in your greatness?

when, dear, will you stop catering, accommodating, graciously sidestepping your greatness, in the name of “caring for others” and embodying the virtue of selflessness?

when, oh powerful you, will you decide that your most impactful contribution and service to our world can only come when you honor the very essence of who you are, and prioritize the life-nourishing energy of that which brings you joy?

the world cannot change until you do, my friend.

the patterns of self-abdication, over-responsibility, martyrdom, guilt, obligation, and duty are NOT what will create the beautiful world we dream of creating.

the addiction to “doing enough” and “maximizing productivity” are remnants of the pendulum swing to the far side of patriarchal values — at the expense of your cherished, artistic, intuitive, creative soul.

no, the medicine you are here to bring to the planet right now demands — REQUIRES — that you bring the pendulum back to center…. to remember how to source your energy, life force, and impact from your sensual, pleasure-filled, passionate wildness.

if you live in the box, what you create will perpetuate more of the box.

you did not come to live in a box of conformity and rules.

nor did you come to “think outside the box.”

you came to evaporate the box in a shining cascading waterfall of sensual delight and creative expression, birthing YOUR unique gifts into the world in ways that no one has ever seen before.

your medicine requires ALL OF YOU to be fully expressed.

your contribution to the planet demands that you let loose and PLAY with your one wild and untamed existence.

your impact invites you to unleash more of that which you’ve not dared touch, deep inside you — hidden in the sacred recesses you’ve not allowed anyone to see, for fear of what they might think or how they’d reject and ridicule you.

your unique genius lies in the sacred chambers of your heart, which is now calling for you to let it beat… wildly… pulsating with life energy and passion and joy … blazing trails in human consciousness as you DO THE THING THAT YOU ARE HERE TO DO — that which no one has ever seen before.

it’s your time.

no one will give you permission.

no one will say “okay, you are qualified now.”

no one will say “do this.”

only you can DECIDE…

… to draw on the blank canvas of your precious existence, and leave the sacred marks that shape our world in only the way that you can.

it’s your time.

*rumble rumble*

let yourself play with your life.

let yourself play with energy and discover new depths of manifesting power to move mountains and sculpt our world in your unique way.

let yourself play with the life you’ve lived, the heartbreaks you’ve endured, the suppression and repression of your soul, and discover how to harness the infinite wellspring of life-giving fuel that’s been created by the darkness in your life.

let yourself play with creating, shaping, designing, sculpting not only YOUR life, but the world that our great-great-grandchildren will inherit.

let yourself remember how to play.

it’s your time. liberation and creation await.