What’s your North Star?

One of the distinctions in self-actualization is that you don’t get to *know* what you’re doing, but you KNOW.

As I often joke, I’m always the last one to find out what I’m doing.

What I mean is that living your purpose requires you to live by FEEL. To trust the RESONANCE in your body that KNOWS what is your path of purpose, prosperity, and joy, even if it doesn’t “make sense” to the cognitive mind, or you can’t explain it rationally until you have 20/20 hindsight.

And this way of KNOWING requires a very different way of BEING. Not one that can be taught via multiple choice tests, as we were trained to do in school.

So how do you learn to BE in a new way — one that harnesses the power of the intellect and the mind, as a servant of the heart?

How do you learn to trust the KNOWING when the default “knowing” mind is busy trying to apply the past to the present, making erroneous meaning and creating busy-mind, anxiety, guilt, overthinking, procrastination, or analysis paralysis?

How do you LIVE in the moment when the future is fraught with radical uncertainty?

How do you KNOW what to choose, when your mind doesn’t quite “know” how to get to the outcomes you desire?

It comes down to calibrating your awareness to align with your Joy Compass, as I often call it.

You have a unique purpose, a “blueprint” for your soul’s destiny, so to speak, and when you are congruent with this, you feel the resonance in your being — this is what I call your Joy Compass. (Even through it may not be an EMOTION of joy, it may just be deep peace and calm knowing… a resonance with a deeper presence within you.)

When you’re not congruent, you feel discord. Tension. (Definitely NOT joy.)

Unless you’re so accustomed to “not feeling” anything, or feeling tension, guilt, and anxiety as NORMAL, that you can’t quite feel anything else. Which is the state of mass consciousness and totally disembodied awareness.

So HOW do you calibrate your awareness so you know when you’re congruent with your Joy Compass?

It takes practice.

And this is one of the main pillars of Quantum Play — to PLAY with energy, movement, and inquiry so that you can SENSE with deeper clarity and trust, YOUR UNIQUE PATH of purpose, prosperity, and self-actualization.

Right now, we are in the midst of a mass awakening, in which more and more people are WAKING UP to the truth of who they are, awakening to a yearning for purpose and meaning, battling fear and addictions and the traumas from the past to liberate themselves from past patterns and step into purposeful lives of contribution and freedom.

And we need communities of PRACTICE — to support the embodiment of this new way of being. We aren’t meant to self-actualize alone. (It’s impossible, in fact.)

And while there are communities of practice organized around meditating, chanting, dancing, singing, or yoga, as examples, we don’t have an abundance communities of practice oriented toward embodiment of purpose, or self-actualization through play…. yet.

Until now. The tribe is calling! Quantum Play is being born. Are you called to be part of this movement? Here’s a glimpse of what it can look like:

As a Quantum Play Facilitator, you’ll have skills and tools to create communities of practice, oriented around purpose, presence, and embodiment of one’s fully actualized potential.

If you’re a coach, you can add Quantum Play practices to your coaching sessions to accelerate transformation — and add Quantum Play games to your workshops, speaking engagements, and retreats, to support your clients and audiences in more deeply embodying their purpose and potential.

If you’re a therapist, healer, or helping professional, you can add Quantum Play activities to your sessions to bring people beyond equanimity, healing, and peace into vibrant, empowered states of inspired action and radiant self-expression.

If you work with teams or groups, you can bring Quantum Play into team-building, creative problem-solving, and community-building activities, to foster deeper connections, deepen non-verbal communication awareness, and create group flow states.

You can hold Quantum Play workshops and classes at your local yoga or dance studio, and offer people a refreshing new way to move their body with intention and inquiry, to calibrate their nervous system and energy field with their unique purpose, potential and “joy compass.”

You can add value, lightness, and power to anything you’re already doing, by knowing when and how to strategically and intentionally include Quantum Play — embodiment, intention, and inquiry — into an experience — to deepen the clarity, heighten the energy, or bring resolution or creativity to any situation.

In short, Quantum Play is a lubricant for the evolution of consciousness.

People are searching for relief from their suffering, tools for how the hell to live when the “rules” are changing so fast it makes your head spin and the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket.

It’s up to us to learn the tools, master the tools, share the tools of HOW TO THRIVE in chaotic times.

If you feel called to be one of the tribe that learns, embodies, and shares the tools of Quantum Play, now’s the time.

Quantum Play Facilitator training starts October 7. It’s 7 weeks of virtual training in our online community, followed by a 2-day in-person training to embody the work in a face-to-face, heart-to-heart community of practice.

If you’re interested, but not 100% sure if this is for you, email me at (team at annerosehart.com) and let’s start a conversation. We can set up a time to speak, answer questions you may have, and find your way to a clear KNOWING one way or the other.

None of us “knows” what the future brings, but we can KNOW the right path based on the quality of ALIVENESS we experience in the moment.

Join me in evolving our nervous systems, our society, and our world, as we play with energy, play with inquiry, play with movement, and play with possibilities.

We’re waking up together. Will you contribute to creating communities of practice through play?

I look forward to playing with you.

Full curriculum and registration details here.